Saturday, January 31, 2009

There will be no "major" cooking tomorrow...

....I managed to slice my finger pretty bad tonight....we're on the third bandage and it's still seeping through.... did managed some yummy home-made beef soup, salmon and shrimp dumplings though.

Planning on going on a "date" with my girl tomorrow... maybe go and see "Tales of a Despereux".....we'll see.

Boring post today I know...finger's sore...I'm tired...and kind grumpy too!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sense of humor and some spunk!

Yesterday I was helping my father-in-law out of the "assisted living" building and into my car on our way to an appointment. While getting him and his walker organized we ran into another gentleman "Gill", who I've gotten to know and quite like....he's a small, hunched back senior who you'd think wasn't listening to a word you're saying in actuality taking everything in and storing it in the back of his brain.

Anyways...Gill was wanting to get into a cab and I was parked right behind. He saw me and said to my fil..."what are you doing with her?" I looked at him puzzled and said, "well I'm taking him to an appointment." He responds with...."she's mine." And I say..."oh, well you guys are gonna have to fight over me." He says...."not a bad idea."

I got a chuckle out of it....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What do you do?

So I'm working away this afternoon and Krystina comes up to me "sheepishly", "'s always good to tell the truth, right?".

Me: Well of course it is!
Her: I have something to tell you.
Me: Yes?
Her: We had our spelling test today.
Me: Uh huh?
Her: Well, you remember the piece of paper you wrote all the words on?
Me: Yes.
Her: I took it to school today and cheated.
Me: What do you mean "cheated"?
Her: I kept it in my desk and peaked during the test.
Me: Why?
Her: Because I never been the "star speller" yet...and I really wanted to be.

The conversation went on to have her crying and me explaining that it was not a good thing to cheat and that she should never do it again. Had her teacher had caught her...'blah, blah, blah'.

I couldn't get mad at her but I did have to explain the wrongness here.....she just wanted to be the "star speller" for Pete's sake! And she did tell me the truth. Should I get her to go tell the teacher? She still ended up with 6/10, so it really didn't help her. *sigh*....she's gonna be a handful!

I already warned her about "staying" in her own bed tonight!

btw....a few updates on my trip to Boston....

This.... is where we're I just found out today!!

And my first recommendation to visit!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another snowy day up north.

We definitely did get more snow but it really wasn't that bad. I think the city has become pretty comfortable driving in the white stuff and we even managed smooth "rush hour" traffic...or so I hear. It's already warming up and I'm sure the snow will be gone in no time.

Tony's dealing with the princess as I type. She can be a little melodramatic but at the same's quite sad. She's on the verge of a complete breakdown...crying and panicking. Her latest thing is that it's so hard for her to sleep all by herself when mommy and daddy get to go to bed "together"....."um yeah...that's the way it's should be". And just tonight...she went into a complete panic because well, brace yourself...her poop was just a little more "normal" than the rock hard bullets she typically has (you all remember the "poop problem" right?). It's 10:20 p.m. and we've been attempting to get her to bed for an hour and a half now...the boys are asleep, Grandpa's asleep...heck, even the foul beast is snoring in her corner!!!

Anyways....I've been looking into information on Boston for my upcoming trip with my sister. It looks like it's a beautiful city...anybody have any recommendations for places to visit/eat at?'ll be me and my camera!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Guess what we're getting again?

Yes, that's actually "frozen". The temperatures have dropped here again and it's been crazy frigid! Apparently we're getting more snow we need that?! We've still got snow on the grass from three weeks ago and now we're going to get more?!'s really cold and I'm contemplating getting the dog a parka.

On another note....I spent 7 hours in the kitchen yesterday....I was going to give up on making the sauerkraut perogies but Tony took out the wooden spoon, shook it at me and said "go forth!" So I did and now...I'm not sure I can look at another perogie, much less eat them! I'll get over it though.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My photos

The day started off by boiling the cabbage...lots and lots of cabbage!

Then there was the bacon...mmmmm *gasp, gasp*.

Then there's "one" of the fillings for the perogies.

Getting their fill!

Definitely..."home made" moi!

Looking mighty yummy!!!

All for my bud! "Hope you have a great trip!"

Flour, bacon, cheese and sauerkraut

It's a chilly but gorgeous day out there. I really would love to be able to get out and take some photography. Actually I really should be finishing up a clients' file but....I'm going to sweat it out in the kitchen...for the simple reason we already get to a man's love through his stomach. I'm kidding!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's all about fried food and the runs.

Today was a crazy day, as I expected it to be. It started off with 5 loads of laundry to be washed and a dryer that was, at best.."iffy"...thankfully I married a very capable "handy man"! I then went off to take the little missy to dance class but not before we stopped at the Polish deli to pick up some "smoked mackerel"...don't ask, it wasn't for us and is quite assuredly...disgusting! I then went to drop this dead fish, a Polish newspaper and some crackers off with my fil. Well......a week ago there was an outbreak of a GI bug in the "assisted living" was like "Death Valley" one was around, the "general store" was closed, no one was dining in the dining room....everyone was quarantined to their room. was the "assisted living" area AND the "extended care" even the salon was closed for business...very strange. Needles to say....there was a lot of hand washing going on! My fil has it....I just wished he'd flushed the toilet before I got there...*shiver*. I promised him we'd bring him some home-made chicken soup tomorrow....and that's what I did today. Along with driving over a bridge that only an idiot would go over, since the other one is closed for a few weeks due to a fire that damaged the tresses that hold one end up! I moved 1/2 a block in 10 minutes....good thing I wasn't in a hurry or anything. And this evening....all the hard work and good eating only to find myself making and eating the yummiest chicken wings ever made in my brand new "deep fryer"...yeah I know....we figured we'd save the $50 that we spent at the pub and share a "pub night" with the kids....course they don't get the pints!....unless it's pints of juice!

This has turned into a very "run on" paragraph so I thought I'd start a new one here....

Teddy had a soccer game tonight. It's -2 and freakishly cold (as there's a slight dampness in the air). Tony dropped him off at 6:30 for the warm-up...I had no intention of watching the whole thing as I knew I'd be breaking off in icicles in no time. We gathered the family and managed to withstand the last 30 minutes of the game....they lost...he froze....but it was good to get out. I think he's just about thawed out least enough to move his fingers on the computer keyboard. Speaking of computers....the new modem, that I spent hours in traffic working amazingly!!

And now...the girl is asking for "ice cream"...she's insane....I just sneeze 5 times in a row and's time to veg!

Highlight for tomorrow.....

....I'll be spending it in the kitchen! Yup....have big cooking plans! Better get my "list" together.

Highlight of today....

....I'm going to pick up a new modem from our internet provider! Apparently ours is completely outdated (we've only had it 3 years) and since we've been having so many problems with the connection as of late....they told us to come on in and pick one up! We'll see....we may have "no" connection later never know with these things!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Just a post

Gahhh, I finally have a few moments to myself and I figured I’d sit down with my jav and do a bit of reading on the internet. Of course what has to happen? I can’t connect to the internet!!! Actually it’s been very off and on for a few days now and is becoming incredibly frustrating! This morning I managed to check out some new recipes at “all” (I can’t seem to add the darn link here, sooo…you gotta check it out!) and then that was it…kaput. So by the time this gets posted, I’ll have cooled off a bit and the internet will be up and running….you’ll know this because, well…you’ll be reading this post.

I am managing to keep my workouts regular now. In other words, my “mood” is not dictating whether I actually go or not….I just keep feeling the kick in the pants that I’ve needed for so long….and it’s not the hubs doing the kicking! Speaking of the hubs….he told me he’s returning to the gym as well….even bought himself a new pair of runners, a gym bag and some t-shirts. Funny thing is…..I have yet to actually see this new gym bag and the runners…well while they’ve been “spray protected”….continue to rest comfortably on top of Tony’s tool box.

Oh….another my brood have just risen from the dead….Tony’s already gone to work (for a while now), the eldest has gone to school (he was devastated when he found out that he was the only one who had school…the younger two have a Pro-D day) and now Al is going over the crushing defeat that he witnessed on American Idol. That just leaves the princess and Gramps still rotting….must be nice!

Actually back to the devastation that Teddy felt yesterday….this is how it happened.

*my cell phones rings*
Me: hello?
Son: hiiii mom.
Me: yes Ted?
Son: do I have a pro-d day tomorrow?
Me: *lol* who went to school today?
Son: pardon?
Me: did you go to school today?
Son: um yeah.
Me: did I go to school today?
Son: um no.
Me: then who should know whether “you” have a pro-d day tomorrow?
Son: um me?
Me: bingo!
Son: so do I?
Me: I believe you do.
Son: aww you’re kidding me? It’s sooo unfair!
Me: yes my son….life can be very, very unfair…especially on the days that you have to go to school and your brother and sister don’t.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's a good thing I don't have a full time job....

.....well, as in a job that I have to go out to "every" day!

Yesterday, I didn't get home from the downtown core (which I can't stand going into) until 6:00 p.m. Then of course there was the dilemma regarding what to make for dinner. I could've stopped on the way to buy something but why I don't like poisoning my kids too I had prepared for myself (the night before) a yummy soup. we didn't sit down to eat until 7:10, then there were dishes, lunches to make, a dog that needed a walk and a bath to be given to a dirty little girl. I didn't even get a chance to watch "Idol"!

I catch Al doing his homework at 7:30 and he was still doing it at 8:30, and still at 9:00. In fact that boy finally went to bed at 11:45...only to be woken at 7:00 a.m. to "keep working on his homework"...which he didn't finish!

At 7:30 this morning I have my girl coming out of her room with her math homework!!!! She says to me...."Mom, you were supposed to wake me up so I could finish my homework!" Thankfully she's done and is now joyfully relaxing on the couch before I get her breakfast together.

Seriously though....what happened to doing homework after school?!?!?!?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's 9:55 pm....

....and I just finished eating a piece of beef! I know it's late but....I had a half a bagel (with pb) at 9 a.m. this morning and then.......nothing......until 4:15 p.m. this afternoon!! addition to have been completely freezing from being in a clients ("gym") office where there was literally no heat (and it's -2 outside)....great if you're working out but the only thing getting a workout was my brain and my fingers. So that point I was literally shaking with hunger and lack of heat. So I picked myself up a "tall, non-fat, vanilla latte and a peppered bacon and egg sandwhich" from Starbucks....I think I finally thawed out around 6 p.m....just when I served myself some soup...with brown rice. So yeah...I don't feel too guilty about eating at this time.

Workouts have been going....added 5 lbs to my weights this tri's are killing me.

Last night's sleep (as each and every night is) was, for the lack of a better word....shitty. I'd toss and turn, then I had to pee, then I would flip over to one side only to have my husband "pleasantly" (not!) breathe in my flip was endless. Sure could have slept comfortably at 7:15 though....which is when I had to get up!

Well my boy (Al) is still doing his homework...he swears that it was all dumped on him I better go check on the hermit.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


...*gahh*...I'm pissed in an angry sort of way. Better to just shut the trap and go to bed. It'll save a lot of heartache in the end. See.....I'm a smart cookie!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Sleep...that is.

Do you think I can get a break tonight? Just give me more than 4 hours before I wake up and toss and turn...thinking of everything that needs to get done.....especially since I'm doing "good time"....just give me until 6 a.m....please!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A couple of favorites

I just finished having "my girl"....squeeze my foam encrusted fact...she takes quite the enjoyment out of doing so....should I be worried?

Where do I go from here?

Right now I'm listening to the pressure cooker as it makes a scrumptuous pot of beef soup. I have to make sure that the "pressure" stays even and that the "steam" doesn't get too intense. It's kind of like life I don't ever want it to "explode" and while I've never been privy to the aftermath of an exploded pressure cooker...I hear it's pretty intense.

I was on the verge of "exploding", oh yes I was....but today....I'm content...the steam is slowly receding (only to build up again) and I'm able to think a little more least for the next few hours. I'm about ready to turn the heat off and just let it fizzle out...just for the evening until things start to bubble again in the morning.

I missed out on a gorgeous day and some fantastic photography opportunities but....I feel that much more at ease. another day.


.....what my "purpose" in life is.

Yes, I'm in one of those "reflective" and introverted moods right now. Every once in a while I dwell a little bit and over think I'm just wondering what the purpose of my being here is. Obviously I understand to be a good mother and wife blah blah blah but....*sigh*...well, like I said...I "over think" and am probably being quite stewpid (and yes...I sometimes pronounce it like that)...should basically put a smile on my face and get cooking. There...I just discovered another "purpose"....the "slave chef".... Well at least I can enjoy in the fact that somebody else made pasta for me last night....tonight they get dry bread and water...maybe I'll throw in a raw potato.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A memorable evening

Today was no different from any other...I slept like crap, not that crap sleeps know...three hours and then I realized the husband wasn't with me, so I get up....only to find him in bed with our's 2:45 a.m. I then spent from 3:00 a.m. until 6:15 a.m. tossing and turning and listening to "him" snore....loudly! I finally fall asleep only to be woken by another stupid dream at 8:00 a.m. and well..that was it!

Sat and had coffee and enjoyed the peace while I checked you guys all out. Then it was laundry, cleaning, dropping Krystina off at dance, picking up a birthday gift (for a birthday she's attending tomorrow), buying groceries (all $270.00 worth), picking up the little princess, going home, putting away everything, to sit down and finish up a clients' work, to get ready for dinner with Tony and the kids, to....hearing them bitch and moan (well only one of them) about how it was just a nuisance and basically....was taking away from his "World of WarCraft" I care!

It's still foggy and absolutely freezing out there....well not literally but now that there's a bit of moisture in the air....1 degree feels a whole lot colder than -10 "dry"! We ended up finally using our "Bright Nights" coupons at the "Old Spaghetti Factory" in New Westminster....totally loved it! A bottle of wine (of course), two orders of hot wings, caesar salad, yummy bread and bowls of chicken penne....ugh!....I can barely breathe. It was good....just us....despite Teddy and his "mood" and his interrupting "mp3 player" was good to be together.

Tony and I enjoyed people watching (as the place was completely packed) and especially checking out a family of...oh I don't know...20! I thought for a second they were the "Duggers"....well they could have been because you could definitely tell they were of that "background" was all good.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I can't see brain is fogged

Actually, now that the snow has finally stopped...we've been dealing with major fog. Temperatures have gone up but walking out in the amongst the mist, it feels colder than it did when it was -8 and dumping. To be honest....I'm chilled to the bones tonight...hence the glass of wine...which you can't see, but I am enjoying! My good son is putting a fire log on as we speak.

Life is absolutely as chaotic as it can possibly be at one point in my life....January is always uncontrollable and absolutely insane....more so than any other time in my life....and you all know that each and every day is pretty insane in this household! I've been working with my head down, fingers to the calculator and pen to paper.....I will get through this....I always do. Until then....cheers and enjoy the evening!

p.s.....if any of you are looking to add me to "facebook" for me under "wind**blos*som"....searching for me under my "real name" will get you there too but....I'm not adding anyone to that sight...I only used that for the TKD crowd and they don't know I have a blog. So yeah...I'd be more than happy to connect gotta do it this way. Judging from the amount of "delurkers" though....I'm sure I'm well sought after! ;o) It's's just me and my fingers....and few close "blogging friends"...I like that...I'm not one to need a big crowd.

Okay...the son has "American Idol" recorded for me soooo....that's where I'm headed....with my glass of wine of course!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I made turkey for dinner tonight...why? Because I never get to and I love the bird. It was was our Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner eaten in the New Year!

I had a dream last night.....

...I was driven up (on my own) to my mother's funeral....I was angry. There were only maybe a handful of people there to pay their respects...I wanted them to leave...I didn't even want to be there. As I walked in scowling I saw the poster sized photo behind her casket (or what I thought was her casket because she always said she wanted to be "burned"...her words).....the photo....

....was a side profile of me....on my wedding day.

Um yeah....I have issues.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Delurking and poison

Delurk Yourself

So its 9:24pm and I just learned from several of the blogs that I frequent that today is (was) Delurking Day. Whatever that means. What that means for YOU is that you get to leave me a comment and say Hello. Don't be scared. Just do it. Nothings gonna happen. I may e-mail you back to say "HI" back but other than that, nothing.

Otherwise...I'm trying to "de-poison" myself from the "foul one". I've spoken about my dog's terrible gas issue...well tonight was no exception (but then again...neither was last night or the night before or tomorrow night for that matter). I don't know what the hell to do anymore...I spend a fortune on "good food" for her and yet....I still get her lying next to me, blowing the rippers and then calmly getting up and disappearing while I.....choke and slowly die in her fumes. It's been this way since day one and no....I am not going to succumb to feeding her "raw foods" that are "specially prepared" for yeah..she's a dog...there's no way that she's going to eat better than the six of us do...$350 a week on groceries is enough! Anyways...she's outside barking at the stars (yes....they've come out to play...yay! more rain/snow for a couple of hours!) and I hesitate (because I've just caught my breath) to let her back in....let her piss off the neighbours for just a bit...cuz really...their dogs are a royal pain in the a%ss at 6:30 in the morning!

Other than that.....another dump load of work got done today and it's one day closer to my trip to Boston. Oh by the way.....I failed to mention, that my sister failed to mention...apparently the flight from Vancouver to Seattle is on a tiny little crapper that only holds 40 humans....I'll start drinking the week before we leave!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

For Sale!

Three children...dirt cheap...clean, well kept, wonderful examples of polite, intelligent, respectful human the best of my knowledge. Best offer considered and accepted.

To be generous....I'll throw in a loving canine...comes with it's own "scent"....wonderful...once gotten used to....with a gas mask on.

Going once! Going twice! me!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blending a dangerous mixture.

You know how it is bringing up teens, don't you? Well actually...most of you don't...and those of you who do....bless you. I've been at my wits end with Teddy as of late...he's lazy, disrespectful, inconsiderate, rude and just a royal pain in the ass. I mentioned this to my husband today (not that he didn't already know)....that I realize he's a teen and he's wayyyy better than most but...I was about ready to strangle him...seriously, kick him in the ass. And then Tony says to me.....he's better than most, he'd rather have him home and a pain then on the streets, doing drugs...and the kicker.....that we have to remember he's a "blend of the two of us". I just about chucked my rarely remember that about your kids, but they are....they are a beautiful blend of the love two people shared. So why do I want to strangle him still?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello and good morning!

I thought my upper body was sore? Ha! It's nothing to what my lower body is feeling today! I told you I was out of shape...horribly. But it's all good....I fit in 3 workouts this week AND managed to get a dump load of work done....course a client came by last night and dropped off a "box" of new paperwork....just before he heads to Costa Rica....bum!

I was seriously considering going to the gym today while Krystina was at dance class but...I think I'll go to M&M Meat Shop know they have yummy bacon wrapped, filet mignon's or whatever they are....some sort of beef...and I'm craving beef. Too bad it doesn't go with white wine....yes, it's true....I've given up the red and taken on the white. Oh don't worry I'll still enjoy a glass/bottle here and there but....I think the white stuff is lighter in taste and calories.

So there you have it...not too much to report on....although with my birthday *gulp* coming up very quickly....I put one little item on my "wish list"..... . Check it out! Then I can spend time (that I don't have) doing what I love best.

The dog needs to be fed.....

Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm sorry I haven't been able to post....

.....I haven't been able to lift my arms.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This girls' on a roll!

While I did indeed skip my work out yesterday...I had good reason! See...I worked and worked...until I went into panic at 11:00 a.m. and wondered how I was going to get to West Van, South Van and Richmond all in the course of one day. Well...I did it...course I didn't get home until 6:00 good reason to miss my workout....but I did eat fantabulously!

Today....I went...and it was good....I think I'm getting the "bug" back.

While I was sweating it out on the elliptical I was checking out the other girls...not in "that way"...that's sick...well it is if you're a girl. be quite blunt...since I haven't worked out my boobs have, well...they've become more "robust" a good way. Actually considering they fed three whiny, snotty babes....they've "returned to normal" and I was getting to actually like them again. However.....I knew with the return to working out that I would lose them again...quickly. But what's better?....good health and little bitty boobies or bad health and big knockers....I's too bad there's no medium! So anyways....I'm looking at (and hating) these young girls (I should add "skinny" girls) with big knockers, wearing these gorgeous lo-cut tops. I thought to myself..."you b&tc*" (in a loving sort of way) could you?!? But in the end...I'm okay with it....I'll make do with what I've got because you know the saying...."more than a......" never mind...I won't finish that. I'll take the lower blood pressure over anything....and yeah...the heart beat was already down a couple of beats which means....I will probably stay alive while on the treadmill and you won't find me unconscious and curled up at the end of the mat!

I am taking it easy in the gym...I am...41 (almost *gulp* 42) and am working it up slowly...but it was a good feeling today...even if tomorrow there won't be any "feeling"...or the "feeling" will be "pain"'ll be worth it....just you wait!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Everything is flooding

What typically would take me an hour to drive home today....took two...and it's a good thing my car didn't drown on the way!

I'm a good mother.

I'm not a good sleeper at the best of times, and as I've mentioned my sleep has been hacked up for the last few weeks....I've been trying to get to bed earlier but that just might be my problem...maybe anything more than 5 1/2 hours is just too much?!?!

My bedroom door was opened at 4:30 this morning....5 hours after going to bed. The "princess" had had a bad dream and wanted to come to bed with us. I sat up, put on my specs and marched her back to her bed...rubbing her back and telling her everything was fine and "just go back to sleep". She whimpered but complied.

I....lay in bed for the next 10 minutes with the following thoughts:

I should be move loving
She's only this young for so long
She won't be asking to climb into our bed for much longer
I hope I don't make her feel neglected
*sigh*...she's probably in her bed whimpering right now

So I did what any loving mother would do....I got up, put those specs back on my nose and went to her room. She says to me, "what are you doing?" I asked her if she still needed to be cuddled......she said, "yes".

I....spent the next 2 hours sandwiched between a little body that was overheating on me and another "bigger" body that bellowed out trombone sounds.....I should've just gotten up and talked to you guys!

Once the hubs left and I had a mere 15 more minutes in bed....I got to stretch out, while "Little Miss Muffet" happily slept was memorable.

Monday, January 5, 2009


....and not in the "psychosis" sort of way, although...

I did it! I'm back at the gym and to boot...I ate "super healthy" today...that's day one down...tomorrow is day two and I have full intentions of hitting the gym again....especially when I found out how horribly out of shape I am!

For now however, I keep burping the awful taste of fish...I think the baggie of vitamins included some sort of water dwelling pill and now I keep tasting the taste of trout...or something.

The rain is a good sort of way.

Monday is over and I learned how to play "21" and to know which "smoked fish" is the right one for my fil....obviously the canned variety is a no, no!

Monday morning

It's Monday and the world is churning at full speed.....I think I've forgotten how to churn.

There are dozens and dozens of schools closed today due to the weather. Of course none of them are "public". Why is it that the "private" schools always feel the need to shut down when there's a little dusting of snow....okay, so it's not a "dusting" but kids went back today. Better believe they went back....they were going back even if I had to break down the doors!!

*sigh*...and now I'll get back to my coffee and trying to figure out how to keep my eyes's still dark!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's weird when you realize....

....just how grown up your kids have gotten. As I was getting Krystina ready for her bath tonight, I had the incredible urge to hug her naked little body and plant some kisses on her robust cheeks....and then I realized that I wouldn't be doing this for very much longer. My little baby will be turning 8 this year....for some reason I thought she was only going to turn 7...she's already 7...for half a year already! *sigh*...time just doesn't "stand still".

It's been a wonderful holiday spent with those that mean the most...a time of over indulgence, of doing nothing and of recuperating. My menu plan for the next few weeks has taken quite a drastic turn....but I'm looking forward to it. Again....I'm not in this to be "rock solid" but...when you've only worked once since the's time to concentrate!...and at 41 (almost 42...*gasp*!)'s time to really "concentrate"!!! The gym beckons, healthy diet and less vino begs....we'll be on our road to catch up with my skinny little sister in no time!!

For now....more snow....and my car stuck in the drive-way for one more day. If the snow doesn't stop...I'm buying a snowmobile!

Oh and on another side note...I went to "Stupid Store" tonight and picked up some groceries...some healthy stuff for me and the hubs....spent $417.00... I kidd you not and stood in the line-up to pay for 30 minutes!!! What is this world coming to? But then what kind of idiot spends that much money for one weeks' worth of groceries?!?!?

Another reprieve

So the snow has stopped again....and finally!!! It fell for a solid 24 hours and now as I look out the windows it's already managed to fall of the tree branches and melt away down the non-existent drains. Now as the weather warms up and the rains return (apparently) the big worry is flooding. The snow-plows have done a great job moving all the white stuff, but unfortunately...there are now piles of snow along the side of the roads that are in some areas....three feet high! If I heard correctly the amount of snow that this city has experienced is a new record.

In other notes....I've already gotten an e-mail from my client in Australia....I guess the gears are really revving up now. Thankfully the house is back in order and the contents of my stomach are staying down so that I can get myself back in action. My biggest dilemma today is....(actually there are two)....what to cook for dinner, since we ate any leftovers and I threw out the meatballs that only Teddy, Grandpa and I age (and Teddy complained about his stomach)....and how do I get the kids off the computer/PS3 and in bed before 2 a.m. tonight? Ideas?

Oh and on the side....we watched a few movies with the kids over the holidays: "Hell Boy II"...everyone seemed to like it, I thought it was "eh": "The Devil Wears Prada"....totally a girl flick but I really liked it: and the new "Chronicles"....I couldn't stay up but what I did see of it seemed pretty good...everyone else (including Tony) thought it was really good.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another dumping.

Yeah I know, I know.....but seriously...we've had enough of it. It started snowing (again) 24 hours ago and has only let up for maybe...maybe 10 minutes today....and it's still coming down. Sure it's pretty and makes for a peaceful night but this is the most snow we've had since....well apparently it's a record and it makes for getting around a little more difficult. I'm not complaining because I really don't have too many places to go right now but still....the gears are all shifting into "go" position again and the kids are back at school on Monday. They do say though, that the rains are coming....which is going to make all this pretty white stuff....really slushy, yucky, wet stuff! I just hope the city can find the drains as well as they take care of the plowing.

My stomach seems to have settled down...still not sure what that was all about but I wasn't about to take any chances and so the meatballs got tossed out. Now I've got a headache though.

Did I tell you the story about the old guy at the seniors home?

I think I might have mentioned the gentleman that threw a whistle at me as I walked by him playing pool? I've seen him around before and always thought he had a look of "anger" on his face. So anyways....I'm helping my fil to the luncheon table and someone says to me, "Why do you take care of him like that?" I turn around and say, "Pardon me?" "Why do you take such good care of Walter?" I respond with, "Well....his son takes care of me, I help out taking care of my father-in-law." "What? You're not his daughter?" "Um no..." Anyways conversation goes on and on and I actually start to really enjoy this guys' company. Turns out he's 90!!!! And his wife is in the "alzeihmer's" section of the same facility....a very sad story.

I actually quite enjoy heading over to the seniors home and have met a few people that I would love to just sit down and hear their stories. Hmmm....something else to add to my "list of things to do"....the thing least this brings satisfaction and joy.

Another rough night.

I went to bed a little earlier last night and managed at least some sleep, until the husband's snoring and my stomach woke me up at 4:30. I ended up throwing up twice...not sure why, just felt very, very nauseous. Feeling a little better now thankfully, as today is laundry day and "put away all the Christmas stuff" I better get myself in gear.'s snowing....again.....enough already!

Friday, January 2, 2009

I thought kids only kept you up all night?

I had one of the worst night's in a very long time, last night...the night before...and the night before that. Yes, it appears that my husband has a cold....with a sore throat....just like the one I suffered with last week (and am still trying to free myself of the mucous crap stuffing my sinuses).....except that when I had the cold....he could still sleep...because I didn't snore like a bull! Seriously, no matter what I do, whether I gently nudged him, turned him over, shoved him, kicked him, punched him...hey, we were getting pretty close to strangulation (not need to be calling social services)....he just kept on rumbling.

Being the good wifey that I am, I picked up my pillow and a warm micro-fibre blanket and headed to the couch.....where just as I was drifting into dreamland....Tony came and told me to come back to that he could "cuddle" (which means he was cold). About 45 minutes later....Krystina's "Bratz" alarm clock went off rigning (this is one of those old fashioned clocks with the two BIG bells on the top and the hammer that goes back and forth and pounds those bells.....scared the willies out of her and I) it took another 30 minutes for my heart to settle down. I'm once again drifting off....and he starts up again!! I gave up and got out of here I in hand, glasses on my nose feeling very, very sleepy.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gone with the old.

Well there you have it....2008 is done and gone.

The year ended off really well but there were definitely some times during the year that I wasn't sure I could get through....but I did. I could sit here and whine about the heartaches that I've felt over the last year, the broken relationships, the stress levels of a life gone way too crazy, crazy business men using me as there "middle guy", the life style change of having a parent live with us, dealing with countless appointments and surgeries that belonged to a parent and/or parent-in-law, the broken or non-existent new year's resolution from last year. The list can go on but.....I won't.

2008 as busy as it was was a good year.....complete with three healthy children, a healthy, loving husband, people that love me, people that I love, a dog that gets me out for walks even when I can't get to the gym, my own good health, a prospering business, a roof over my head, memories etched forever in my heart and mind of times spent with the kids....again the list can go on.....

I'm just thankful....thankful for the year gone by....looking forward to the new year arrived. Hopes for more time with Tony and the kids, more time spent behind my camera, more time spent in the gym, more time enjoying life and less time stressing over the little things. Life is good and I'm going to enjoy it! Hope you do too!