Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Well it hasn't quite happened in these parts, although in many other areas of the world it has!  But seriously....Happy New Year to my few readers and all the best in health and happiness!!

You're probably wondering what the heck I'm doing at 10:30 on New Year Eve writing on my blog??  Well, truth of the matter is my daughter is out, both my sons are out, my dad is sleeping and the hubs is relaxing.....I'm trying to live through detox/cleansing, but honestly I will have a glass of wine tonight...back to sweating poisons out tomorrow!  "Cleansing" is not as easy as it sounds.....for three days I've had hot/cold sweats, headaches, bitchiness and quite frankly...could sleep all day! On the flipside...I've already lost 3 lbs!!  I've been learning so much about the foods we eat and trust me it hasn't been easy watching the "Food Network" channel on t.v.

Anyways....Christmas was nice....I made dinner on Christmas Eve and Day....last year dinner was made for me, so I thought I could only reciprocate.  Last year I was being pumped full of chemo drugs....this year the mammogram machine decided not to let go of my boob!! least I can laugh about both.

I started yoga a while back....have taken a break over the holidays but am geared to get back this week....I need to make it part of my life....yes, I love it that much.  Don't worry...I won't turn "granola"....I'll keep my fake

The hair.....I've had some unruly hair days as of late....and am LOVIN it!!!

I love my life.....even if the Tamoxifen makes me weepy all the time.

Well my little girl....I'll stop saying that soon....I can't believe she's 10 1/2 at her buddies and I need to go and get her soon.  Speaking of kids and age......because we just put a new t.v. in downstairs  for the kids (because mommy would like to see her children at home more often)....I said to the eldest...."hey, bring your buddies back here and watch a movie or something".....I even got chips and 7 layer dip, a meat and cheese tray, chicken wings, pop and even a 6 pack of Honey Brown Lager!!!  Don't get your tivvies in a twist....I just realized today that my son's best friend is already 19!! why the heck did I go and buy the beer?.....he can get whenever he wants now?!?!? (btw....Teddy's "Ted" is 19 in August)....anyways....they're not here.....yet. :o(

So as I said...Happy New Year everyone!!!  Check your boobies and take care of those that you love....and those that love you!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Change is About to Happen

Today I went to see my naturopath...tomorrow I start a new way of life/eating.

I'm really looking forward to the's going to be hard...damn hard.....but I want to do it!

Tonight Tony and I went out for my "last supper" as I know it.....tomorrow....there is no coffee, no alcohol, no caffeine, no sweetened juice, no eggs, no bread, no beef, no pork, no tuna, no margarine, no....a few more things.  Tomorrow I will begin my day with a cup of warm water, then some quinoa grains, fruit, then we'll move onto a shake packed with vitamins, soup is good, some chicken or salmon and more steamed veggies, add a cup of Japanese green tea and lots more water, a supplement of zinc and my many other vitamins...yes, folks....we're going into "detox".  My husband asked if I could wait until the new's time.

Wish me luck, cuz I'm gonna need it....oh there's yoga tomorrow too!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well here we are.....Christmas 2011.

What a decade it's mother-in-law passed away in 2000, my mother went bezerk in 2006 , I found out I had cancer in 2010 and my father-in-law passed away 5 days later.  This time tomorrow (last year) I will have had my first douse of chemo...and I still managed a turkey the next day for the family.

In this new year I plan to do much more yoga, see my new naturopath and never see the sight of cancer again...I sure as hell hope!!

And as far as my wishes to you go....may you have a Merry Christmas and may it be full of love and blessings as opposed to presents and stress....may the new year be good to you and bring you all the best in health and happiness. And may you know that I think of you all.

And hopefully...I'll write more this year!! lol

Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 days and counting....

I promise I won't keep doing least not on a daily basis.  But hey...I'm 12 days cancer free!!  Funny thing is I still feel crappy...not sure if it's still the affects of chemo and radiation (and drugs) or...who knows.  I do know one thing...I started yoga and when I stop for a few days....well, let's just say I really shouldn't stop.  Now if only I could lose those blasted 10 lbs....a combination of being sedentary over the past year, the drugs and...age.

I did some baking tonight....the laundry machine was broke so until Tony could fix it, laundry stood still...and now I'm waiting for bed sheets to hurry up and dry.

My boy made me very proud....he went out with his "usual" buddies last a party.  He was honest and said that there might be alcohol there....and if he should partake, he'd stay the night....but he'd text me to let me know.  So he did text me and he said that he decided he would come home, not drink and tell his buddies that he had "priorities" today....I texted him back and all I said was "Love you"...he replied with "Love you as well"....I really do trust and love that kid (all of my kids)....they're turning into very fine young adults...even if they do "partake". :o)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

7 days is good for me too...

....did I mention that my eldest is a pot smoker?  At the same time he's holding down a full time job and paying back a car loan... and he gives me kisses every night...*sigh*..I love my kids.

So yeah....I'm so called "cancer free"....for 7 days at this point...quite honestly....I'm still terrified.

Which is where I'm going to end this because there's so much more to add....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Start of the Christmas Season....

So I think this weekend was/will be the busies for us....I'm a little glad it's over but at the same was fun/

Friday was it's usual crazy self, Saturday included a dance recital and a company Christmas dinner, Sunday had it's share with a "mother/daughter crafting day" and then a Christmas dinner with "the only guy who's ever made my husband jealous".....our family friends.

My house is 1/2 decorated and 1/2 not.

I am six days cancer free....woo hoot!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Gosh it's been awhile.....

It's cold...even with the hot flashes it's still cold here....typical Vancouver winter.  This photo makes me happy.

I had my last treatment this past Monday...I hope for good!  I'm already signed up for my first mammo since the last 17 shots of my boob, last year....December 22....I really hope I won't get any surprises this year since it's only a couple of days before Christmas!!...and I started chemo last year on Christmas Eve.  I can't believe a year has gone by....all the shit I've gone through, baldness, return of the hair, total destruction of my nails, and so much more acid in my stomach that I'm sure I could burn asphalt!  I'm glad that chapter is pretty much we're looking at doctor's visits (and blood work) every three months for the first year, mammo's, then doctor's visits every six months and then once a year until I hit the 5 year mark...when I can finally say I really...."kicked this shit to the curb!!"...right now...I'm 4 days cancer free.

Moving on....cuz that's a good thing to do when you go through this crap....

I've been doing yoga and pilates (sp?) like crazy....amazing if you don't get too hung up on the huru guru side of it....good for the ass too! 

A couple of weeks ago the ink ran out in the kids printer...which is in the laundry's wireless.  The little containers weren't moving on their own so I told the hubs to unplug the machine.  He asked Krystina to unplug it....she unplugged the printer and something else....  Fast forward two weeks....*something stinks in the laundry room* gets worse as each goes by.  Teddy comes home one day and says he knows where the stink is coming from....."where?" I ask.  "The freezer looks like it's leaking something".  WTF?!?! I open it....chemo and radiation did not get me but the "smell of death" that came out of that "unplugged" freezer...just about did!...we're talking two weeks.  The freezer is now outside, plugged in (to freeze the rot up) and Tony's taking it to the dump tomorrow.

My little girl is very sick and we just about headed to emerg last night/this morning (4 am)...she had such a bad croupy cough.....she couldn't breathe very well.  To boot she has her Christmas dance recital tomorrow...she's desperate to go but....I don't know.....we'll see tomorrow.  I love that kid.

I have lots of hair now!!

And a pot smoking kid....we'll leave that alone for now....

It's late and I need to hit the sack.....

I'm still here.....

Did you mention Christmas....a couple of weeks away???  I suddenly feel the way I did when I opened the freezer.... :o)