Friday, December 19, 2014

My beautiful daughter,

Another day in the life of..... here I sit....waiting for dinner to finish cooking.  My day was full of clients and work and yet it is still expected I come home and cook for a bunch of ungrateful people....well they may be grateful....just not showing it.  Of course meals in this house have become a bit more of task as of late as we are not including anything "white".....which would mean no pasta, no rice, no potatoes...what the heck do I feed these people then?!?!?  Chicken, Chicken, Salmon, Salmon and the very occasional Bison menu is limited!!  Although these folks are quite enjoying quinoa as of late....thankfully!!!

I just had my egg producing body parts removed this past Wednesday and recovering quite well, if I do say so myself.  Of course, please don't try and do a sucker punch to my abdominal region because you very well WILL end up with a black eye....or broken nose.....or perhaps both.  But overall.....I'm back to my normal functioning self.

Hubs....spent another $1,000 today on naturopath services...of whom he sees 3 times a week.  We have chemo this coming Friday and I have the "electrode" catheters downstairs....another $1,000, which we have yet to see whether or not they are "covered".  I am praying and praying that this all works this time!  I can't tell you how much pity I have for the bodily piece so involved in this whole ordeal.....

Oh funny.....I wrote the post above a couple of nights ago....I guess I forgot to hit "publish"!!

Looking forward to an evening at my friends....she'll be demonstrating and serving us using a "Thermomix" appliance....of which I do own....but haven't quite had the ya ya's to tell the hubby....I have to prove that it's worth the $1,700.....especially when there are so medical bills involved.  But it's so totally worth it as by using it, I can save $$ making a tonne of my own opposed to buying boxed food.

Incisions are healing nicely....actually getting  a tad itchy....very weird though as I still get pains as though I'm ovulating.....when there are no "ovules" to ovulate

Wayyyy tooo much "partying"!

So I decided to take a break from work.....things are relatively least until the next storm.  And I decided to go for lunch with my crazy friend D yesterday.....I did it again today with my lovely friend L.  In the end.....too much wine.  Tomorrow the hubby and I are supposed to take the youngest (who is not so young any more....13) out for dinner and a Christmas light drive....sadly....hubby is coming down with a cold....hopefully it won't get worse as he has naturopath appointment tomorrow am and chemo on Tuesday....and then of course my lovely turkey on Wednesday...seriously....I cook a deadly turkey.

For now.....I need to deal with this.....

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Missing my writing place....

It's been so long that I've written got the better of me.  Lame excuse?...maybe....but in my eyes it really has.  Taking care of my business, my family (especially my husband) and everything else that needs to be taken care of....I'm just too pooped to sit down and wrack my brain at the end of the day.....hmmmm....maybe I should try for "morning writing"?!?!

Well, I do feel the need to come back to this place and I'm really going to make the effort.  This past year has been a tough one....and a good one....and an interesting one.  It's amazing when I look back to see just how much has happened.

For now.....just got home from day surgery and am really really groggy....and hungry!!!  So I will this for now....I may just be back later tonight.