Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cuz I've had too much wine to actually...think.

Okay I'm not "that" bad but still...I'm tired....so I stole this from Shari.

  1. Destined :: to get my ass back in the gym and make myself proud.

  2. FAIL :: there's no such thing...I've been beaten down way too many other times and I've always gotten myself back up....you can't keep this girl down for too long.

  3. Camping :: ahhh.....absolutely love it! I'm an outdoors girl at heart. The smell of an open fire, bbq'ing and fresh air...will do anyone good!

  4. Only you :: as in "I" can make a difference in my life...and I've taken the steps to do that. I'm happy where I'm at.

  5. Incessant :: demands....demands from the kids, from my dad, my dog, from my fil and even my my hubs....but I am...wife, mother, daugher and caregiver....it's my duty.

  6. Tomorrow :: I plan to change the world..."my world"...and live it to it's fullest....or at least make one small change in order to get closer to that goal

  7. Impressive :: the numbers on the scale....I have a plan...oh I have a plan!

  8. Riches :: are what I have....they may not be visible to the regular passerby but....I am richer than the richest man alive.

  9. Dislike :: cheaters, dishonest people, back stabbers and gossipers....I have no time for the like.

  10. Speaker :: that would be "my girl"....she doesn't shut up from the moment she wakes up....and I wouldn't change her for the world!

Have I lost my marbles.....

.....or is that New Year's ticker on the side really wrong? I'm sure it's only Tuesday today, or did I lose a day somewhere without my knowledge? I know time goes by faster the older we get but....I'm not really crazy here....am?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting back into the groove.....

....or not.

It's nice having Tony home for a little while, actually his last day was Christmas Eve and he'll be home until January 5th. Of course having him (and the kids) home throws our routines off....way off. Like we let the kids stay up, which can be a pain at times depending on their (and my) moods. Usually by 10:30 I'm ready to throw them in their beds but they've gotten used to sleeping in in the morning that they're just starting up at that time.

Anyways, I realized that today is actually Monday and for those with "real jobs" it's a "working" day....and then I realized that I have a $10,000 GST payment I have to make for a client and that I have to send a courier to pick up receipts from another client (because there's no way that I'm driving into West Vancouver where the snow will be higher than it was here). I also promised my fil I'd come for a visit once I started to feel better soo.....I'm going to make my way over there with a bowl full of warm, boiled eggs. It will also be a day of decorating cupcakes (just because) and actually cooking again....we've been living off of leftovers since Christmas and quite frankly....I'm done with turkey, ham and cabbage rolls and could certainly use the change.

On a different note, the snow is quickly melting...and that's okay too. It was gorgeous while it lasted here but now that we have to get back into the working routine....it'll make it a lot easier to get around. Of course the latest is that another cold front is coming in and that'll just make the Lower Mainland a skating rink. People here just don't know how to handle a change in temperature....I mean I just got my son out of shorts last week....now he'll be wearing jeans until Halloween at which time he'll decide to put his shorts back on.

Well enough rambling for today...the garbage truck woke me up and made us both jump out of bed a little earlier today....we forgot it was pickup day and had to scramble to make sure we got rid of all the holiday stuff. So now....the day has begun...here are yet more photos of our recent snow dump.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The colors of Christmas.

This shot totally makes me think of candy canes....it was our outdoor lights covered in snow....before the snow got so deep that we couldn't see the glow any longer.

And this....this is a Christmas shot of "the pooch". I think she was looking at one of the boys who must've been eating something because she never sits that still for very long!

And yes....I realize that the star at the top of the tree is crooked. And yes....I realize there are "paper" decorations on the tree. I let the kids go at it themselves this year....except for the ribbon wrapped around. Our tree is in the family room downstairs and is really more for "our" enjoyment....not so much for guests...we have other decorations upstairs. But I do quite like the tree this year...despite it's crookedness.

Oh by the way....Kayce was elated with her gift of a "mega" box of "Milk Bones".

I re-read my post of earlier....it's very obvious that my head was/is in a fog....I didn't make much sense a couple of times....but I think you understood me?

We managed the "Christmas Train" tonight, despite my miserable state. The rain held off just enough for us to get a quick walk around the park to enjoy some of the lights.

Stopped to get some nasal spray to help me sleep tonight but will definitely check out Costco to see if they carry "Aller-Clear" and hopefully I'll be able to take that too.

For now....I'm going to rest my aching head on the couch...just for a little bit.

Plans for the day

You want to hear all about what I've got planned for today, don't you?

Actually not a whole lot. I didn't sleep well at all last night....my throat was burning, my teeth were throbbing and my entire head ached.....whatever I was going through yesterday has not manifested itself into a head/sinus cold....complete with extra terrestrial colors.

I was supposed to go and visit my father-in-law but not being completely sure as to what I have brewing inside....it's probably not a wise idea to spread it amongst 75 other old people and then possibly face the guilt of having them come down with pneumonia. So I'll just give him a call in a few minutes and he'll be able to hear for himself that I currently sound like a man....heck, he might not even recognize my voice....which would probably confuse him to pieces and then he'll think I couldn't take the time to visit OR call!!

We've got plans to head over to the Stanley Park Christmas train tonight....and despite how I feel...I have to go as the tickets have already been purchased and include a dinner at "The Old Spaghetti Factory". I was really looking forward to this evening with Tony and the kids.... Of course today is the day it decides to stop snowing and start raining! Two weeks of solid snow and now....now it has to rain. Well there's still plenty of snow on the ground and I'm going to cross my fingers that the rain will let up while we're there.....even if just for 20 minutes! I want my hot roasted chestnuts!

Until then.....I did to find myself some Dristan or Nasonex and down some Tylenol to kill the pounding I have going on in my head!

Friday, December 26, 2008

So I might not actually be sick but....

.....I'm having a helluva an attack of allergies....and right now....I just want to crawl in a corner and die.....there's is not enough Kleenex to sustain me at this point and I'm about ready rip off my nose.

I'm sick

No....not "hangover sick"...."sick, sick"....like sore throat, headache, stuffy nose.....just my luck....just when I have a couple of days to...."mellow out"....I end up suffering.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas....mine was great!...probably the best Christmas I can remember in a very long time.

Will write more later....when my head stops pounding, my throat stops burning and my nose stops leaking.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's snowing.....again.

Woke up to more of the white, powdery stuff....lots and lots more. If I can get through today and tomorrow and the elaborate dinners I have planned....I might just have a small spare moment to go out and take some more photos. Until then....you'll have to trust me on this one....we have a good two feet of snow!! This'll be the whitest Christmas since 1965 apparently....well, we had some in 1998 but it was just the bare leftovers.

My sister and her family are supposed to come for dinner tonight...she say's nothing's going to stop them....I'm have my own ideas. I do hope that they can make it but if not....we'll enjoy a nice dinner, a nice fire log and some yummy beverages together (the kids get milk) before Santa makes his appearance.

Merry Christmas to you all, peace in your hearts, good health and love all around.....enjoy and be thankful for those around you and all that is good.

Monday, December 22, 2008


I gotta do something with my commenting system....you guys have no idea if I'm responding to your comments....do you?


I was finally able to upload the video of Krystina at her Christmas dance performance....you'll have to be patient and wait for the "other" part of the performance to be done with....but all in all...pretty good! I'm sure you'll figure out which one she is!

Oh and....let me know if you get sound....I know there was sound....but I didn't hear any when I previewed....

"Olive" from WindBlossom on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Taking time out to be with the kids....

Before the fire broke out at Krystina's elementary school...yes, you heard me right....and no, my son had nothing to do with it...as far as I know!...apparently it was "on the inside" and they suspect it was faulty wiring or something....anyways....no serious damage, just lots of water and foggy windows....I decided I was going to spend some "quality time" with the kids....here's the result...and yes....I did want to heave a couple of times when I saw Al do "the jump"!

Yes...those are her two front teeth....finally....coming in!!!

Winter Wonderland

So I really needed to get to the mall today.....to finish up my shopping. The snow hasn't let up but I was desperate to get there and finish things up.....

This was on the way there......

This was on our way home.....

Here we go...up the hill.....

1/2 way up we came across a car...not unusual right?....well the car was sliding backwards...down the hill...I'm freaking and yet....I'm still taking photos....except of "the car".

The homeward stretch.....soooo purdy!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Coversation with my daugher.

Her: Mommy...why do you have hair on your shoo shoo (nick name for private female anatomy)?
Me: Well...that's what happens when you get older...when you become a woman.
Her: I wanna be a man.
Me: Um....boys get hairy around that area too.
Her: I wanna be a dog.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Why can't I get any slack?

Just when I think things are "settling down" into some sort of a new routine that seems to allow me to catch up on all areas of my life....ie, cooking, cleaning, kids, work, husband, dads'....something new has to happen. Really this is life and I get that but.....could you just give me more than 4 days before chaos happens again!?!?

Obviously I'm stressing about Christmas and I'm overloaded with work and running "the construction business" and all the while trying to make sure the kids get to their rehearsals and their performances....and the dog still gets a walk (gotta love this weather....it makes retrieval of dog feces much, much easier....instant freeze!) and that I'm prepared for my two in a row Christmas dinner's, here at our house (which I wouldn't change for anything). BUT....do you have to throw in a call at 6:30 in the morning from my fil complaining of a sore tooth?

I called my fil back to see what was up...his tooth is sore. Okay....I'll make an appointment for Monday. He didn't think he could wait till then. Made an appointment for Saturday. Called him to let him know....he sounded desperate. Got him an appointment for this afternoon...my schedule for today was to be as follows:

Drop the kids off at school
Call a courier to pick up invoices from "G's" house
Go to the bank to deposit a client cheque
Head out to Vancouver to pick up timesheets and pay "the guys" for their labour
Come back and pick up Teddy from school (early dismissal)
Pick up Krystina from "one" of her boyfriends'
Pick up Al
Take Krystina to finally see the man in the red suit, have lunch with her and do some shopping....her and I
Come home and cook dinner
Do up an invoice for a client (5 page invoice)
Have a glass (maybe even a bottle) of wine

So throw in an emergency dentist appointment in there....complete with taking a look in an 87 year old's mouth...sans dentures....looking at his x-ray and his denture...which takes an hour and a half our of my day.....which makes "him" incredibly grateful and me.....well, if I can help make "his" day a better one.....that makes my day a little more complete too. As crazy as that sounds!!!

Krystina did still get to enjoy a visit with Santa....after standing in line for an hour though, I was about ready to throttle the 4, 15 year old giddy girls behind me (one more shove into my purse and I was going to take my purse and smack them!). Near the end Krystina started to take her fingers and try and form my face into a smile....hey...it was hot, my leg hurt and I was starving but....we did it and she was incredibly happy. Her photo was done in a milisecond....but after waiting another 5 minutes for her to finish up with Santa.....I realized that her "list was long".

We ended the shopping evening with an early Christmas present for Krystina....she's now sporting (or should I say "re-sporting") shiny earings in her ears. Her expression when the "gun" went through her ears was priceless!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Temperatures are dropping.

It's frigid outside...and it's only going to get colder! Snow is coming at us again and I...must get my Christmas shopping done! Tomorrow is a chaotic day with client meetings in the morning and then a pick up of the Princess in the early afternoon...only to take her on a "time together" date....

Did I mention it's freeezing outside? It's really cold...really icy too!

So much so my hands are cracking and bleeding...time for hand cream.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's begun

As of 11:00 p.m. tonight....the snow has begun.....it's cold....I'm cold....the roads are white.....and tomorrow is my "driving day" for the eldest.

I just hope "P" got off the gondola tonight!

Proud of myself

You know that whole fiasco that I've been living with the "two partners"? Well I put "J" in his place on Monday.

Basically...."G's" gone away to be with his daughter and his very first grandchild....about to be born any day. I'm in control of the business and was given instructions on how to handle things. Well "J" didn't like certain things in my control and told me so....in a very ugly, loud and disrespectful voice mail he left on my cell. I don't do well with confrontation (my nerves are destroyed thanks to my mother) and would rather just avoid it, at any cost. This time however....I thought...."na uh...I'm not going to take this crap!" So I called him back.

I started the conversation by saying, "Hello "J", first of all....you have no right to leave nasty messages on my voice mail such as the one I received this morning." He starts off at the lips and won't shut up....I tell him "excuse me, I'm speaking....you can wait your turn". He starts to raise his voice and gets ugly....I tell him "I work for "G", I took instructions from "G" and I followed those instructions! If you have an issue with how I handled things....you need to speak to "G". You do not however, have the right to yell and disrespect me!".

Anyways...he started to cool off a bit and even apologized. Kept saying that he has been "badly hurt" here (whatever) and that he never imagined it would end like this...also telling me that he's a "polite and respectful man" (my eyes just about didn't come back into place....from rolling to the back of my head) and that he would really like things to end off well with me (I'm still concerned he'll take an AK47 to mine and "G's" head).

Like I said....I'm usually the person (I so take after my dad) who will just agree to disagree and smile pretty in the background.....but not this time....and I'm so glad that I stood my ground....I have much more respect....especially from those (sub-contractors) that were in earshot when "J" left the nastiness on my voice-mail.

On a different note.....I held off starting my second round of antibiotics as things were looking pretty good. Then.....today.....it started up again....the redness....the swelling.....the creamy blood....Tony's picking the pills up tomorrow....*sigh*.

It's gonna be a "Winter Wonderland"....

.....or more assuredly....complete chaos on the roads.

It's been cold....really, really cold here....well cold for us....and cold for those of you south of the border. No, we're not building the igloos yet but....temperatures have stayed frigid enough that if they continue for a few more days....the "Pine Beetle" will have met it's demise.... Don't know what the "Pine Beetle" has done to our forests?....take a moment and "Google" it....it's incredibly sad.

Anyways....yesterday the temperature dipped to 3.2 fahrenheit or -16 celcius (with the wind child factor) and during the day it doesn't go above -3 celcius or 28.4 fahrenheit. Now they're telling us we're going to get a "dumping" of snow tomorrow....10 - 15 centimetres....and I say...."bring it on baby"! I'm ready to stay home and stay cozy in my sweats! They're also predicting that because the frigid temperatures are going to hang around for a while....so will the snow...and ice....which means I should invest in some "ice shoes".

My only "issue" with this whole thing.....I need to be able to get to the stores to finish my Christmas shopping.....which I have only just barely begun.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dead or Alive

Aleks had his Christmas guiatar recital/performance the other night. You'd think that they would have practiced/played Christmas tunes?!?! There was one boy scheduled to play "Hark the Herald Angels"...but he didn't show up. There was another boy to play "Joy to the World"...but he forgot the notes....the rest of the tunes were blues or rock or whatever. Aleks though, finished off the evening with the most appropriate song of them all...."Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi. Can I just tell you though....and I realize that this is truly a "biased" opinion but....if you were here to see the rest....you would surely agree....anyways.....despite the "technical difficulties"....he was the best!

Dead or Alive from WindBlossom on Vimeo.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Two cameras can be a problem.....

....or a pleasant surprise. We were at Aleks' Christmas guitar recital the other night and I...being the good mother that I am...decided to film it with my camera. Then I realized that there were a bunch of other photos still on the camera that I completely forgot about.....here's one of them (from Tofino). Tell me honestly....do I look old? Really....I look ancient, don't I? Man do I ever need to get back to the gym...okay so it's a "puffy" jacket.

Oh and the "princess"....not sure what she was scowling at...."the man"....I think it was the stogie smoke getting in his eyes.

Oh and by the way....I'm on my second round of antibiotics!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wish me zzzzz's

Is it strange for me not to look forward to going to bed? Actually I do...cuz my mattress is sooooo comfy but....I haven't been sleeping. Last night was yet another night at I was up before 4...tossing and turning. Then it was the nightmares....people attacking me...trying to hurt me, kill me, rape me. Then I'd lay wide eyed, figuring out how I'm going to finish everything I need to finish before Christmas....

I'm tired but.....I'm not looking forward to sleep.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A chance to prove myself

"G" did it....and I couldn't be happier for him! He got the $80K draft back from the a-wipe, as well as the $10K he stole from the Visa. It's going to be a very expensive court case but.....we're moving ahead!

I'm meeting with "G" tomorrow morning....I'll be "running the business" while he's gone....me!...running a construction business! Okay...so it won't be that involved, but still....it's a good chance to prove myself (to myself) that I can handle the responsibility! And hopefully "G" will be pleased enough to give me more of the reins when he returns!

As far as "J" goes....."he's goin down"!

Not for the queasie or squeamish....

So a couple of days ago my leg finally got to the point that I thought it was going to explode....the infection I mean. In a sense....it kind of did....I decided to take my fingers and press down around the sore.....um yeah....have you eaten?...is it digested?...quit reading now if you're not ready for this.

The "stuff" that came out was disgusting....absolutely 100%, gross!!...and it stunk! Sorry....my face is contorting as I write this....but I'm just writing the facts. And out and out it came. It finally "emptied" as much as I could without dying in pain and then I put a bandage on.

The next day......I tried again.....bloody, brown, stinky fluid.......gross! Have an oyster!

Today.....just thick blood....and pain.

I have a day left of antibiotics and while it's better....I don't think this round is going to cut it. I'm making an appointment for Friday morning....it's still way too sore.

You all okay? Come on....just breathe and swallow...maybe a walk outside will help too!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I didn't think people could be this stupid.

So I called "G" today....he was in a meeting with his accountant...who I've known for 20 years....it's where I got most of my business. Anyways....he asked if it was "urgent"...I said, "no...call me when you're done". At the same time he's telling me that "we've got him nailed". I thought to myself...*there was never any question in that regard...on my part*.

Anyways....turns out that "J" has now given the $80,000 bank draft and the client files to "his lawyer"...who right from the get go, seems like an incredibly stupid loser. The RCMP and the West Vancouver police are now involved and even they're saying...."the draft should not be in the hands of "J's" lawyer...it belongs with your and your company". Apparently the draft and the files will be handed over to our accountant tomorrow at 11:30...we'll see.

But the biggest stupidity is....."J's" lawyer said that "J" should handle the business affairs while "G" is away in Australia over the next 3 weeks. Our accountant and lawyer laughed and laughed and laughed...."B" (accountant) said....um "L" has been doing the books for 10 years..."she" can "run" the business...."J's" down the toilet.

Like seriously....can you find the stupidity in that?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

As you can see...."the leg" is not looking much better from the other shot (see below)....we're into day 6/10 of antibiotics. I'm at the point where I'm thinking...*just cut open the damn thing*.....we'll see.

Wizard of Oz

So my little girl made me upload this photo and add it to my "blob"...she said I had to! It's the characters from the Wizard of Oz...in case there was any question. That character in front.....apparently that's how I look when I don't have my contacts in. *sigh*

Friday, December 5, 2008

I survived

Sorry....have left you hanging for a couple of days. Obviously I wasn't gunned down, or kidnapped for ransom or anything if I'm writing this post. I can tell you though, that yesterday was an extremely tense day and once it was over....well I could have just crawled into bed, pulled up the sheets and let everyone fend for themselves...of course we all know that I would never actually do that.

I started the day by finishing up on some work....then a visit with my fil....who just happened to be in a most joyous mood....I'm totally telling the truth here....not. Had to stop at Staples and spend $75 on a new printer cartridge...ouch! It was nice to have a $20 coupon to help with the bill....even if I earned that coupon by spending hoards of dollars there previously. In my nervousness I forgot about lunch and went back to pick up a Snickers....my trainer (oh so many years ago) said to me, "if you're going to have a candy bar....the best one to have is a Snickers".....I never forgot those words of wisdom.

I got to North Vancouver a little early and decided to wait in my car as I didn't see "G's" car. It looked as though "J" wasn't there either but...just in case. "G" showed up and we unlocked the front door...at this point my heart was racing and my hands were shaking....yes...I have anxiety issues. Being the gentleman that he is, he said..."let me go up first".....I followed and we quickly got to work. I grabbed my calculator, stapler (those two items alone cost "G" $100), my pens, my files, any other files pertaining to "G's" business and left over cheque stubs/invoices. I forgot my plastic $5 desk fan that Tony bought me last summer. ;o( "G" had already taken the computer tower the night before....this had all the accounting information stored in it.

I was incredibly happy to be out of there....

"G" had me come by his place to pick up the Tower, give me a bottle of wine and some frozen salmon....hey, it's nice to get the "extras". He told me I'd never have to go back....yay!

Today I spent the day redoing his files, cleaning out the old tower and transferring all the data to my computer....I'm not a total dudd at this computer business....and yes....I remembered to wipe out my browsing history, all cookies and most importantly....the recycle bin. Everything's set and waiting by the front door for "G" to pick up.

I'm a little nervous though, as he called me today to let me know that he gave "J" until 3 p.m. today to return an $80,000 bank draft, all of the files and any cheques that were done this week. I haven't heard back from him...even though I texted him....so I'm really hoping he's okay. All in all..."G" has had an incredibly attitude...I mean, yeah...he's upset and you can tell in the tone of his voice, but....he said "well, no one died and it's only money....when I get back from "A" we'll start over....I'm not done yet....not on account of some jerkoff like "J"".

So that's the gist of the story to date.

I've been fighting an incredible headache...obviously due to stress and anxiety....and my leg....I though it almost got a little better and then "ewww....", today it's not doing too good again. I'm on day 5 of the antibiotics...I have enough for 10 days. I could go to the clinic tomorrow, but....they'll just tell me to finish the antibiotics....not to mention the fact that I'm jam packed this weekend. Monday I go back to my old "regular" schedule and could probably try and fit in the doctor's then, or....we'll see how it is on Monday, if there's no improvement I'll make an appointment for Tuesday. My meds should be just about done by then and we'll know better if they've made any difference. Personally....I think I'm going to end up with yet another scar on my leg.

Oh and....poor Al....he's laying on the couch right now, trying to hold the insides of his stomach down....he rarely gets sick but....he's a very, very quiet cookie right now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Taken for a very expensive ride.

So remember that "ka ka" was supposed to hit the fan sometime last week? And then I didn't really say much about it? Well, that's because it happened today.....and it's a slippery mess!

"G" called me this morning to tell me that he's already "taken "J" off as signing officer, it was a good thing I wasn't coming in today....it's going to be an all out war".

"G" called me again around noon....I asked how things went? He said "ugly". He asked me a couple of questions about cheques and what not and we said good bye.

"G" called me again....from the police station. Apparently "J" had cashed a $7,000 cheque yesterday, withdrew $10,000 from the company visa and.....has a $80,000 client bank draft....and all the client files.....and is no longer returning "G's" calls.

"G" asked me to come into the office tomorrow to help him gather some stuff.....I told him to grab the computer tower under my desk as all the client information is stored in there (since we don't have the files). I told him as well, that I wouldn't be going into the office without him by my side....I don't know what kind of a sicko this guy is turning out to be. So he assured me that he'd be there for 1:00 tomorrow.

Wish me luck, cuz I'm nervous as all hell!

Oh and "G" is supposed to be leaving for Australia to be there for his daughter....who's having his first (and probably only) granchild...."G" is in his early 60's. I feel so bad for him.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Absolutely sickening!

There was a horrific accident last week on our local freeway. Apparently a family in a van (I hear there were 8 in the van, so I'm not sure what's with that, but still.....) started to have car problems and pulled over in the "H.O.V." lane. They were subsequently rear-ended by a loser in a BMW....I say "loser" because he was a "lone occupant" in an "HOV" lane, who ended up being rear-ended by another "sole occupant" loser in the HOV lane. First of all..."H.O.V." stands for "high occupancy vehicles"....not "I'm mightier than you" sole drivers in fancy, shmancy cars, so I can drive where I want...lane.

As I hear it....there were three children in the car, aged 6, 8 and 9. We're they buckled? I'm not sure.....but still....I couldn't even imagine going through what the parents must be.

As of yesterday morning....the 6 and 9 year old passed away...the 8 year old continues to cling to life.

The most disgusting part of this story...as I hear this morning...is that passersby actually had the gall to yell profanity at the police officers/ambulance attendants to...."get this mess out of the way". Seriously...people were yelling as to why they were "taking their time" with the clean-up. And even more disgusting....apparently somebody actually stopped their car (and traffic) to take photos with their cell phone.

The world is seriously going down the toilet.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Perspective on things

As I age...yes, I am....and so are you!...I find I know more and more individuals who become ill with cancer. It's almost chilling actually. The statistics show that 2 in 5 individuals will develop cancer at some point in their lives...that's almost half my family.

So anyways....I came across a fellow Flickr' a while back (I think through Erik at "Intellectual Poison")....her photos are great, even more than "great". Just recently though she started her own "journey with cancer blog" and has been completely open with photos of the double masectomy she just endured last week. I'm still floored that they sent her home after less than 24 hours.

My point here.....she's an amazing woman and I for one, am learning a great deal from her. Despite the fact that she's gone through what any woman would dreads ever having to go through....she's doing it in style. She's happy, she's optimistic, she's healthy and she's just down right inspirational. When most would be depressed, angry and pessimistic....this woman takes it to a new level.

We all bitch about how we're tired we are, how much we have to do, the bills we have, we hate our jobs, we're mad at our spouses, our kids drive us crazy....whatever....until we're faced with what she's facing...it's easy to forget to appreciate all we do have....the love, family, a paycheque, food on the table, the warmth of the sunshine (or in my case....the rain) and most importantly...health.

Anyways....I look forward to hearing how her day has gone, because most assuredly....she deals with things way better than I do....and she's inspiring.

Oh and....today is the 5 year mark of my dad having his massive stroke....and about the 10 year mark of being diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Life is good.

Wanna see something yucky?

Okay, so this is my "owie". Not sure why I'm sharing this....the picture actually doesn't do it justice. It's much "redder" in real life.....and extremely painful today. Sorry if it's "too much leg" but....I thought I'd be able to show you in more detail where it exactly is. So yeah....very, very painful today....thankfully the pain in my glands (at the top of my legs) has pretty much subsided (indication that the infection was getting worse). Hopefully by tomorrow I should start to see/feel some improvement, until then.....DO NOT come close!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I managed to accomplish....everything today. I'm downright beat as a result. Seriously...8 1/2 hours standing in the kitchen is what I did today. I smell like a ball of curry but....I managed 30 cabbage rolls, I can't even count that high perogies....in both cheese and bacon and sauerkraut. There was also the corn chowder, the Thai rice and the beef stroganoff that the family will get to enjoy while I'm slaving away at work tomorrow....until around 9ish. Sheesh....I hope they save me some!

The Christmas lights were hung which is a really nice thing......I always enjoy seeing them twinkle from the front window.

Next weekend will be a "baking weekend" for me.

My leg is not looking very good at this point and actually....I'm not feeling so great today.....hopefully the antibiotics will start to take affect quick.

For now.....sayonara! or however you spell it!

Let the cooking begin!

It's 9:51....I should be prepped and ready to go in the kitchen by 10:30....the aroma's will be wonderful!

Friday, November 28, 2008

A little peak into my "real world"

This is my son's room. That's Teddy sitting in front of my old, old laptop...playing none other than "World of War Craft". See the collection of juice cans (I rarely, rarely, buy any pop) gathering on his window sill?.....which, if the blinds were open you'd see that we've got him barred in.....of course if there was a fire, he's got the key to open the bar.....don't worry....the window is attached to the alarm system....that sends off a sound if it's opened.....he cannot escape without his "light sleeping mama" finding out! Those are clean socks that were never put away.... Yes, he has a "ghetto blaster"....it was a gift....not by us. Those medals and trophies......soccer and Tae Kwon Do....mostly Tae Kwon Do. A $75 Mustang Mach I model that I bought for my husband....now collects dust in his room. His bed....never made....used by himself and the dog. There's a poker card shuffler at the top of his desk. A a stuffed Ford truck, that he's had since he was a year old is at the top of his wall shelf. His original black belt is at the very top of that said shelf...too bad you can't see his black belt diploma display. And finally...cuz I can't make anything else out at this point.....a photo of him getting first place at a tournament in the U.S. when he was still just a red stripe.

It's a small room but....it's his room...and for this single moment....was relatively clean....consider yourselves lucky!

Oh yeah....and that's the dog's tail at the bottom!

So this is the thing....

....I FINALLY had my hair done today. See the problem with getting your hair colored, foiled, streaked whatever...especially at my age...is that you have to do it frequently in order that you don't end up with this solid color of growth crowning the top of your head. So yeah....it's been a while....so long in fact that even my dad was telling me it was time to go. All fresh, bright, shiny and flat-ironed. Funny how when I was a teen I'd do anything for my hair not to go straight and now....love it!

The drive home took 30 minutes longer than it should. Why? Because some ninkompoop decided it was a good idea to try and drive into oncoming traffic.....on the bridge! Lucky for him, no one was hurt...or killed....unlucky for those trying to get home in the rainy, dark.

After meeting my husband for a "pub snack"....I took the two younger ones to "Rogers' Video"...Krystina rented (well I did) "WallE". 45 minutes into the movie, she came upstairs crying.....it was too sad for her. It broke her heart that "WallE" finally had a friend and she was taken away by the aliens (or something of that sort). And no....you, who thought you were the last one's on the earth to see the movie....um no...that would be us...and apparently we won't be watching the end.

I have to put a hot compress on my leg every night, so as I was trying to comfort Krystina over a bowl of ice cream....I asked if Tony could re-soak my towel in hot water. He thought he'd be the humorous one and soak it in "close to boiling" hot water and watch my face start to distort when the heat started to bubble my skin. Yes dear....what better way to get rid of an infection....burn it off!


Just got back from a visit with my fil. He took a good fall yesterday and skinned up his knee, which wouldn't be so bad in itself except that he's on Aspirin....so he bleeds....alot. Continuing to be as independent as the caregivers at the home will let him....he cleaned himself up. Um yeah....a mat covered in blood, a blood soaked bandage, a white t-shirt (that's not so white anymore) that he used to "clean off" his wound, tissues strewn around the bathroom and a blood stained bed sheet....really, you'd think that he'd cut his leg off. Anyways...he's okay....just missed the uneven curb. He was thankful for more boiled eggs and mayo.

On another note....I've taken to using my Sundays as my "cooking days". This way....when I get home at 9, 6 and 6 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday....I don't have to worry about cooking. Teddy and/or Gramps can just pop it in the oven, or warm the dish up or whatever. It's worked quite well for the last couple of weeks. On this weekends menu is....... my yummy corn chowder, Tony's favorite Thai rice, beef stroganoff (a slow cooker dish.....best day for this is Monday), cheese perogies (I found the yummiest recipe) and cabbage rolls (both the perogies and cabbage rolls will be frozen for future use). Can we say yum?!?

And now....going back to what I should be doing....working.

A change in the weather.

They say we might get some rain mixed with snow today, I'll make sure I'm off the roads. The first flake will surely put traffic into a tailspin....it's also when all the idiots come out on the roads. Whether it snows or not....it is definitely a very gloomy, very wet, very cold day. I think I'll stay in my flannels.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It wasn't as bad.

Today didn't end up being so bad after all, although I have to say that "J" really handles things like a child. One minute he's up and the next minute....you can barely hear him say anything. I was definitely nervous getting to the office, not having any clue what's been said, what the outcome was.....I still don't. I decided I should just walk in as though I was oblivious. I sang out my cheery "good morning"....I got a grunt. I sat at my work and began going through things...."J" eventually came out of his office and started to talking to me. "G" made an appearance and they actually shared a calm, collect and polite conversation. So who the heck knows!? As long as they pay my bill...we'll see how long I stick it out.

In other news.....

I'm on antibiotics...well, not yet...I still have to pick them up. "Vibramycin" is my doctor's choice....personally I think it sounds like some "personal toy".

So there you have it....all in all, not a bad day....that is until I got the call from Teddy telling me that he skipped P.E.....again.....apparently he lost his runners. When he came home he ate 3 1/2 cinnamon raisin bagels, one chocolate pudding and two mandarins....yes, I did feed him a lunch. He's now 2 inches taller than I (at a mere 5'4") and consuming more food in a day, than I do in a week. Now you see why I need to keep this job!?!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Case of Forgetfullness....

Okay...so I had a topic....I had it all planned and now.....down the toilet.

My dog is snoring.....seriously.

I'm having one of those "I don't feel sleepy" nights...could be the infectious fluids boiling up in my leg.

Oh good grief...I seriously can't remember what I wanted to write about....but I will say....I'm so sick of hearing about politics and the economics.....I'm not naive, nor am I professed but...enough already! I just get easily bored, I guess.

Krystina had her "boyfriend" over after school....they immediately navigated to her bedroom.....and ended up on her bed....thankfully only to play Nintendo DS!!

I just found out that a fellow blogger and friend has lost her baby...so, so very sad. I know only too well that it doesn't matter whether he/she was 3 weeks, 14 weeks, 25 weeks pre or even 3 weeks post partum. That baby will continue to reside in your heart...for all time. It's all too a familiar scene, but one....that we can have hope on. My little Andrew would have been 13 this coming February.


I have to say that I'm a little anxious about going into work tomorrow....I just don't know what to expect at this point, as I haven't heard anything from "G" today.

On another note though....I'm also anxious about my doctor's appointment tomorrow....yes....I finally made it. I'm really hoping my leg doesn't get stuck with a long needle to...well, help heal the infection....I just may have to hurl.

In the middle of a nasty divorce.

While I wait for my father-in-laws' eggs to boil, I'll write a little post about my day yesterday.

Remember the partnership that just formed between my old client and my new client? The old client "G" is a great guy, has always been courteous and non-demanding and most importantly....kept his bodily fumes to himself (whether they came in the form of a belch, ripper or his horrid feet). The new partner "J" is definitely opposite to "G" and I expressed a couple of times that I found it difficult to work with "J". I hung around for "G". And remember I said that "shit was going to hit the fan"? Well, it finally did....yesterday.....while I was in the office.

So "G" comes in and sits down to discuss things with "J". "G" made reference to a $6k cheque that was deposited, not in the "new company" account but "J's" old one....in August....it's now the end of November. "J" basically ran around the bush on excuses as to why this had happened and by "G" bringing it up again "J" freaked out.....unjustifiably.

There are many other "red flags" that have made "G" very nervous and skeptical as to "J's" honesty and integrity....some that even I pointed out, so that he's aware of what was going on. As an example....."G" was going on holidays for 3 weeks and while away (actually he hadn't even left the country as of yet), one of his employees shmucked up one of the company vans. The employee got all nervous and all about having to tell "G" that this had happened.....a second time. So "J" who (it appears) wants to get all chummy with "G's" employees (and who wouldn't, if you're working with them every day) said to him...."oh it's okay, we'll keep this to ourselves and get it repaired while "G" is away". Well "G" figured out what happened and actually went to the body shop/ICBC to see photos and the write up on the claim.

Anyways....like I say....there are a number of things that have happened/been said/not said etc. that would warrant anyone to be suspicious of a person that you've just placed your 2 million dollar company in charge of. But yesterday......woah.....the swearing, the "back up against the wall", the threats....it was bad. "G" just sat there calmly and kept his cool but "J" was just....well it was bad. I sat there with my head down, cheeks burning, fingers flying wondering if I should just leave. I don't think I've ever heard anyone speak like that...well I have but we'll leave that alone.

So I didn't have to go into the office today....thankfully! "G" called me last night to apologize for what the language and volume of noise that I had to put up with. He said that he was going in today to let "J" know he was being removed from all signing authority. I think Hell will be upon that office again today. I'm to go in tomorrow and "G" said that he'll be there when I do. It'll be interesting to see what happens but I think it's pretty safe to say that this "partnership" has just been flushed down the commode!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gotta know that I can add my photos!

And this one....was a short lived shot of the "Halloween Queen"...those "lashes" stayed on for probably a total of 30 seconds......they do look awfully heavy!

A New Beginning

So if you've been following me for a while, then you know much about me....how chaotic and screwed up my life is/has been. We're all good though and we're grateful to be able to start again here (even though the template isn't the most ideal...but it's free). I hated the fact that if you googled my name you were taken straight to my blog....there'll be none of that here, that you very much!

So anyways....a lot of work still needs to be done here, but....I'm letting my old "hoster" go....it was senseless to pay every month for a blog that I could realistically get for free otherwise. Yeah, it might not be as "pretty" and fancy but.....you're here to read about me and my "chaos", rather than look at the "pretty design"...right?

So give me a chance and I'll get things organized here and we'll do okay.

Until then....a short update.

We had a power outage on Friday night, due to a semi-powerful windstorm...I say "semi" as none will compare to last year's "Satan's howl"....if you read any of our newspapers, you'd see the devastation that it had caused. But still....a little "puff" and power here in my dear city is gone.... Still...it's always a most enjoyable time, as the family gets to sit down, with a roaring fire, lit candles, Aleks on the guitar and mom and dad manually winding up the "wind up" radio to hear "how bad it is", while sipping on our second or third glass of wine. This year....the power came bakc on at around 10:30...just in time for me to say..."enough wine, I'm tired, sayonara!" It was good to wake up early the following morning.

I spent 3 1/2 hours cooking today....this family will not starve, regardless of the economic disaster.....at least not this week! There's home-made chicken noodle soup (and it's the utmost best), chicken paprikash (you'll have to google it...yum!), spaghetti sauce and tonight we had Terriyaki and "hot" chicken wings, pasta and veggies....you wanna live here, don't you? Come on...tell the truth!

The leg continues to "have a spot"....no, I haven't gone to the doctors yet but...in my defence....it hasn't really gotten worse...really...I'll give it a couple more days and see how it is. Basically, I want it to "explode" and all the "yuckies" come out....so far.... anyways.....enough.....I don't want to turn you off my "new home"!

See you soon!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting this thing set up

So I haven't yet notified anyone of my "new home" but I think it will be soon. I'm looking forward to spending time in new quarters....as much as it makes me so sad to lose all that I've posted previously. It'll be a little bit of "fresh air"...especially knowing that my name won't be linked to this blog....so don't bother mentioning it...k?

Anyways....got home late tonight from Teddy's "camp reunion"....am feeling sleepy and will work on this baby a little more tomorrow.