Friday, February 27, 2009

Music please

Oh yeah....since I've been spending so much time at the gym, with plugs in my ears...give me the names of your most favorite tunes to add to my gets lonely on the treadmill!

You have no idea.... hard I've been working out. 5 days in a row and another in tow....I'll take Sunday off...if I can handle it. I'm feeling great, awesome, sore and...dying. I've already lost some "pudginess"...started running on the tread mill...yes...I'm taking it easy. Well, that is except for the incredible pain in my neck. My bil (the good one) remembers when I was in deep with my was worth it?...right? I've watched what I ate...sweat it up...gotta keep up to my sis....your her....she inspires me.

She also told me to have a glass or two of wine tonight....damn rights I'm gonna listen!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Aren't you lucky?!

Two posts in one day...I know!!..shock of all shocks.

Actually I'm eating my cottage cheese and grapes. Tony says I'm going get salmonella from eating grapes. I wash them thoroughly, but he says I need to use soap on them to make sure they're squeaky clean. Um sure Hon...anything you say...

So I was at the dentist last week getting a routine cleaning. The hygenist did her thing and then the dentist came in to take a $150 look. Everything "looked good" and then he asked me...."Are you still happy with your smile?" I respond with, "Yup, I can still chew on a piece of steak." He then says, "because if you'd like to redo your entire mouth (meaning bonding, veneers etc.) you could". He goes on to tell me that our insurance company might cover the costs. We're only covered under Tony's as I don't have a "real place of employment". "Well then you'd probably have half covered". So I ask him....."What would be the price for this work?" "Oh $28,000.00....$1,000.00 per tooth). I just about choked on my suction stick. I think I'll stick with what I've got.

Alive and well

It's just been so crazy...and today's no exception...neither is tomorrow....or the next day....or the next. But I'm sitting here with my morning coffee trying to warm up and snuggled deeper into my pink, fuzzy bathrobe. It really is the warmest bathrobe. I picked it up at La Senza a year ago and wait, this isn't really supposed to be about my bathrobe, is it? Well technically no, except that you really need a warm, fuzzy bathrobe such as this on a morning, such as this. See, it's -2 at this point...would've been much colder during the night and I can vouch for that...considering we sleep with the window open! It also snowed yesterday/last night....again!! Not a whole heck of a lot....probably 5 cm or so. The sun this morning sure makes it beautiful though!

Anyways....been running around, meeting deadlines, dressing kids in pink, making appointments, burning calories. Managed to get to the gym every day this week, which makes having that glass of wine or that one cheese perogie easier to swallow. Teddy skipped a class last week....well, he says he went to a "planning" class, that everyone in Math did...I'm wondering then why it is that the "Math" teacher marked him as "skipped"? We're working on that with the counselor. Teddy wasn't impressed with the fact that I went to go see his counselor. Hey, I just want it straightened out. If Teddy's telling the truth, then the school screwed up and needs to amend his records. If Teddy bs'd me....I'll kick his...actually no, I won't....he's taller than I am now...and has really hairy armpits.

We had a dinner party here on Saturday for my buddy....she turned 40! Oh those years are quickly leaving me....*sigh*...yeah I know....I'm only "almost" 42 but the 50's will be here sooner than I can make a dozen perogies! was great...I hope she enjoyed herself?! The only downside to the entire evening was the following morning. We had left the garbage bag in the kitchen (on the floor). When I got up in the morning there was left over cake icing, fruit salsa, rice and anything else that was in the garbage....smeared, smothered, sprayed all over the kitchen floor. I swear I could still see some icing on the dogs nose! It was horribly disgusting! And here I was on my knees, in my flannels, cleaning the floor....most uncomfortable after having too many glasses of wine the night before. I managed to get it all cleaned up without hurling, and the dog....well she didn't get any breakfast that morning!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's been a while...

...I promise to be back in the a.m.

Until then....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More.... I just wrote my post what? hour ago? And yeah...there's just been another a very busy area of Vancouver. We're up to 16 in the last month.

Just cuz I liked how it turned out.

No one is safe

We've had a serious problem become even more serious here in the last 3 weeks. 12 gang related shootings in the past 16 days is not a good thing in any city. I think the total dead is up at 10....which hey, if they want to kill themselves...go for it. It's the innocent people who get caught in the cross fire, that scare me.

Three shootings ago a young woman (married to a member of a gang) was driving in her cadillac with smoked out windows...with her 4 year old son in the back seat. Can you believe that she was shot at while driving and a passerby actually jumped out of his vehicle, climbed into hers and slammed the brakes on!?!?! Thankfully the little boy wasn't physically hurt but.....4 years old?!?! That poor little thing will be traumatized for the rest of his life!

A young male was shot dead in shopping mall parking the middle of the afternoon! A young girl shot in her car a block away from my house. In a back alley, in their homes, in parks, in Tim Horton's nuts!!! They're calling Vancouver, the "gang capital" of's nice to be recognized but I'd rather not, if that's the title we're going to get.

Teddy goes to a high-school that is second home to 2,000 can bet that there's definitely drugs and definitely gang members there. They may only attend a day or two a week but....they're still there....and they're way too close to my kid.

*sigh*....I don't have any bright ideas as to how to handle the situation, I just know it's getting crazier and crazier.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Am I over-spending?

I'm contemplating spending $90 on a tax book. Yup...full of red hot sex, sweaty bodies and stormy stories....actually about current tax rules and how they apply to sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. Should I go for it? This 'll be great reading when I can't read at night, or when I have nothing better to do....I'm telling ya'll be steamy.

Yeah I know....I'm boring.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's 2009

Whatever happened to a "quiet" and "peaceful" evening? The kids are fighting...wait...they're screaming at each other. The pizza's been devoured. I stare at my beautiful flowers and was last night again. In all the chaos I forgot to give the kids their treats, but....seeing how they are....they don't need them. Hmmm...maybe I'll run the tub and sit with candles, wine and chocolates myself! Ah yes...the perfect end to a "Valentine's for me"!

Like young adults

My neighbour across the way is getting married today. She's 78.

We've lived in this house for almost 14 years. Her husband lived for only two months of those 14 years, until he passed away. She's been alone ever since. She met this "fellow" from Alberta about a year ago. When he came to visit, he'd stay down at the hotel. He opens her car door for her. Today is Valentine's Day and they're getting "hitched". I'll have to get used to seeing two heads in the window, sitting on the couch. I'm so glad for her/them.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I took my Valentine out

I got a bunch of payments from clients today and so I was more than determined to be the one to "buy dinner" tonight.

I called up the hubs and told him to meet me at the Cactus Club tonight at 5:30. I prepped myself up, made my hair look nice, put on some make-up, some jewelery and some decent clothes...even lipstick/gloss!...and arrived on time. When Tony parked the car I put my arm through his and told him..."this is my treat"! He said..."". I said..."yes...yes". And there was the start of a fine evening.

He had a Rickards Red....I had a "Cohiba"
He had wings, "extra hot", extra well done....I had the "packet of three" or was rice, a sweet wrapper, smoked salmon, wasabi, fishy eggs and sprouts.
We shared a bottle of J. Lohr 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon.
He had the "pan seared" salmon...I had the "cedar plank" salmon.
We're both stuffed!

He chased me home....he ended up ahead of me.
He parked his truck....I parked the van.
He pulled out.....a bouquet of roses....I said..."why?"

And then I kissed him.

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

The kids are home.

My hair turned out "glorious" as one mom put it, "lovely" as one dad put it and "very, very nice" said yet another mom. The stylist was very nice and very gentle, unlike my last "long time" stylist who would yank, and splat paint and smack foils to my head. But....I won't be going back.

I just can't justify spending $30 more than I did at the old place (and the only reason I'm not going to my old stylist is because she's accepted a managerial job elsewhere...and will no longer have a "clientele")....I mean seriously, $160 for a cut and foil? Maybe if I actually had hair! My hair is fine and there's not much of it, unlike some people who need a Tie Wrap to put their hair in a ponytail. And to have to spend that much every two months....nope, can't do it. Personally I'd be perfectly happy buying the little kits from the store and doing my hair myself but....once again, the products are so harsh that they just end up damaging my hair. I thought seeing a "stylist" who did "side work" in her basement would work....but good "LK" ending up frying my hair too!

Anyways....I have to do some research in this area.

Oh yeah...the kids are home today. It's a Pro D Day here in this school district....or just another day for the teacher to sit around the table and drink coffee, eat doughnuts and gossip about the kids and their parents. The two younger ones just got up, but the eldest still snoreth in his room. I think Grandpa will be taking Al out to one of his favorite delicatessen's, the eldest will of course be fully immersed in his "World of War Craft" and the littlest one will enjoy spending the day telling me how "bored" she is. I will be joining the hubs for a nice dinner at Cactus Club this evening's Valentine's Day tomorrow and it's just stupid to go out then. Every day should be "Valentine's Day" and there shouldn't be a need to gauge people just because some love struck cupid decided to pick one day to be the day to "let your sweetie know you love them"....or however the story goes.

So there you's done, kids are up, time to get going.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ready to do something drastic

I'm seriously ready to get out the gun and shoot those dogs next door. Now honestly I wouldn't "actually" do it but....the temptation is there.

Next door we now not only have two non-stop barking dogs, but....four!!! And they start when the owners leave (the owner's think they're the quietest of all creatures on this earth) and don't stop until they come home. Well today the owners left at 5:55 a.m.....the dogs started barking at 6:00 a.m.....all four of them. I'm trying to sit here and concentrate on some work but it's very obvious I'm distracted (hence the post) because those damn animals are still going at it!!! And yes....I'm preparing a note for the neighbours....and a call to the city because.....I need my sleep damnit!!...and I have to work to pay for my new hair cut/color!! Don't they get that?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ten Honest Things About Me....a new meme.

I was supposed to do this a couple of days ago, but....time has a habit of passing me by. In fact, on any given day...I'm not really sure what day it really is. Anyways...I was tagged by Wendy at WeSnLaNi and I am! Some these things you might already know, some are of "sensitive material" and you may have not/might not agree with the road I took and some...might come as a surprise.

1. I am not a morning person! Having kids though I've had to make adjustments and put on my "smiley face" at any moment that I've been beckoned. Generally though...I've always been known to be very, very quiet for the first hour of my daily re-birth.

2. I am a complete and utter lover of horses! I would ride them with saddle, bare-back, backwards, upside down...I love horses! If I could own my would certainly be a solid "black stallion" or a beautiful chocolate brown "boy". I would give anything to ride a horse along the ocean-side. I'd give even more to live on an acreage where I could actually own one.

3. I love, love,!...especially "Harley's"! I was about 17 the first time I rode on the back of a bike. My boyfriends' best friend (who was a complete nut far as driving goes) took me for a ride on his...I believe...Yamaha....did the whole "poppa wheelie" and everything...ended up with bronchitis. The next time was on my cousins' piss pot in Slovakia, eventually I got a ride on a Suzuki Hayabusa and then finally my last ride was on the back of a Harley.....*sigh*...most enjoyable!

4. I have anxiety issues. No hands shake, sometimes I can feel my body shake....I often wonder if I'm getting Parkinsons disease. My nerves had been severely damaged due to "family issues". I haven't had a solid nights' sleep since...well, I can't even remember the last time....well before Krystina's birth.

5. Just after I turned 16, I cam down with Mono. I spent my entire summer in bed in agony and pain. I lost a tonne of weight (even though I was already only 105 lbs) and came out of the ordeal with a "mvp" (mitral valve proplapse)...basically a heart with a murmur which skips a beat every once in a while.

6. When Teddy was 18 months old I found out I was pregnant again....3 weeks before his second birthday I lost a little boy...he was 4 months along and we named him "Andrzej" (or...Andrew/Andy).

7. I live each and every day with guilt. I try to "let it go" but...I am a "daughter" and girls are more sensitive....I have struggled on a daily basis with the "final decision" I made to "cut ties" with my mother 2 1/2 years ago. Don't judge me, you have no idea what I've gone through. She is not in a good place and I would be in a far worse place had things continued the way they were. I am fully ready and prepared for the awful outcome of this whole sad story.

8. I let myself go....I worked so hard to get where I was 4 years ago. I worked out 3 times a week with a personal trainer (3 times on my own) and was totally thrilled with how my body reacted. Unfortunately what I got from everyone else was..."oh my gosh, what are you doing? You're so thin?"... No....I wasn't "thin" (well okay I was but.....)...I was in damn good shape. ACL and butt tumor surgery later....I'm wanting that back....course now I'm older and everything hurts just a little more! But hey...I'm working at it....even if I get half way there (which I'm pretty darn close)...I'll be happy. I think my heart will thank me too!?!?

9. I am terrified (traumatically terrified) of flying. Yet, I some how got convinced into going to Boston with my sister...who's running the marathon in April. The thing that's pulling me forward is the amazing experience it's going to be and the photo ops to be had!!! Cape Cod here I come!!! But seriously...we take a little 40 seater from Vancouver to Seattle (aren't those called "prop planes"?...and what exactly does that mean?...they're "propped up" by a stick or something?) and then it's an almost 6 hour flight to Boston. The worst thing is that we're leaving at 3 they serve booze at that hour? But I am sooooo looking forward to the getaway!

10. I am a driver. I love, love, love to drive....especially the freeway...especially at high speeds. No, I'm not irresponsible and always take care of the fact that I might have kids in the car and if not....that I have kids to return home to but....I love to drive...and damn it...I'm a good driver. Once again...please refrain from bringing up the time that I shmucked the truck in the driveway....let it go folks! I was in a rush! But seriously...I remember getting my license at 17 and just taking my dad's '76 Monte Carlo for cruises throughout the lower mainland....just me and my smokes (bad huh?). But this where I learned "technics" and where I gained my "love of the road". I have always dreamed of getting behind a race car on a track....who knows....maybe when I "retire"?!?!

So there you have it! Did I surprise you? Probably not....I'm so predictable

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Wendy over at "Wesnlani"....cuz I'm not sure how to do the link properly at this point...tagged me.... I'm sorry very tired and I'm sure I'd give much better results in the morning...I will complete "10 honest things about me"...when I'm bright and fresh and full of Crest!....and coffee!

Something to say and a couple of photos

The weekend went by like a blur...but then most of my days go by that way.

Krystina started coming down with a cough on Friday. She seemed to hold her own but yesterday when I came home from clients (after school), she had a temperature of 102.7. This threw her into a freakazoid! She was desperate not to be "sick", she had to go to school the next day because her best friend was finally back from a little vacation. I gave her a couple of Tylenol Cold's and she seemed to perk up, temperature dropped and stayed down. She went happily to school and is now reunited with her BF.

Teddy had a soccer game on Sunday. Almost 99.9% of his games are held only a few kilometers from our home....yay! He's not on a "gold", "silver" or even a "bronze" team....more like a home/beer leagues (but there's no beer involved). Anyways....the kids are all really good sports on the team (they're also a year older than Teddy) and despite the fact that they've lost all (but one) game this season....they still put on a smile and enjoy kicking the ball around.

So back to the game....this one was about an hour away. In distance I think it was about 35 - 40 kilometers....I was sooo looking forward to spending an hour to drive there, an hour to watch the team "warm-up", an hour and a half to watch them lose and then another hour to get home. Tony told me to take my camera....I said "why?"...the sky was overcast and I wasn't familiar with the area or what was around....but I decided to haul it all with me.

I dropped Teddy off at the field and told him I was just going to grab a Starbucks and then come back. I must've taken a wrong turn because I found myself heading back the way we came....back down the road where my subconscious had seen a park sign....funny how that worked. I had an hour to kill before I knew I HAD to be back to watch the game....I have always been there for the kids and despite the guarantee (I know....I'm so pessimistic) that they were going to lose...horribly....I always stand on the side-lines and cheer! Before my return though.....I had the pleasure of meeting up with these two......

So really it was worthwhile to bring my camera, the coffee was most enjoyable, I did find my way back to the field and.....they did lose....horribly.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bugs and viruses

My little nephew has been down with a chesty cough and temperatures going up as high as 105 for the past few days. A friend of mine just got over strep throat. "G" "good partner" client was sick with the flu for 3 weeks. Everyone's getting sick...and little girl is hacking up....I just hope she doesn't get as bad as my nephew.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My heart has learned not to skip a beat...or two.

The butterflies would always start to flutter whenever the "call display" would indicate my father-in-law was calling. I've finally stopped "freaking out", now responding with a sense of "what now?" kind of attitude.

Like the other day when he called (on 14 hours after I called him to remind him of his appointment the upcoming day) yelling my name and demanding when I was going to "show up" to take him to his appointment. I remember telling him "again" that "as I mentioned"....I would be there after the lunch hour (it was only 9:00 a.m.).

Today the phone rang and the call display indicated his number again.....I answered calmly....he started yelling my name and demanding that I take him to the "old house" to get his belongings and mail. I told him that I didn't have the key and that the house now belonged to my "louse" of a brother-in-law. He proceeds to tell me that he has every right to go back and get his stuff and I say..."well yes, but I don't have the key and....I'm not going there". I also reminded him that the kids had just got home from school and I was starting to prepare dinner.

He doesn't act this way with his "children", I feel at times...that I'm being shit on for being the one that's "always willing to help". Good karma or not....sometimes it takes me for a rough ride and really....I don't need anymore crap in my life....I think I've gone through enough....but maybe I'm just being selfish.

Regardless....I picked up his damn pickles and I'll go and visit with him tomorrow. Tony called my useless bil and told him that their dad was giving me a hard time and that perhaps now (for the first time since he "stopped in" at Christmas time only to grab a check that he filled out for $30k....without my fil's knowledge....oh yeah) would be a good time to get his ass over there for a decent visit...and maybe even bring his other belongings and mail that he's had for the last 5 months!

*sigh*....anyone else have any crazy stories?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

26 hours later

Now that it's all over the news....the final information is that a 23 year old girl/woman was shot, "execution style" in her pick-up, mere feet from here. It was in fact, "gang" involvement and she was known to the police....which still doesn't make it any more "acceptable"...she was somebody's daughter. The last police car pulled out at 8:30 this evening and now...everything is dark and quiet once again. Let's hope it stays that way.

Did I mention we have a cougar in the neighborhood? And coyotes...lots and lots of coyotes....and have you ever heard a pack of coyotes "screaming" in the middle of the night? It's as though a multitude of people are having their teeth pulled out, one by one....without anesthesia. It really is an awful, awful sound.....and they stop....weird.


So it turns out that it was actually a woman's body that they found in the pick-up very near to our house. The investigation is still going on, how do I know this?...because I can see the flashing lights of the police vehicles (from my living room window) that have been there since 6:30 last night!!

In the last 24 hours we've had 3 shootings in the Lower Mainland. I'm not sure about the first one but only a few hours before the one here...a 21 year old man (kid) was gunned down in a shopping mall parking lot (a hop skip and jump away from here as well). They're saying that it's more likely these people had connections with the drug trade as opposed to any real "gang" involvement.

In any case...2 people are dead and I've had the police out side my door for the last 14 hours....hmmmm, perhaps I should feel safer while they're there?!?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Excitement in our area

So I'm not as good at this whole NaBloPaMlo thingy (or however you write it....never did understand what it stood for)...apparently it's all about writing each and every day for a month. Well I had high hopes and will try and get back on the wagon but hey, you know my's as crazy as the thought of me actually sitting down and writing a post for 30 days straight. was a day full of many accomplishments...which makes me feel good.

On a different note....Tony and I were coming back from our walk with the dog, when we noticed a bunch of cars/cop cars at the end of our street (6 houses away). The entire area past was blocked off by cop cars and that famous "yellow tape". A newsreport was there and cop car after cop car kept turning up. The story is that somebody was shot in their car only a mere 4 more houses up...which is wayyyy too close to home for my comfort. It'll be on the news for sure, so it'll be interesting to find out exactly what happened. Whatever it was....some sorry lass got it good tonight.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trying something new....

I'm trying this whole "NaBloPoMo" thing out...of course on the first night of writing I have nothing to write about...actually I do, but I've had too much wine to think straight...well, not "too" much but enough that I'd rather just rot on the couch for a few minutes. I should be fresh and alert tomorrow morning...except for the throbbing in my sliced finger.

I did however...manage to take the girl to a movie today....well, her and her "beau". We went and say "Tale of a Despereaux" the end....Krystina was the princess and "L" was "Despereux". They sat side by side, held hands and then he asked if he could put his arm around her. Noooo....not really...but they were giddy and it was cute. They are only seven and who girl just might marry into this "mafioso" family yet.