Monday, November 30, 2009

20 minutes later.....

....and the street cleaner rolls down the street again.

This past week...

...I have put together (for the most part) 70 Christmas cards...just waiting for the ribbon to "complete" the project. But I have started writing in them...regardless. I have also made a "live" wreath for my front door. I have written down the ingredients I need to purchase in order to bake many cookies. I have gone through the upstairs section of our house and gone through the closets and drawers and gotten rid of much stuff...if you look in my van, you'll see....I look like a hoarder. I have also made an advent calendar and even begin a "photo per day" project (for the 25 days prior to Christmas) and have pretty much completed the front and back cover of the album that these so called "photos" are going to be displayed in. I am truly insane and have lost my marbles without a doubt. Sometimes however....being crazy is a calmer place to be....than being sane.


....okay, I'm already up but....who sends out the street cleaners at 7:30 a.m.? Who?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The dog just farted!

Kayce has always had "issues" with her I write this...she has just left a major gas expulsion go and ummmmmmmm......."f&*K"'s gross!!! My nose hairs are burning and I'm gaining more wrinkles.

So what to say??

Well I took my girl (and her friend) to see "New Moon" yesterday.....not bad...although I felt sooooooooooooooooooooo guilty eating the popcorn...after what "Global" explained that eating "movie theater" popcorn was like eating a slab of bacon and heart already skips I need to quicken it's death?

I visited with the old he was in a decent mood. My dad?????...he's out tonight! I told him, "no kissing on the first date" and "be home by midnight"! *sigh*...children...I have too many.

Not sure what my issues are tonight...could be the spray paint...I feel a little "light headed"!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed these days. You might not guess it if you come across my path...well, then again...maybe the frazzled hair, no make-up and my favorite black, sweater/jacket, covered in dog/my hair and/or the bags under my eyes...they might just give it away?!?! As always, so much going on...but that gets boring...doesn't it? I mean seriously...reading the same old woes do tend to get a little "meh"!?!

I downloaded a few more songs that I'm just loving right probably don't want to know which ones....I'm in a "country" kind of mood as of late....puts me in a special place and I'm needing that place right now. So yeah...I'm listening to iTunes with the headphones that Aleks has gone and destroyed, ie. only one ear works...I feel lop-sided...hmmm...maybe I should switch ears, since I've got the ear thingy in the ear that's partially gone deaf.

In other really important and exciting news...Krystina has finally lost the popcorn husk she had stuck in her "appliance"...yay! less appointment to have to deal with! Teddy gets his braces off on the 14th...did I already mention that? Al....oh Al....within minutes of purchasing his new $60 PS3 controller...he decided it was a good time to "take it apart"...literally...and try to install a red l.e.d light...we'll just see how that gets put back together. I am a little concerned considering he was using Tony's "drill" for something or other.

Christmas is coming! Can you believe it's almost here? There's baking, cooking, cleaning, decorating to be done...all at the same time that I have to finish my Christmas cards (70)...making, signing and posting. This of course with everything else...

And now....Grandpa (my dad) has been called into to have his gallbladder surgery early...early, as in this Monday!!! Guess I'll be playing nurse...again.

Oh and did I mention???? Teddy's growing a beard....oh yeah....a nice fuzzy, blond beard. Just when I shaved Al's head and commented on his "nekid" legs.

I sure do like the wreath I put together the other's hanging on my front door, if you care to take a look....she is a "live" one.

And with that....I'll be dead tired tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans...we had ours last month. Turkey....ugly bird....darn good wings!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

There's something wrong with me....

....just not able to pin point it yet.

You....just shush!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life is funny that way.... while I wait for "iTunes" to load....I think I'll go for a pee.

Ahhh...there we playing in my ears..wait...just my right ear! Why? Cuz my youngest son has such a fidgety problem that he's decided to chew through the one side of the ear plugs..gahhh!!

Today I spent an hour at the doctor's office wondering if I'd bring home the "HINEE". We recently noticed some pretty nasty marks on Teddy's first I thought he was engaging in some pretty hot, pre-marital sex...but appears just to be some simple "stretch marks". However I would not classify these are "simple"...they're just nasty! 7 stripes across his back, flowing horizontal (where'd you expect vertical)....nothing we can do about them....although I'm sure it'll be a "complex" issue...yeah...they're that "nasty"....not that I'd tell him that.

The girl has a popcorn husk stuck between the roof of her mouth and her "appliance". We've tried everything to get it here we come.

Al got a haircut tonight...apparently it's too short.

I'm introverting myself these days....I see so much insanity and chaos...I need stability....I know where to find just doesn't happen in the regular world...and that's okay....I know where I need to be.

Christmas cards...ah yes...70 on the go...they will be done!

Baking...cookies that is....this weekend...yum!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I woke up this morning (Saturday) as I always do....kiss (or two) to the foul breathed husband, double scratch on the back and then a swing of the feet over the side of the bed and....up we go. And everything was good....I tidied up, got my coffee and checked over blogs and e-mails. Then I started in on the days activities and before I knew it....I couldn't bend over any more. And ever since the brightness of the morning....I've been in excruciating pain...on my right side. I will live but....don't breathe on me.

In other wonderful and depressing news.....a 15 year old was raped, merely "feet" from my father-in-laws home last night....seriously...50 ft.

I spent $72.00 on Christmas dance tickets that I (and the hubs) won't even be able to attend.

The hubs has drilled holes in "his beast" and has attached the "louvers"....they do look nice!

Teddy get his braces off on the 14th...yay!! I just hope it wasn't a waste of $6,100.00!

My father saw my mother (and vice versa) yesterday (from afar)...she saw him...he saw her....she was on her way to the liquor store....still a mess.

I visited with my father-in-law today...which I quickly regretted...well, not sure if that's the right word's really hard to visit with him when he's sooo fricken miserable. He doesn't want to live any more....I don't know how to handle him any more. I visit him the most, so...I think it's still a matter of him feeling as though he can "spew" on me....because he's comfortable, bothers me.

In other completely, different news...I went through Krystina's and bags and bags of stuff came out....I feel refreshed! And about 200 lbs lighter!

And with that...I'm going to rest the screwed up back...g'night.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I get down on myself but....

....I have it soooo damn good.

I'm not 32 and suffering from a massive stroke. I'm not 28 and having to live with a preemie born at 22 weeks and only 1 1/2 pounds. I'm not 35 suffering with m.s. Life is pretty damn good for me. Yeah my knees hurt and I'm usually "tired" kids are all good, despite the empty beer cans and the "grunting" and even the facial hair kids are all good. Despite the fact that my father saw my mother today...for the first time in 2 1/2 years (from afar)...which brought me down again. But I'm GOOD, I'm HEALTHY, I'm HAPPY, I'm HERE, I'm LOVED.....that's all I need.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Ed Hardy"

Seriously...who the heck is this guy? Yeah, I heard of him. I knew that if you owned a piece of clothing with the name sprawled across were "in". But that's as far as I knew.

Then uncle back in Slovakia sends us a package full of goodies! One item...a beautiful "Ed Hardy" short sleeved short with sequins...I thought "oh, this is nice!". As soon as I let my bud know that I got one....she was no longer finger tapping on the computer but rather punching the buttons on the phone..."what?! You have an Ed Hardy shirt?! Do you have any idea what that's worth? Does it still have the tags attached? We're selling it!"

Apparently this shirt I got today is worth somewhere in the vicinity of $200.00! For a stinking shirt!! I don't know if I should wear it to my "renewing of my vows" or if I should put it in a safety deposit box! It is nice...but $200 nice? Well let's see when I slip it on.

And with that said....another day at the gym is done.

Did I mention the french perfume he also sent me? Should I be concerned? Personally I think it's his way of sucking up to me for stiffing me when I visited in '86 and he never came to see me. In that case....*phhht*....I'll enjoy! But he is I do appreciate it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tits and Tat...or should that be "Tids and Tads"?

I am concerned about a friend this evening. I am really hoping (and praying) that she will regain her strength and I found out she wasn't fairing so well, through my dad....who sees her far more often than I do! He said that she shut down the stroke group a little early due to her "not feeling so hot". So better "D".

In other's raining here...alot. And if I manage to miss any letters that should be hit with the ring finger...sorry...I sliced it with a Henkell's yesterday....can't stand bandages...trying really hard to not have to "back-space" and pick words that require the use of the "ring finger". I'll's a far better injury as compared to the whallop I did on Friday.

To add to my injuries....I have a very strange bruise that had suddenly emerged on my right's been a week and it's still there...stronger than pain...just a bright purple, blood spot...perhaps a leg aneurism???? I husband wanted to slap me as well...but's very odd. And now...I get to add a bruise from my fall and another bruise from....oh who knows!

Now "the girl"...she's been holding onto a tooth forrrrrrrrrreeeevvvvvvvvvveeerrrr!! The new tooth is half way out and the old tooth is hanging by...well literally....some pink wire. I've tried to knock her out cold...I've tried to tie her to the no avail. I even went out and bought her a darn green "Puffle" (to be given by the tooth fairy) and still...nothing. I gave her a beef bone and am hoping for the best...keep your fingers crossed.

Until then...I must rest the sliced finger.

"D"...get better!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I am a clutz...

I had a bit of a fall today. Silly me. The doorbell rang at around 3:15ish...and I just got so plain excited because I just KNEW that my Stamping Up order was waiting for me!! I get so stupid when it comes to crafts. And yeah....I know I don't have the time BUT....this is for my Christmas cards and hello...."foam" cards are soooo passe!

Anyways....I get up to leave my desk and what the heck happens???? foot gets caught in my keyboard cord. Of course it just HAD to be the leg that I had the a.c.l. surgery on and wouldn't you just know doesn't work quite as well as the other one....not that that one is any better! And there you have through the air...with my leg caught in a cord...picture's pretty stupid! I end up flying out the door, landing on my left arm, banging my right wrist, scraping my left knee....thankfully, missing my head against the door frame/floor. Sadly though....I cannot lift my left arm up....and my right wrist is already "owie"...can't wait to see how I'm going to feel tomorrow morning. The bruise and rug burn on my left knee should be a sexy addition to my mangled mess.

Note to self.....let the kids answer the damn door!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My mouth is still watering!

What a day today was!

Listening to the old planes fly overhead with their rumble, reminding of those days in the 40's (the jets sound so different nowadays, so I'll refer to the "old war" here)where there was so much uncertainty, so much death and terror...hmmm....okay....not so different from nowadays. Anyways...I was working away when I heard them rumble by...definitely made me stop for a moment to give thank to all those that served for our country...both then...and now.

We went to visit my fil, who was oblivious to what day it actually was and as usual...was full of venom and bad attitude...*sigh* never ends. When we reminded him that Krystina was here for the visit with us....he settled down.

She (Krystina) went on to watch her "Italian Mafioso" boyfriend at soccer practice and I went on to pick up the supplies I needed to make....borscht.

Wow!....I even surprised myself. Can we say absolutely scrumptuous! Seriously...I have the best recipe and will not deter from it. My mouth is currently watering just thinking about it. Teddy had two bowls...that's gotta tell ya something!?!?

A couple of clients got their books dealt with today as well. We're doing good.

Now it's time for these weary, number crunching fingers to take a break....or at least tuck the littlest in bed.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Because I'm still sober....

....KIDDING!!! I think it's more like..."because I'm still awake!" Don't get all worried and all that.

The kids are home tomorrow for Remembrance Day, so's the husband, the dog and Grandpa. I get to head out tomorrow and douse the flames that are picking up again over at the seniors home. Apparently my fil has been stuffing his pills in the heater vent...along with scraps of paper etc. Why can't those people take a simple request like, "please watch him take his pills and make sure he swallows them" and make sure it's filled out? He's playing his little stupid game again and I'm back to tell him that I'm done with spending my time in doctors' offices and emergency rooms because of his stubbornness. (sp?)

On a different note tummy is not feeling very well at all tonight. It's been cramping all day and feels as though someone has kicked me from side to side and ovary to ovary. The throne has had my visit on a number of occasions tonight...okay...tmi...I'll give you that. But seriously.....*grumble, grumble, grumble*. I don't think H1N1 starts this way.

In other really important news....I really need to get my hair colored.

I've been back to the all of my spare time and while it's always soooooo hard to go (I'm always coming up with some excuse to keep me from getting there....such as WORK)'s something that I really need to keep regular. It easier to go now that the weather has turned.

Speaking of weather....what a cold, gloomy, miserable, wet day we had today. They're calling for snow mixed with rain this weekend....insane!

What else? Krystina just about lost it at the Remembrance Day assembly today...she's such a softy. Teddy's still failing math. Aleks is becoming a boy I don't recognize. My dad continues to frustrate me. The Mustang shines perfectly in the heated garage. The dog continues to vomit. Work continues. We're all still healthy. And I still really need to get more sleep.


Can we say "Halleluja!"

There's nothing that makes me feel as though a tonne of weight has been lifted off my shoulders, then FINALLY figuring out why the hell my new accounting program wasn't restoring my back-ups!!

I will be able to sleep people!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Girlie discussion...

So as I'm giving the little one her bath tonight, she says to me: "Mommy...I wish I was like you." I respond with "Well what do you mean?"

Her: "I wish I could sleep with daddy in your bed"
Me: "Um well you'll have your own husband, when you're married"
Her: "Yeah but I don't want to have SEX!"
Me: "Well what does that mean to you?"
Her: "Kissin and being naked"
Me: "Well you don't have to worry about that for a while"


Friday, November 6, 2009


I have a headache.

And I have a box of gross wine.

What a way to start the weekend!?

Been working out...again. Today was especially tough...well, I pushed myself hard is what I'm trying to say. Tomorrow...I will probably need help to get out of bed...and no, not because of the "gross" wine.

While I was working out this guy shows up at the gym....can we say..."creepy"? I know it's not nice to talk about people but....he was freakin creepy, and...I wasn't the only one to think so. He stood around, stared about, popped some pills, stood around some more, stared some more, did 5 reps on a leg machine, then stood around some more, stared some more, went over to another machine, stared in the mirror, pulled the weight...once....stared some more, stood some more.....ugh...just creepy.

And then I had pizza for dinner.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Catch up...

...apparently the Canucks are totally scrapping against the New York Rangers...I hear them (Tony and Ted) saying "you can't be doing that!"...not sure...Teddy's just chuckling...must be good.

I've been away from here for a while. Not really sure why....lots to say, just "not wanting to be here", "avoiding the issue", "disassociating" myself? Have I become tired of "this place"? Maybe I'm too worn out? Maybe I'm just not interested? (not true...this is my place to vent) I think it's a combination of things.

But I am still here. I am worn. I am tired (what the hell else is new?). But I am here. I put on a brave face and smile. I enter into "that moment" and forget everything else going through my mind...all that has been consuming me....that which keep me up for hours on end during the deep dark hours of the night.

Last night was no different. Haunted by dreams. Waking in a sweat with a thousand things running through my brain. Giving thanks that my children are all home, under the same roof and in health. Thankful that none of has been hit by this awful flu. Upset that I can't sleep. Angry that I only got 2 workouts in in the last week. Pissed off that I've gained a bit of weight. Mad that I have to "baby sit" my father. Frustrated that I had to meet with Teddy's teachers...just to hear the same old shit that I've been hearing for a while. Although thankful for the fact that he seems to have some interest in flunking child has 85% in English...who would've thunk it! So he'll turn out to be a writer...better turn out to be a Stephen King!...kidding...sort of.

18% in math; 48% in French; not sure about the computer class yet....85% in English...can we say a "Hell yeah!".

And to top it off....had to spend $2,400.00 on my car this past week!! heard right. Almost made sense just to buy a new fricken van. But what's the point when you have a 16 year that "should" be driving...for whatever reason he has no interest at this point in getting a brand new one, when he'll decide in a month to go and get his "learners" and then...shmuck it all up!

Well on a totally different was nice to see an old friend who was healing from major least she wasn't "ashes floating on the water"....some good was enough to end my day on a "happy note".