Friday, May 29, 2009

Perspiration is my friend

Man it was hot today. I didn't actually check but it must've gotten up to 28. It's 10:00 p.m. and it's still 18 degrees "c". It's gorgeous, but a little hard to get used to when we were just barely taking the parkas off our backs.

Sorry I haven't been around. Been fighting a bit of the "downers", as well as "regular life". There have been school jello projects, hoe downs, visits with the elderly, laundry, fighting off bears, school parent teas....*sigh*. But life is good, despite "the blues".... My work is going well...major "catch up" today and I will NOT be working this's all about gardening, enjoying the sun and the sex toy party. *ahem*...did I say that? friend "P" and I are going to another friends' home to um...check out some "love" items. Watch out...crazy women on the loose!

Until then, and as always....I have plenty to write about....I haven't forgotten.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

These boots were made for walking....

I need a pair of cowboy boots. Don't ask. They would look snazzy on my scarred up legs...which still hold some shape. But yeah....I would like to have a pair of comfy boots that I could wear with a country sort of skirt and walk through the wheat fields of Alberta or Montana with...okay...I'll take the mosquito infested walk ways of Minnekhada Park. Still....I'd like a pair of boots.

*ugh*....I need to get away. It's a darn good thing I love my kids and hubs!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crazy at 5 a.m.

So after a good stretch of beautiful, sunny, warm decided to rain last night. It rained so much that the gutters (which were already plugged, thanks to our lazy ass neighbors) were pouring over and making a horrendous noise. The "noise" didn't bother me so much as I was already tossing and turning since about 2 a.m., but it was no picnic for the hubs.

At 5 a.m. he had had enough.

Out goes the man of the house, in his gaunch and jacket...on top of the roof...picture it folks...I'm still trying to (without bursting a muscle). He's unplugging the friggin gutters at 5 a.m.....

.....and then comes crawling to bed 20 minutes later.

Never...NEVER...a dull moment in this household!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'm sure you've had plenty of time to stare at my "youthful" face here and are anxiously awaiting to read something really interesting. So we'll continue (and hopefully finish) our story on Boston.

Funny thing's been so long I forgot what I had written the last time, so I had to go back to the "archives" and check it out. I'll blame it on "old age".

So yeah, Fenway, the beers, the atmosphere and the pizza after the game were awesome!

The following day (Sunday) we got up bright and early, went across the street to Starbucks and head breakfast. The day was basically spent sight-seeing and dragging my "bil" on the Massachusetts sub-way station....which really was an sister got a little nervous when I kept snapping shots at the stations. We had a really good lunch at the hotel pub and then carried on with some more sight-seeing. The next day was race-day, so we really couldn't do too much. The evening ended early (for my sis) with a trip to the store to get some munchies and wine (of course).

Bright and early she woke and was headed out the door by 5:30. All runners (all 26,000) were put on school bus after school bus and driven (a total convoy) 26.2 miles north to the starting line. "D" was scheduled to start at 10:30. Basically they take the "elite" runners (a handful) and start them at 9:30ish (they separate the men from the women but because there's fewer, it's by only a few minutes). The next group (which my sis missed only by 119 people) ran at 10:00 and she ran at 10:30. I think at this point I had had my shower and was watching the run from the room. My bil and I went our own ways to catch whatever tiny glimpse of the runners that we could.

The streets were complete chaos.

Imagine 26,000 people running and another 60,000 (or more) lined up to spectate....not to mention the scads of people who were involved in ensuring the run goes smoothly...the medics, the police, the volunteers, the photographers....endless.

It took me 20 minutes to walk (work my way through) a single block. I found a spot that I could actually see the pavement and decided to wait there. I managed to catch a glimpse of pink run by me....that was "Kara", the Oregon hopeful (she came in third....not bad for a 30 year old, pretty girl). So now I had probably another hour and a half to wait for my sister (she actually thought she wouldn't that great at this was cold and windy, and she woke up not feeling that great). So I skimmied down another couple of blocks.

I found an opening and I thought, "this is where I'll stay put".

A freezing hour later (my eyeballs were continuously doing the "side to side" move, as runners kept running by), and after many covered in dried salt, blood, sweat...some who looked like their muscles would never untwist from the horrible cramp they were sister runs by. Calm, in good pace, almost smiling.....she passes by....and I...barely get a shot. She was 2 minutes away from the finish took me 30 minutes to get back there. 45 minutes later we all meet up. I gave her a big hug and we headed back to the hotel. Her time....better than ever, at 3:29:01...not bad for her third ever marathon, huh?!

We had lobster, and she had wine that night. Most enjoyable day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Me and my dad

My dad and uncle visited with an old family friend who had this photo of me and my dad. I absolutely love this photo of truly represents my childhood with him...."together". This particular summer I joined the local swim team and swam an hour and a half each and every morning...and another hour and a half each and every evening....just to spend my entire weekend at swim meets (Saturday and Sunday) around the lower mainland. My dad....was there for every single one of those...rain or shine....all day long. I have no idea who took this photo and the one that I have is actually in color (ugh...scanners)....not to mention the fact that when I look at this photo it reminds me of how many years have gone. Still.....I love this photo!

Update on my uncle

So the poor guy (along with 300 other customers) ended up having to stay at a hotel (near the airport) (the airline lost big time on this one, considering a nights' stay was $350!). The airline finally advised them (at 10:30 p.m.) that the flight was canceled (my uncle was witness to one of the engines smoking) and gave them $75 to spend (on food etc.)...unfortunately, while they had everyone shipped to the hotel by 12:30 p.m.....they also had them awake for 4:30 a.m.! The next call I got was at 6:15 a.m....sadly though...I was oblivious to the ring/vibrate!

The morning started off rocky as Teddy stayed home from school yesterday, but I made him go today...but then he fell asleep again and I woke him at....well, when we had to go! I got a call from the hotel at 9:00 a.m. asking me to come to the airport as everyone would be assigned new flights and uncle doesn't speak english.

Because of all the uncle ends up bursting a blood vessel in his eye...which leaves him with (where it should be white) a very bloody eye. After standing in line for an hour...we get his new flight booked (some people aren't leaving until tomorrow...some until the next day), get hims some "Euro dollars". My dad shows up to take over and I head off to a clients.

Happy Ending....the flight has taken off. He's on his way to London and then to Vienna, where he'll get picked up to drive the 40 kms drive to Bratislava.

*hmmmm* I wonder if he'll come back?

He was great fun! I do hope he does!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's gonna be a long night.... least for my uncle.

When I got the call on my cell, I had a sneaky suspicion that it might be my uncle. Although I thought that he would be calling from 34,000 feet above, just to say "hi". Instead....he was calling from 40 kms away, telling us that the plane was "broken" and that they were shipping them off to a hotel. He does not speak a word of english...did I mention that? My aunt also called to try and get a hold of me because I had missed the first call on my cell. I asked..."should I head out?"...the next flight out won't be until 2:00 p.m tomorrow....he's scheduled back to work on Friday....they're 9 hours ahead.

*crap*....that's all I got at this point.

Monday, May 18, 2009


With the return to "normalcy" I have a list of things that I want to write about, including finishing my Boston trip post and let you know about a new food supplement that I'm taking. Right now though, I have to change some sheets, clean a bathroom and get the kids back to their "routine".

Life as I know it....

....will be coming back to it's normal state of chaos.

The past three weeks have (as we knew they would) flown by. I have gotten to know the uncle that I had last seen at a mere 18 months of age and have once again grown to appreciate that I have family so very far away. My children have had the honor and the appreciation of meeting someone from our heritage and have been able to learn a few of our "spoken" words. It's been a bit of work, but well worth say the least...I will miss least until I take a big swallow and get my ass on another plane to venture to Slovakia (with kids) next summer.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I just noticed that the couple across the street have turned out all the lights. "She" never used to do that when she was alone. "They" are newly married......and in their 70's! Yay for love and old age!

It's amazing how much stuff I got through today....feeling much better about things....feeling like I have my poop together.

Only a few more days with my uncle....who really has been a pleasure to have around. Despite the extra work...I will miss him. My "Slovak" has come along amazingly!

I have my second little "surgery" in a couple of weeks...June 4th to be anesthesia this time.

My sister has signed up for the Portland marathon in October.

It's Kayce's 2nd birthday, I don't keep track...we were reminded by the breeder!

Looking forward to my sister and nephew coming by tomorrow.

The bear's are back.

I'm going to turn into a bear if I don't go to bed.

Timing was good.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seems as though everything has gone to the birds

Well not really but...if you had to choose one...this would be the one...right?!?!

Crazy, chaotic, never ending, tiring, exhausting, exciting, fun, busy, enjoyable....yup...that's where we're at. Thankfully there have been no incidents requiring paramedics, police etc. to step in....and while I'm entirely grateful to have met my uncle for the first time in 40 years.....I will be glad to get back to my regular routine of chaos...soon enough. Not to mention that we threw in a visit from an old family friend today, visiting from Ontario.

*sigh*...never a dull moment. Waiting for "Kyani" to kick in and give me that boost, that I need!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day is NOT supposed to be about the police, fire men and paramedics!!!

It started off a fairly decent Mother's morning jav, my morning boot (to get the elders out of the house and sight seeing before the rains returned) to spending time with Krystina, enjoying a latte and a double chocolatey something or other. What I had no idea though the evening was going to end.

Dinner was late. I was bbq'ing "fast fry, pork chops"...they were finally done at 6:55. All plates had been served when I heard Teddy belt out a complaint. I look oer and he's on the kitchen floor with blood pooling out of his nose. Might I say....quickly going in to shock.

We get him to the bathroom, where he proceeds to turn an incredible shade of white, blood still pouring out of his nose and then falls backwards, almost into the tub. I, the entire time...thought he was joking. I end up with blood on my kitchen floor, my bathroom floor, my bathroom mat, my pants and my kid...not remember how he got from the bathroom to the living room. He proceeds to go into shock.

911 dispatched.

First the fire men. Many questions.
Second the paramedics. More questions.
Third the police. Even more questioning.

All the body took their damn shoes off!!!

Teddy came around. The dog bit his nose. Now before you get into a snit....he deserved it....sorry to say,'s the truth. And we only hope...he's finally, finally learned a lesson about "teasing" the dog. The dog bit him good and he ended up with a superficial (as well as an internal) 'owie'...he'll survive. Unless you live here and see how Teddy tortures the have no idea.

Anyways, many tears later (it was Mother's Day), a non-eaten dinner, more grey hairs grown...everybody's fine, and the cops have finally left.

See...always excitement in this household!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday, May 9 (because I couldn't come up with anything more brilliant)

It's 9:12 in the morning. We're enjoying time together. *phht* Actually Tony's giving Teddy crap...yes, already. Not sure what the heck is going on, just that Teddy's annoying the hell out of Al, which in turn is annoying the hell out of Tone.....I'll just remain seated upstairs with my cup of jav.

It's a gorgeous day out, which means perhaps a single layer of slate tiles will be laid down today on my front steps....perhaps. For me it's a day of laundry, a bit of groceries and I think I'll do a "grrrrilll" tonight, for when the boys come back. Oh and by the way..."grill" is said with a strong roll of the tongue and the "i" is pronounced more like a long "e"....if you're from the Eastern European area. Of course, I'll make my usual visit to my fil...just to make sure that he's still got something to complain about, even if it is most gorgeous out.

I had a dream last night where Tony took me to Oregon. It was dark in the dream but the scenery was gorgeous and there were tonnes of people milling about. All I wanted to do was stand on the wharf and stare at a couple of Eagles in the top of a tree. Weird huh? Well it's better than the alternative, since I've finally stopped (of course having said that now......) being haunted/tormented by nightmares.

*sigh*'s done. Time to hit "play".

Friday, May 8, 2009


.....I said "screw everything" today. Well not completely, because hey....I'm a bit of a "lover for punishment"! I did do a bit of work this morning...really, really trying to catch up on the work, bills and school notices (which came today soaked in chicken noodle soup, juice....don't ask). But I did give up the keyboard and the desk for a couple of beers and the yummiest salad I've ever had. Yes!!....salad can be yummy! It also helps make the two beers (and their calories) a little more umm, "acceptable". I'm seriously contemplating the "pizza" option for dinner though....I know!!!!....I know how to live!!

My dad and uncle are gone for 36 hours!!! I can feel safe running around the house in my undies and socks, once again!....maybe I'll do it with a slice of that pizza hanging out of my mouth. might clash with my "blond do"...and my blinds.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Feeling just a little bit guilty

Is it wrong that I'm soooo excited about my dad and uncle going to the island tomorrow....and spending the night?!?!? I mean really.....just me, the kids and the husband (and the stinky, farting dog)....I can't contain myself! What will I do? Probably a good night to shave my legs!

Seriously....I'm delirious!...even though I "love 'em"!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


....I am extremely "blond". Blonder than I've ever been.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A step forward

So I saw my physiotherapist today. I've been given the go ahead to jog...on the treadmill...only! least at this point. I've also been bombarded with a bunch of intense "stretch" and "strength" exercises. The exercises are to be done daily and have already left my butt cheek in turmoil.

Too tired to talk about much else. It's even more work having another body in the house...especially if he's a late nighter and loves and loves and loves to talk. My Slovak speaking has astounded me.

Because my brain was on "stand still"....

.....I was talking about a bear going through our garbage, in my previous post.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Leave our trash alone!

Tony and I went out tonight to attend a seminar (or such) about raising "teens through the turbulent years". It was actually really good and quite was nothing I already didn't know...just a good "hey, know what needs to be done....just do it"...kind of "slap across the head".

With that...we came home and started chuckling when we saw a load of garbage on our neighbors yard (directly across and to the right of us). I said to Tony..."wouldn't that be funny if it was ours?" I noticed the cans directly across from us were closed. I walked down the side of our house and said..."um Tone....yeah...that's our garbage!" Sure enough, our garbage bin had been turned over and rummaged through....poor guy had to pick up the grossesties! And yeah....after Tony went to pick it all up...he confirmed (due to the contents) that it was, in fact...our garbage.

You might think they're "just animals" but....they sure know how to "carry a load"!

I'm here....

....just crazy busy! Cooking and trying to maintain the house with 7 people (and a dog) can be time consuming....course there's always "the business" side of my life as well....and the doctor's appointments.

*sigh* patient with me.