Sunday, January 31, 2010

Frustration and even more frustrations....

For the last few months it's been the whole "Vista" issue....then it was the whole "printer" issue and then all of a sudden it was the "BlackBerry", do I hate technology at the best of times! I've been without my phone or 48 hours and I feel lost...completely "lost". I spent a total of 6 hours on the phone with "technical support" and even more via the internet and downloading and uninstalling and reinstalling....and 8:50 this evening....we got it running again...I feel whole! Sick huh? Yeah well....when you rely on your phone as much as I do...there's no "home phone" number any want to get a hold of my cell. I have teenagers!

Speaking of "cells"...I actually own two right now. I have confiscated the "middle childs'" phone...why? Remember Teddy's $300 cell phone bill? Well while Al's isn't quite as came in at $158.00...for one month!!! "I promise mom!...I'm only calling those on "my ten""! Whatever....the phone is gone...$120.00 in texting charges...for one's no fricken wonder I have to work so damn hard!!!!! So'll be interesting to hear "both" my phones ringing throughout the day...and night!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So in my effort to try and eat better and become a "healthier" person....I decided to add bee pollen and "raw flax seed" to my diet...I swear I've lost 5 lbs in a week. This stuff is amazing...keeps you on the toilet's an amazing tummy flattener! Just don't block the washroom entrance....if you know what's good for you!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And now something to make your head bop, your hips swing and your lips smile.....

....these guys are from Victoria and while I usually don't care for "live" performances...this one is not too the song!

Fingers too fast for the keyboard

I usually write my posts (as in frequent as they are) late in the evening (well...late for me...but not for all ;o) )....and by then my brain has gone into "mush mode",'s not working that well at this point....quite frankly, I'll sit here and stare at my screen while holding my head up with my hand....blurry eyed and numbed (not from alcohol!)....wondering if I'll actually "write" something. Aaaannnnyyyyways......what I'm trying to say is that I don't always "spell check"....and I don't always re-read what I've written...until the following morning....and then when I do, I go...."wtf"??...that's "frick" you actually take me for a foul mouthed, red neck? might if you heard my conversation with my husband tonight....

Different topic...

So we take the fat, farting, foul beast out for a walk tonight and the topic of conversation (as of late) has been Tofino. We didn't make it there this past year (first time in probably 8 years) and I'm sooooo missing it!! We both (the hubs and I) are!! So yeah we're talking about going again and how a visit to "Coombers Beach" would definitely be in the works! The thing is..."Coombers Beach" is very isolate, wild and full of bears and cougars! So I said to the hubs...."I would feel much more comfortable taking the Ruger with us next time....then I know for sure I could relax and appreciate it to it's fullest"..... He looks at me as though I'm nuts and then....agrees.

I conclude the conversation with...."and then I'll just make sure that it's tucked nicely under my pillow, at night".

Can you say "yeehaw"!?!

Oh yeah....regarding the beginning part of this post....all I wanted to say was, "forgive me for my spelling/grammar errors"....I'm too tired to care right now.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Where you at?

Honestly....I'm not really sure I know where I am these days. This past week has been incredibly trying.... Have I learned anything from it?? Oh Hell yeah!!...........stay clear away from "Vista".....biggest piece of junk....piece of s*it I've ever cross across!! And the whole "upgrade to Windows 7"...another pain in the flabby arse! But....I think we're good now....

....this after losing all my printers, a tonne of data-entry and who knows what else. But now....I have a computer that works, a computer that has printers, printers that work, a scan that works and of course...a fax that works too!!! I'm all set! Anyone want to "fax me"?

I have 3 days (technically 4, but....I'm going out for lunch and beers on the 4th) to finish everybody up...I think I'll make it. And then...yes "then" "bootie" goes back to the gym!!!

On a different note...I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to deal with the whole "Olympic" issue?! Tony says I should just write a polite e-mail to my clients downtown and let them know that....I won't be attending....if they want their work done....send it by "ExpressPost"....I'm liking his idea!

Friday, January 22, 2010


.....a chance to "breathe".

I cannot tell you the Hell week I've had...nothing worked, nothing went "according to plan", nothing was "right". I lost my printers, I lost data, I lost programs, I lost my mind. I bought a new printer and couldn't install it....I was about ready to lose my mind and smash anything that came in front of me...I was on the very of seriously..."losing it". We're doing okay today....I had my longest time client and buddy log in "remotely" and "fix me up" is moving ahead again....even if it's a little panicked....we're gonna do okay. Regardless of the fact that I still have a tonne of stuff to least now I have "an operating system".

Did I mention though...10 lbs...gotta lose it....desperately.

Well tomorrow will be full of work, dance, soccer, workouts, birthdays, crafting.....too much to be thankful for!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have anxiety issues

For the first few years that Tony knew me, I suffered quite badly with panic attacks and terrible anxiety. Then....we both attended "stress management" classes....oh the things you do for each other in the "early days". A good 10 or so years had gone by and I was doing great! Until the past 6 months or so......

Today I had an "interview" of sorts with a new accounting firm. I got myself a new blouse, got my black slacks hemmed (finally) and even put on nylon knee-high's and my "nose picker" heeled shoes. Heck...I even put on the "crack filler" and foundation!!! It's so weird getting all dressed up in the daytime when you've totally turned into a yoga pants/jeans kind of girl. Anyways....I was already feeling the panic this morning when I dropped Krystina off at that point I was just hoping that I wasn't going to hurl or break a leg walking up the sloped walk-way to drop her off. About half way into the drive (which was an hour long) it starts up again....heart pounding, head feeling fuzzy, dry mouth, hands sweating, feeling overheated....*deep breath*....*in through the nose, out through mouth*...*dry off those hands*. Then I started to panic some more because I though....."eww nooo....I'm going to have to shake these peoples' hands and ....they're going to slide right through".... *another wipe of the hands*.... *deep breath*....*smack myself in the head and tell myself to smarten up!* I parked the car and head up the block to the building....up the my hearts pounding again...partly because of the dread and partly because I just walked up 25 steps in heels....told you I needed to get back to the gym! I stop at the top of the steps and try to collect myself. And then walk into the office and announce myself.

I sit...waiting....for what seems an eternity....heart pounding...again....hands I'm thinking I need to get out of this room and gain some control again. Then "O" comes out and introduces herself.....I'm seriously spiraling at this point....I sit at the board room table and chew my gum, trying to distract my thoughts. I smile and respond to her comments and questions....thinking to myself....."I'm going lose it here and she's going to have to pick me off the ground and then call an ambulance...and then I'll probably make a mess of the carpet....oh give your head a friggen shake!!!" So I take off my coat and try to "cool down" a bit. I finally start to gain a bit of composure and then....."E" comes in and introduces himself....and it starts all over again!

And then it was over. With shaking hands I had exchanged business cards and told them both I was glad to have met them and I look forward to working together with them in the near future. And then some how....some how I made it back to my car.

Now....I sit here worn out and exhausted, because don't you know...."anxiety attacks" have a tendancy of wearing you out.

I think I'll close all the blinds and just stay home tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If I'm not mistaken....

.....the hubs actually "hinted" that it was time to get back to the gym! *sigh*....I'm tired.

Have to learn how to say "no"

I'm not really sure why I have a meeting booked with a new accounting's not like I really need more work. So why am I getting gussied up and meeting with essentially...'more work'? I supposed it's because I'm the type of the girl that always goes...."you just never know".

Let's just hope that Vista has gone to Hell and my computer has been brought up to a nice new level of "working"!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's that time of day again.....

....I should be in bed, but enjoying the memories of a movie just watched....I'm loving the tunes in my ears and I'm enjoying the effects of a nice glass (or two) of is good. I so need to burn these calories.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Anybody know how to make the photo of the mutt.....about half the size? I have no idea.

Another baby?

I think we're all very well aware of the tragedy that has unfolded in Haiti!? There are other places in the world that have just as much (if different) destruction. I for one, have had enough of watching breaks my heart...makes me ill....but definitely puts my life here in rainy PoCo in to perspective.

Tonight however....I said to the hubs..."what do you think about adopting another one?" He responded with "well, if we had a bigger house and more room. Which would mean that we'd have to sell this house and move. Who would we bunker down with another babe?" "Oh come on....wouldn't it be great?!" Then I got "the glare". Guess it's not going to happen.

So then I asked...."well how about we sponsor another child through Compassion?" That went over a little better....we already have a little boy in India.....I'm's like "wondering what your next birth child is going to look like" I'm wondering who we're going to blessed into helping with now....a boy?, a girl?...from where? old?...oh the joy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


.....loved the goat but....needed a change...for a little while! :o)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

At my age.....

....I'm beginning to see many of my friends/friends of friends stricken with disease and death. No, I'm not "ancient"...but it can be a little depressing to see people having heart attacks, strokes and deadly cancers.... their 40's. Actually it's downright freakin' me out!!! My father was 57 when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He was 60 when he had a massive stroke (his own doing, I might add). My father-in-law is 87.....I can only dream. I worry (even though..."worry does not change a thing, so don't waste your time on needlessness")....for my husband....for my kids. The hubs doesn't care for having a finger inserted into "no mans land"...*ahem*...thank you very much, but...remember I had 4 children!!!....three that warranted the "most humiliating moment" episode!...not to mention annual check-ups where.....well....I won't go into detail...if you're female, you know what I'm talking about. Anyways...I've been hounding the hubs to go for his physical...he avoids the issue. It's just not a joking matter any longer......

....seriously....mothers, fathers....with small children.

The longer I'm alive (and that's a good thing)...the more I have an appreciation for all that I have...and I hold it all so very close...because this thing called "life" least "life here on earth"'s a fleeting moment....enjoy each and every moment.....even if constipation is a daily issue.

And speaking of "trying to keep oneself healthy"!

I'm making drastic changes to my daily menu.....not because I want/need to lose weight....although 5 lbs would be's because I really do want to live to 89! I've been doing some research and reading up on nutrition and's not a whole lot I didn't already know's just a good "slap across the head" to remind me....and while it's a slow process (especially since I'm so piled up with work that it's all about "diet"/"nutrition" at this point)...I've been learning alot.

For instance...ground Flaxseed....makes you crap...lots.....and that's a really, really good thing....along with all the other great things that come along with eating it!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A little grumpy....perhaps?

Today was, seriously. I'm not sure what I did, what I saw, what I typed or who I spoke to.....I do know that the family was fed...apparently.....but as far as "clientele" goes....I was juggling 6 clients at once.....for a good 10 hours.

So much to do....but this is expected four months out of the year....each quarter has many of my clients needing "audits" and "GST returns" filed....and this, being no exception.

In other random thoughts......

That is my pooch above...she's snarling because Teddy's once again is tormenting can't see it but....her food bowl is full and Teddy's told her to "leave it" and is egging her on by rubbing her back.....I'm happy to say that his Polish shnauz did not receive any damage during this photo shoot!

I met with the old guy was a little sad. He was very apologetic towards me and his outburst the other day (yelling, swearing and hang up)...he's clearly "losing it". He cried....his 89 year old brother (there's only two left, from 5) is dying and has only 2 or so months left to live....came to the home to say "good bye".....very sad, indeed. I have a hard time dealing with such sadness.

Krystina has a dentist appointment this Thursday...she's very hopeful that her "retainer" will be removed!

Sometimes I sit here and think about my mother. Oh how she detested being called a "mother"....she always said that was for the sick and stuffy, or even more so...for the British (she couldn't stand the British???)....that she was a "mom" (loving and caring) her eyes, I suppose. Not even sure I can call her "my mother".....don't get all might not know the whole story. I think of her more as a "lonely, sick old woman"....and even so.....she lives alone, with no friends.....Christmas has come and gone....what went through her crazed mind? Did she think of me? Yeah...probably with venom in her mouth. But would've been easier to have gone through these last couple of years knowing that my mother had died.....truth be told, she's just an ill woman, all alone, living her days during the night. We all gave her a "second chance"...a thousand times over. Even my sister continued longer than I though she needed to......

I've done my mother is gone....not sure I even ever had one....whatever....I'll be damn sure I'll not repeat history with my kids.....I make sure I kiss them all, three times a day and that I tell them I love them and even give them a loving touch....but I won't repeat the abuse.

Shit....we got kinda somber there...didn't we? I'm thinking of doing "yoga"! Tony's worried cuz he think it's going to mess with my brain and give me some "mantra" or something....I think it'll be a good thing to be committed to getting to the gym and doing a workout, because clearly I need help! The workouts I was supposed to started earlier this week......well, my gym bag made it to the van (water bottle and all).....and that's where we stand.

And now.....I need to take a blood transfusion.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Teddy told me about this one.....

.....kinda magical.

Making adjustments for the Olympics

So apparently the Olympics are going to be held in my fair city here...shortly....this is what they tell me. Because this seems to be the case....I'm preparing for the fact that parking, transit and trying to get into the city centre is going to be somewhat of a sort of Hell. So I'm taking steps in advance to ensure that I'm able to continue with my life "as regularly scheduled"....and have the opportunity to laugh at those that will be "dazed and confused"! You see....I need to get into the downtown core on a regular (weekly) basis...I have decided I will not be taking my fair "beast" into the chaos....apparently there won't be anywhere to stop, nor will there be any parking and for that matter....why bring too much of "the family" into the "war zone"....cuz you know....apparently "we're totally unprepared"!

Anyways....I'm totally excited that Vancouver is hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics! Personally though....the weather's been so warm (global warming....whatever) that I'm thinking there won't be any snow for the skier's to ski on....oh but wait....they can "make" snow....thank goodness for modern technology. Forget getting snow on the mountains the "old fashion way"....nooooo....just plunk some machine in the middle and have it blow it all around! It sure would make for a nice white summer, when it's sweltering down here! does "swelter" here in the "great north"!

So the question is....are we going to attend any of the festivities? Nope! Couldn't afford it! What they're charging for these attractions is astronomical....I'll be just as happy sitting on my couch, sipping on my "green tea" and watching the hi-lights on my t.v. Besides....that way I can be with the know.....I have one that doesn't want me to leave the house, one that could care less and one that's over worried everytime I do step out....better just to stay home.

On a final note.....I took the SkyTrain into the city today (all in the preparation work) and you know what I realized?!?!?.....while we have some beautiful parts to this city....I would highly advise visitors to stay off the SkyTrain between MetroTown and Science's just plain "Harlem".


No seriously...I'm going to talk about garbage.

Our city just implemented a new garbage/recycling system/ that is testing this family of its "sorting" abilities.

We have three bins on the side of our house....a black and grey one for "garbage", a black and green one for "green waste" and a black and blue one for "recyclables". Up until this month, we would dump only our yard clippings into the "green waste", our cardboard, paper and plastic in the "recyclable" bin and everything else in the "garbage" bin. "Garbage" would be picked up every week.

Now.....the "recyclable" bin stays pretty much the same, taking on the paper, plastic etc....the "green waste" takes all the yard clippings AND food scraps, including pizza boxes (anything that has food crumbs in it) and the "garbage" anything left over, including glass. The garbage bin now gets picked up on a bi-weekly basis and the green waste gets picked up on a weekly basis. We now have three bins under the sink and I'm trying to teach the "other five" how to can imagine?! We've also had to change "the strap" (to keep the bears out) from the "garbage" bin to the "green waste" bin...because really...there won't be anything of much interest in the "garbage" bin.

My question though.....where do you put dirty paper towels? They're paper, so they're recyclable but they could have food remnants on them so they could be considered a "food waste" or are they just plain ole garbage?

Sunday, January 10, 2010


.....quite frankly...and may I be very blunt....."sucks the big one"!!! I cannot wait....I repeat...cannot wait....for my upgrade to Windows 7 to arrive two months too the next 3 which point.....I will take "Vista" and obliterate it with the tires on my vehicle....over and over and over again!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Head Games......

.....not into them, tired of them. Secrets, lies and head games.....three things in life, I just don't handle very well.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mid-Life??....for me???

I forgot to tell you something! Something that Tony's, boss' daughter and I were discussing over our Christmas dinner at The Sandbar....she's sent me some very useful information and links to sign up and get informed. "She" said that it's the only thing she can do without having to wear a brace on her knee (she's crippled like I am)....and best of's done in my "most favorite place on earth"! And I'm taking the eldest with me, so that we'll do some mother/son bonding time.

So the next time we head over to Tofino.......

I'm gonna learn how to surf!!!! In the ocean!!!

Just a little about nothing

Nothing too exciting happened today. I did make it in time to take my fil to the podiatrist...that was $45, spent $40 on groceries for him, another $50 for a new electric shaver and yet another $60 for special shoe inserts (for his severely arthritic foot)....who wants to bet that those "shoe inserts" will be destroyed in a matter of hours/days? The rest of the day was spent pounding in the numbers for a clients GST this rate, I will surely be in a good position with my paperwork since I managed to get a lot done between Christmas and New Years'....course I say that and the next day I get 5 couriers, from 5 different clients with 5 months worth of work!

Last nights' sleep was a little better, except it was frigid!! The temperatures have dropped here and the cold air had me shivering in the night...ended up sleeping in my pj's, socks, bathrobe, sheets and bed covering...still my breath was like frost! I might decide to turn on the heat tonight.

And that's it for today...really exciting stuff huh?

Well okay...I got the eldest to go around the block with me and the dog tonight....that's an unusual I quite enjoyed. Course now I'm yelling at him from across this laptop as he's tormenting the dog....again.....and I'll be damned if I'm going to pay another $50 to get the paramedics over here again.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time marches on.....'s hard (and sad) to say that I'll be 43 this hubs eldest middle youngest dog 3....hard to imagine?! In fact I'm literally scratching my head (okay my chin), trying to figure out how we got this point....I guess breathing had a bit to do with it?! When I really think about it...I realize that Tony is now older than my father was, when they first met....can't imagine it.

Well enough about that.

I have a new GPS.....this is good thing, should I decide to take the kids down to the States again...on my own....and I know I will! It's the coolest little Magie....something or even told me what turns I had to make to get out of the Pacific Centre parkade....which is recessed deep in the heart of downtown Vancouver, underneath 40 story, sky scrapers. It'll surely help me find the kids' know....on those days that I "somehow" take a wrong turn and they actually end up "walking" home?!?!

So how are you resolutions coming along? Mine...not so much....well, not yet....I am working on them'll be a slow least for the first week or two! I have yet to get back to the gym...thought I'd detoxify myself first.

I got a call today from my fil...."may God give me the strength to get through these "sandwhich years" that will surely grey each and every hair on my head....and then subsequently have them all fall out!". I picked up the phone.....*silence*.....*breathing*....

"Tata!? Hello?!"
"Tata?! Are you there?"
*repeated 20 or so times.....
Him "Hello?!"
Me "Hi Tata!"
Him "Ruza....what the hell are you doing?"
Me "Pardon?"
Him "I was waiting all day for you....where were you?"
Me "You know's not very nice the way you talk ("yell") to me"
Me "I circled on the calendar....your appointment is tomorrow"
Him "What?!....oh *insert many explatives and foul words*...I thought it was today"
Me "No....that's why I wrote it on the calendar....I'll see you in the morning...okay?"
Him "What time?"
Me "I'll be there by 9 a.m."
Him "Okay....I'll get up and 4 and wait for you"

I can almost guarantee you, I'll get a call sometime around 3 or 4....him cursing a message into the voice mail....which is exactly why I'm going to turn the volume to "mute".

And now....I'm really hoping for a better night that the last two....Sunday night had me in bed by 11:30 and up and wide awake by 4:00 a.m.....tossing and turning until 7:00 a.m. Last night I awoke at 1:30 and tossed and turned until 7:00 a.m. The wine god's are punishing me for not having a glass before bedtime! I sound like such a lush...don't I? Well, I'm a lush that's knows how to cook. Except for the other night.....

I am a huge supporter of've tried many a recipe (best by rating) and have never been disappointed....until I tried the "World's Best Lasagna"....blech! The frozen one I buy from Safeway was far better.

And on that note....these tired little peepers need to get some shut-eye!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I can't believe we're here. 1967....that's the year I was born...ancient!!! Now when I hear of those born in the 80's...I're still so young...and yet they're in their 20's!!! Which was a relatively good decade for me...graduated, stable job, first car, marriage, first child, first house...all was good...with a darkness lurking beneath....but we knew that something wasn't right....we persevered!

So the holidays are over...officially...I ate too much, I drank too much, I worked out too little, I slept in too late, I stress too much, I baked too much, I definitely cooked too much.....I also loved, and smiled and laughed and enjoyed....enjoyed time with my kids (who are back to school tomorrow), enjoyed time with the hubs (he's been home for a week and a half), watched my hubs grow his annual beard, went out to a few restaurants with my hubs, got a new sink (loving it!), caught up on work, cleaned the house, decorated and undecorated, helped "un-plug" certain elderly folks, cooked some more, enjoyed some more, laughed some was a good holiday...I favorite time of was good...we were blessed....I am loved.

Hope it was as good for you!?!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to know you're growing a vegetarian

So yesterday I took the littlest one of the clan to get some more "Lego"...yes, I soon after Christmas???? The fact the matter is that she was incredibly good this past week and allowed me to catch up on a tonne of I wanted to treat her. It's a mother/daughter thing.

Anyways....after going to 5 stores and finally finding some "generic" Lego....we cruised into T&T...I needed carrots and chicken legs for my yummy chicken soup.

I don't she has any concept that chicken is actually an "animal".....cuz she didn't flinch to me purchasing 6 chicken legs...but when it came to walking by the row of dead, "fresh" fish and some live ones (in tanks).....I looked down at her and asked..."what's the matter?" Krystina (with tears in her eyes) pulls me down and says...."Chinese people are so cruel" (T&T being a very Asian store...of which I love) and I respond with "why?"....and she says, "they kill and torture animals". I barely have the heart to tell her that our six chicken legs were the demise of three birds....and respond with...."we all have to eat my dear"!

She's so going to become a veterinarian....and a vegetarian! Just bring home the bacon, girl!