Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Hopefully my computer won't "restart" before I finish writing this post....cuz I have a lot to say!

So much has happened in the "almost year" since I've been here....where do I start?

Well firstly.....Tony ended up having 12 chemo treatments, 6 surgeries before the oncologist finally came to the decision that things just weren't working and it was time to take the bladder out.

Thankfully, because of his hard work at keeping healthy.....things turned out relatively well.  He had his bladder removed on June 15th, 50 cm of intestine cut out and restructured into a new "NeoBladder".  There was no sign of the cancer in his ureters or kidneys, so they went ahead with surgery.  I'll never forget waiting and waiting for him to come out of was a 5 hour surgery and another 5 hours in recovery.....the attendee came into his room (where I was waiting), looked at me and said "oh you must be the one he's looking for?!".  A few minutes later they wheeled him in....chewing gum (yes....they make the patients chew gum to "wake up" the section of intestine they just cut out).

Typically where the "average" person would be in hospital 7 - 18 days....they were telling me to take him home on day 4!!  He was their "star patient"...walking within a few hours and walking some more....this with 7 pipes/wires all connected to him....I cannot tell you how proud I was/am of him.  Most of the tubes came out within a week but he still had 2 catheters for a total of 24 days....can't tell you the relief it was when those came out.

So seriously.....3 weeks after major surgery.....I could not keep him down!!

Since then...he's done amazingly...the "star patient" is what the doctors were calling him....only one other had done as well as he.  He really is my everything! mom passed away this past September 14th....exactly 15 years plus 1 day  after my mother-in-law....from essentially the same thing....cirrhosis of the liver...very very sad.  I can't even begin to explain my feelings...I just need to move forward and enjoy all that I have now.  Everything and anything can be taken from under your feet within a blink of an eye.

For now....I am loving all that I have and all those I have around me!

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Fenriq said...

Congrats on the successful surgery! Hard to keep your good man down!

So sorry about your mom's passing. Nothing easy about losing one's parent, regardless of the relationship!