Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's tuff getting old...."er"

So my mother passed away and has left her "residence" to the grandchildren.  Of course Teddy being the oldest and at 22....he's taking this opportunity to "get out of the house".  He'll be moving out this week....with his girlfriend....his 28 year old girlfriend....whom we really like but.....well.....you know.

Krystina also announced to me this week that she was done with trick or treating with her parents....*sigh*....I will actually have to stay home and hand out candy.

On the bright side.....Tony and I have riding lessons (in traffic)....this Saturday, Sunday, Monday and road test on Tuesday.  Honestly....I'm not confident that I'll get through it as it seems I've gotten a bit of "cold feel" on this whole crazy idea....it might be the 450 lb bike I have in my garage....and the fact that I've already tipped it over (at stand still)...only to give myself a beautiful purple, black and blue bruise on my hip....don't tell my dad.  All I can say is thank goodness for the "crash guard"/"engine protector"....which my beloved quickly got for himself....let's just say if it wasn't for that.....I may be sporting a cast on my leg.  So yeah.....maybe I'm too old for this....or maybe I have to beef myself up and not be such a "little thing".  In any case....I haven't given up but....I certainly have tested the waters.  Just not sure if I want to back in.....at this point.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I am biased but.....

...I think she's quite beautiful!


Hopefully my computer won't "restart" before I finish writing this post....cuz I have a lot to say!

So much has happened in the "almost year" since I've been here....where do I start?

Well firstly.....Tony ended up having 12 chemo treatments, 6 surgeries before the oncologist finally came to the decision that things just weren't working and it was time to take the bladder out.

Thankfully, because of his hard work at keeping healthy.....things turned out relatively well.  He had his bladder removed on June 15th, 50 cm of intestine cut out and restructured into a new "NeoBladder".  There was no sign of the cancer in his ureters or kidneys, so they went ahead with surgery.  I'll never forget waiting and waiting for him to come out of recovery....it was a 5 hour surgery and another 5 hours in recovery.....the attendee came into his room (where I was waiting), looked at me and said "oh you must be the one he's looking for?!".  A few minutes later they wheeled him in....chewing gum (yes....they make the patients chew gum to "wake up" the section of intestine they just cut out).

Typically where the "average" person would be in hospital 7 - 18 days....they were telling me to take him home on day 4!!  He was their "star patient"...walking within a few hours and walking some more....this with 7 pipes/wires all connected to him....I cannot tell you how proud I was/am of him.  Most of the tubes came out within a week but he still had 2 catheters for a total of 24 days....can't tell you the relief it was when those came out.

So seriously.....3 weeks after major surgery.....I could not keep him down!!

Since then...he's done amazingly...the "star patient" is what the doctors were calling him....only one other had done as well as he.  He really is my hero....my rock....my everything!

Then....my mom passed away this past September 14th....exactly 15 years plus 1 day  after my mother-in-law....from essentially the same thing....cirrhosis of the liver...very very sad.  I can't even begin to explain my feelings...I just need to move forward and enjoy all that I have now.  Everything and anything can be taken from under your feet within a blink of an eye.

For now....I am loving all that I have and all those I have around me!

Morning Delivery

Yes....I have slippers on....no....I have not combed my hair....yes....this is my new bike....yes....it weighs 450 lbs....and yes.....we're nuts!!

When there's a chance to take a "selfie"!

Having minor surgery.....my girl could not resist taking a selfie!!

Bucket List....Insanity!

Kayce sure seems to have taken comfort in knowing that these are her owners'!