Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not a great way to end a beautiful day.

Well they started off with the routine mamm (2 shots per boob)...then I went to wait...then they called me back for "one more" (of my left...which has the lump)...then they had me wait...then they called me in for four more (of the left)....then they had me go in for the ultrasound....where the technician proceeded to call the Dr. in and have her look....who then responded with "I'm worried about what the mammogram is showing us, but I'm not getting a clear enough picture from the ultra sound"....oh....this is after the technician says to me "I'm going to bring in the doctor. Is there a history of breast cancer in the family?......*silence*....just a routine question?" The doctor wants a something, something biopsy, to be done at BC Women's in the next week or two....something about freezing my boob....shoving it under a mammogram thingy again and sticking it with needles....needless to say I'm a little nervous. I've already decided if I do need any sort of treatment...I know the doctor I'm going to...one of the best in Canada and thankfully...a personal friend of my dad's...from the old country.

I'm thinking positive...but also being realistic...I'm a planner...have to know what's going on...always.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Every once in a moment...


I'm thinking pretty positive these days but there are those moments during the day that thought crosses my mind and.....I'm scared shit-less. There's no point in freakin about the unknown, but.....it's this "thing" in my boob that keeps making me think....

My doctor decided he wanted to ensure I had both tests done at the same time...rather than..."well if it looks suspicious than we'll take the next step"....soooo....now I'm scheduled for Tuesday afternoon at 2...breast ultrasound and bilateral mammogram....guess I can go ahead and cancel my "regularly scheduled mamm"?!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Of all the things....

...."the dog" has healed
...."my dog" has lost some poundage
....Ted's saving for his first pickup/Jeep...which he'll have before his license
....Al's going for the PS3 "move"
....Krystina's going through trauma....she's afraid to "grow up"
.....she also needs glasses...desperately
....the old guys are gone for the night
....I wanted to start my yoga tonight...came wayyyy too early....because my brain is fried
....had my first workout in a while
....found a lump last weekend....
.....am scheduled for an ultrasound next Wednesday....if need be...they'll do a bilateral mammogram right then and there
....too tired to be worried....at this point

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I'm going to try my hand at yoga....wish me luck.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I want to run away.

.....enough said.

On a sunnier note.


So we sat at the dinner table (after dinner), over a glass of wine and tried to figure out why they dog is the way she is....we've no clue. We've done training, we've done the socializing bit....all we can think of is that during our camping escapade she was in hysterics over the squirrels and chipmunks???? Perhaps she thought this dog was one??? Still....no excuse! I haven't been able to sleep and my day has consisted of the vision of Kayce thrashing this little mutt in her mouth.

I drove down to the animal hospital and asked if the dog had been discharged......not yet....going to spend another night....but will live......oh hallelujah! Of course now the bill is rising once again. Let's just hope it doesn't die during the night.

We look down at our sleeping dog and shake our heads.....and empty our pocket books....it's all too shitty.

On another note, but on the same note.....I discovered something else yesterday.

When I took Kayce to the vet a couple of weeks ago now....they decided that she was really far too overweight.....and now was a good time to get her on a "diet" of sorts. I decided to go ahead and purchase the recommended brand (a slight fortune in itself)....we didn't want a dead dog at 4 because she was too fat! So upon paying for the food and asking "how much do I feed her?". The assistant/nurse...whatever....said "15 kibble a day"...."really?"...."yes, that's what it says here". So anyways....I'm looking at the pooch yesterday and decided that she's lost way too much weight in way too short of a period.....I could feel ribs! So I decided to check the bag.....sure "15 kibble"....for a 5 lb dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was supposed to be getting about 75 of these "kibble" per day!!! *gahhhhhhh* It's a darn good thing I decided to check the bag....now maybe I can sue my vet, so I can pay for "their" vet!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

And to add the "cherry on top"!

I took the two youngest to the store today to get their school supplies and soccer cleats for "K". What a freaking zoo! And more $$ gone *bye bye*. We picked up the eldest from work and drove home.....brought in all the bags of loot and while the kids scattered, Tony says to me....

"I have good news and I have bad news."
"The good news is that your car is perfectly clean."
"The bad news......the dog attacked another dog."

*siiiigggghhhhhhh* *grab my throat*

Yes....the freaking dog broke through her rope and went after a little Shitszu that some woman was walking and basically grabbed hold of it and thrashed it about. The woman absolutely freaked....Tony apologized over and over and tried to calm her down but she was incredibly vulgar towards him. Her husband showed up and seemed a little more "together" at which time Tony again apologized and said that we'll cover the costs....obviously. So the dog is in emergency and we're looking at a minimum bill of $1,000.00....if it doesn't die (it's 14 years old). We feel like total shit and new that Kacey wasn't keen on other dogs, but never thought it would come to this. Even worse is that this woman is a mother at one of the schools and I'll have to face her at some point. I feel so awful. I just can't understand why Kacey would have been so aggressive....the dog is incredibly loved...maybe that's the problem??? I'm at a loss and incredibly upset over hearing about this.....as Tony said....."it's a good thing you weren't home".

Anybody need some bookkeeping?....I've got alot of bills to help pay.

Trying to catch my breath

After our return on Tuesday it was a mad panic to clean out the r.v. (which included about 35,000 dead bugs) and have it returned (without evidence of dog hair) the following morning....after which my crazy life started up in full swing.

Headed to check on my fil, who seemed to be doing okay. Then it was off to a specialist appointment.....this guy was on crack or something. Apparently I had seen this ENT specialist many years ago....nice enough....very brisk....very to the point....basically no beating around the bush. He called me into his office and asked why I was there....I gave him the lo-down. He said it's a classic case of "acid reflux"....I told him I was already taking meds....he told me to double up on them.....that it would take a few months to repair the damage that had been done to my esophegus (sp?), throat and sinuses....yes....my sinuses have been burned. *Did you know that the acid in our stomach is just as strong as battery acid?* Then he had me sit in a chair, pulled out some sort of instrument and promptly sprayed some liquid into each of my nostrils. Doesn't tell me what he's just done, why he's done it and/or what I should expect....just asks me to leave his room and sit in the waiting room for a few minutes.

Next patient.....*closes door*...."well Maria, Maria, Maria.....you have a brain tumor"....I kidd you not....then he goes on to say to her "but you'll be okay....it's benign"...wth? So as I sit there....my nose starts to warm up and go numb, then the top part of my throat goes numb and I'm having a hard time swallowing....then my nose starts to drip....my heart starts to beat faster and I'm doing a little *freak wiggle* in my chair. *Breathe....in and out....slow and steady....you're right next to the biggest hospital in the city*....now the roof of my mouth is numb. "Maria" is in tears, he's getting impatient with her and now he's calling me back in.

He then proceeds to stick a brown rube (with a light and I'm guessing a microscopic device) down one of my nostrils!!!! I feel it at the base of my neck....when he asks me to breathe through my nose and make an "eeee" sound.....I start to gag.....he goes down the other nostril. "Yup....all clear....just take one pill in the morning and one at night".....it'll take a while.

Stunned I try to speak without cracking...."when will the numbing go away?" "Oh, about an hour." And off I go.

See.....I told you my life was nuts!

"Don't be sad it's over...."

....."be glad that it happened".

3,179 km
5 1/2 tonne rv
8 campsites
Many $$
Even more mosquitos
Break away glacier
Campfire bans
Wind storm
Sand storm
Fawn....dead...but nevertheless
Big horn sheep
Red fox
Adult deer
Moose....a family to be exact...walking right in front of us
Hot dogs
Boys getting their "pay back" and puking around the side of the r.v.
Fresh air
690 photos
Which means even more $$
New friendships
Memories and the experience.....

And I did all the driving! After that experience......I can drive through anything!