Friday, December 19, 2014

My beautiful daughter,

Another day in the life of..... here I sit....waiting for dinner to finish cooking.  My day was full of clients and work and yet it is still expected I come home and cook for a bunch of ungrateful people....well they may be grateful....just not showing it.  Of course meals in this house have become a bit more of task as of late as we are not including anything "white".....which would mean no pasta, no rice, no potatoes...what the heck do I feed these people then?!?!?  Chicken, Chicken, Salmon, Salmon and the very occasional Bison menu is limited!!  Although these folks are quite enjoying quinoa as of late....thankfully!!!

I just had my egg producing body parts removed this past Wednesday and recovering quite well, if I do say so myself.  Of course, please don't try and do a sucker punch to my abdominal region because you very well WILL end up with a black eye....or broken nose.....or perhaps both.  But overall.....I'm back to my normal functioning self.

Hubs....spent another $1,000 today on naturopath services...of whom he sees 3 times a week.  We have chemo this coming Friday and I have the "electrode" catheters downstairs....another $1,000, which we have yet to see whether or not they are "covered".  I am praying and praying that this all works this time!  I can't tell you how much pity I have for the bodily piece so involved in this whole ordeal.....

Oh funny.....I wrote the post above a couple of nights ago....I guess I forgot to hit "publish"!!

Looking forward to an evening at my friends....she'll be demonstrating and serving us using a "Thermomix" appliance....of which I do own....but haven't quite had the ya ya's to tell the hubby....I have to prove that it's worth the $1,700.....especially when there are so medical bills involved.  But it's so totally worth it as by using it, I can save $$ making a tonne of my own opposed to buying boxed food.

Incisions are healing nicely....actually getting  a tad itchy....very weird though as I still get pains as though I'm ovulating.....when there are no "ovules" to ovulate

Wayyyy tooo much "partying"!

So I decided to take a break from work.....things are relatively least until the next storm.  And I decided to go for lunch with my crazy friend D yesterday.....I did it again today with my lovely friend L.  In the end.....too much wine.  Tomorrow the hubby and I are supposed to take the youngest (who is not so young any more....13) out for dinner and a Christmas light drive....sadly....hubby is coming down with a cold....hopefully it won't get worse as he has naturopath appointment tomorrow am and chemo on Tuesday....and then of course my lovely turkey on Wednesday...seriously....I cook a deadly turkey.

For now.....I need to deal with this.....