Friday, July 30, 2010

Back to the Dr......

.....cuz I had about a week of feeling good and then....bam....I feel shitty again. The doctor is now adamant that my "heartburn" is a little more serious then even I thought....he's pretty confident that I've got some damage to my upper esophegus (however the heck you spell it), my throat and my sinuses, soooooo........along with my daily bp pill....I will be taking a very strong "antacid"....I haven't actually had to "pay" for the prescription yet but....apparently it's pricey. I'm hoping that this is going to work because.....I'm really tired of drinking water and having it "burn" my throat....not to mention, I'd love for that one tonsil to settle down and not interfere with my swallowing!

Oh the issues that I have.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's about time.....

....I come back to "this place". I've meaning too...really I have. It's just that my days have been consumed with clients, dr appointments, work, occupying the kids and yeah....even enjoying some summer evenings.....with my garden...and kids....and vet appointments.

So where do I start?

I've been no surprise to anyone reading this.....story of my life actually.....but it's a good life because hey....I'm breathing.

I'm so very much missing my's been a week and a half and he has no want to come home...which is a good thing...for him....not so much....for me....he's having a blast!....and is getting spoiled.

Teddy has been working hard at iHop and when he's not working he's either sleeping in till noon (or two) and/or playing some "World of War...." game....which I'm not thrilled about but hey...he's a good kid and he's home.

I've been driving Grandpa's Honda (because it's way better on gas right now...and at $1.20/ltr...I'll take the "tin can")....but I have to tell ya...I took the Flex out to pick up Teddy from work....*ahhhhhh*......"she" is definitely a cruising machine.

The pooch has taken us for a $200 vet trip yesterday....I hope that'll be the end of it...but I don't think so. She's peed in the house a couple of times and pees constantly when we go for a walk....even though it's just a little tinkle. So funny story....yesterday we're at the vet and he asks us to take her out back and have one of us (Tony) place a bowl under her to catch her miraculously she does it within 30 seconds and Tony catches just enough pee ....AND...doesn't get any one his hand!!! Turns out she's got blood in her pee, lots of crystals and no all this points to "bladder stones"....kidney stones are not as common as "bladder stones"...great....antibiotics (that she takes without issue because she'll eat just about anything( and a nice hefty vet bill.......we will watch her.....and the hall ways...cuz no body likes stepping in cold dog pee....which Tony has twice and I have once.....

The old guy is hanging and (as is I) and I had a good heart to heart with the hubs about him...and my's life....I've accepted my's not forever.

I took Krystina up north last was awesome....I didn't want to leave...we are planning for a camping trip next week.....wish us luck.

Until then...I do need to see the dr. again....there's definitely some kind of "obstruction" happening in my sinus cavity and....just my luck...I will have to deal with it.

I do have a tan though! Yay summer!

g'night...for now.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cruising into Bellevue

Do you know that my boy is about 35,000 feet in the air and more than half way to Dusseldorf....where they will then have a 5 hour layover *yuck* and then off to Vienna....I miss him again.

WE managed to get to Bellevue today, walk for 5 hours, have dinner at The Cheesecake Factory...oh my gosh was it delic!...and then cruise back home, all within 13 hours. My nose is sun car was great!

But now....I'm pooped.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Goings on

My boy came home from camp today....he's going away tomorrow to Europe. We're going to Seattle. The girl is at her boyfriends. The eldest knows what he has to do.

If I wasn't an "organized" person...none of this would happen.

Let's just hope I get up in time and I'm haven't come down with Strep throat...cuz...I'm not doing so great. And let's hope that the plane ride goes smoothly and Teddy doesn't slip on a pancake.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Funny how things are?!

I went to bed last night...with my husband for a change. It seems that suddenly "the girl" is unable to go to bed without mom, yes....I realize she's 9. Anyways, she's over at a sleep-over....I've got one on an island somewhere....and I've got one that doesn't come out of his tavern except to eat and torment the dog. We managed to have a quiet dinner, wash the cars, have a glass of wine, go to bed at a decent hour, and then.....I tossed and turned all night. Finally....when it was time to get up....I was able to I rotted for an extra hour after the hubs left for work. Funny how things work. And's a little cooler today and there's a bit of an'll be a good day for number crunching.

Tomorrow....the family will be whole again....but only momentarily.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have completed purchasing all that needed to be purchased in order to send my son on a wonderful trip overseas....must be fricken nice?!? Ya get to go on a holiday, to a beautiful country get new clothes and sh*t to boot! It's no wonder I have to work so fricken hard! Here he is, enjoying himself away at camp, while his mother sobs each and every night ( not exactly true)....let me rephrase that...."while his mother continues to spend $$$ on him. Practically a new wardrobe, "fronted" money for an iPod Touch...more clothes today, including an iPod Touch protective case, some "change" to spend in Europe, travel just didn't seem to end. To boot...I'll have the kid "packed" before he gets back from camp!

I did splurge on myself though....I got myself a "Garmin GPS". No...."Flexa" did not come with one...and since I misplaced/lost/had stolen the bag with all of my cd's, GPS and other particulars from "the beast".....I thought it would be in my best interest to purchase a GPS prior to taking only myself and my daughter into the yeah...I splurged. And now....I have to work a solid week in order to pay for these purchases.

On the health's looking more like I do have a cyst growing in my sinus cavity....and me needing some "scalpel" treatment because.....nothing else is working!!!...and I'm still feeling crappy. Life's a times.

Oh yeah.....because my dear sweet husband went for his "nad check" yesterday....he's now joined the gazillions of high blood pressure sufferer's and was told that it would be a good idea to monitor his blood pressure....along with the meds. So I got us a BP monitor....if today's readings were any indication of my future....I should be dead in a week. lol...kidding!...don't get so serious on me!

Monday, July 12, 2010

In a Fog

There's so much goin on in my brain.....I've been feeling a little blah....most grateful...a little depressed...comfortable. Quite frankly....a mixed up bunch of stuff.

Missing my Al.
Looking forward to getting back to "me and just MY family", except that part of my family will be missing.
So fricken busy, it's not even funny.
I do have a few days booked with the girl next week...just her and I...we're gonna take a cruise and stay in a hotel for a couple of nights.
Gonna bring back some cherries.
Gonna dance in my underwear.
I'm feeling like I need to be loved.
Maybe a trip will be good.
The bears' are out.
I'm still missing my Al....gonna miss him more.
Thinking about Yoga.
Thinking about my husband....having to go for a physical tomorrow....."oh prepare that might finger". girls...are ya with me on that one?
Still on antibiotics.
Feeling better?....I don't there a difference between feeling "blah" and feeling "blah"?
I need to go for a horseback ride.
But I might throw out a hip.
Well anyways....those are my thoughts of the moment....
The meds are calling.
Oh's strep B...yay...I'll probably get a yeast infection on top....cuz you's the story of my life.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My baby's back...

....and the kids have overtaken her already...and kicked me off...literally...which is okay because I have to be up at 5:30 a.m....but least these meds are being kind to me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Still sick....

....which means more "meds"....which means more "throne time". If you have any compassion and/or sympathy for these wretched innerds (sp?).....please send some good vibes out this way. I have a new client meeting tomorrow morning in the middle of major farm-land and....the last thing I want is to get stuck grabbing this guys' shirt collar, demanding to tell me where the washroom is. Apparently I've got some nasty bacteria running through my's been months appetite is getting flushed in the toilet as well.

It appears the laptop has some nasty virus' as well....she's been sent to the hospital to try and coax her out of the coma he's in....$100 and a few days in, will make her well again...I'm sure...I hope.

Until then....

...summer has finally arrived! Yay me.

Monday, July 5, 2010

still here....but a little gone.

Aleks decided to go on YouTube last night, click on that kid with the hair you want to take scissors to and now my laptop is deeply infected. We've been shut down!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3rd......

.....and I'm cold..and still wearing my fleece jacket.

Where has summer gone?!?!.....not that it was ever here?!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm quitting the wine!

....I know, I know.....don't need to tell me.

Been struggling with the health's all about a persistent cough, major heartburn and thick and sticky saliva...gross...I know. I had one of the worst nights' of sleep last night...which is why I really should be there now, but.....I'm too afraid I'm going to choke on my own spit.

Last night was horrid. I had only a spit of wine and yet, I ended up with only a 2 hour night...tossing and turning....trying to keep down the burning....sweats and cold....wondering what the "f" is wrong with me and wish that my "Tone" would just lay off with the snoring and let me such luck.

Here I am tonight....dead tired....wanting to hit the sack....and yet too afraid I'm going to experience the same night I had last night.

I was pleasantly reminded the other day of my trip to Boston.....damn, that "clam chowder" was good....not to mention the "flying lobster" that city.

Do I have major plans for this summer? I'd like to say yes, but the new vehicle is going to take the majority of my pocket book....and as much as I'd love to head down the Oregon coast....I think we're going to keep it "local" and head over to Penticton for a couple of nights in July and Kamloops in August, for a couple of nights. Aleks starts his 4 1/2 weeks away next weekend....*sigh*. Teddy is working.....tomorrow at 9:30 to begin....*ugh*...I had a bit of a sleep in coming to me....*sigh*...guess not. I'd still really love to head down the coast...even if with, just the girl....not sure she'd be too keen on the "long drive".

I'm thinking there's more to my "issues" than are appearing at the present.....oh the power of the internet....oh the power of "the mind"'s been too long that I'm not "feeling great".

In other notes....the kids did well in school. Teddy miraculously passed everything....50% in math...a far cry from the 18% he had last semester....74% in Biology *wtf?*.....74% in "drafting and design" and "C" in to grade twelve next year...good grief....I "could" have a graduate next year....I'm far too young for this....or so I "feel"! Al did okay...he's too hard on himself...but then again...he's 13. Krystina did to drop the speech therapist, this year....she's still "my baby"...I give it another 10 minutes.

Still not back at the gym.....but I am walking the dog and trying to watch what I eat....

I've been avoiding my fil.....I've been yelled at enough in my lifetime....I'm starting to grow a "cold shoulder"....and for that...I feel a little guilty...a little selfish....I have a hard time with that.

Life can be hard..but then again....these are "the sandwhich years".