Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I don't plan on going anywhere.....

Yesterday I got a call from a friend who had just found out my "predicament" (sp?). Her message was sincere enough and I love her but.....her tone was as though I was already on my death bed. People....I only have one option....I'm not going anywhere....not anytime soon. While I desperately cling to my family and close friends for support and the want to help during my "down times"....please, please, don't cry and speak as though I only had a week left to go. I've lost a chunk of my boob....and I'm glad!...it means that nasty lump is gone. I've lost a sentinel node...I'm glad...it means the cancer won't drain over to my other lymph nodes. I'm going to lose my hair....I'm glad....I got me one gorgeous wig! My life has slowed down....I'm glad for that too....it was time. I'm still me though....and I'm enjoying life and living....and that's what I'm going to continue to do!

On another note....well regarding the same topic...I took a couple of photos (for my own reference) of the state of my boob....well little miss took my camera and.....saw them. I told her calmly that she shouldn't have taken mommy's camera without asking....and then I asked her if they scared her...."yes"....I told her it looked worse than it was, gave her a big hug and reminded her that I'm going to be just fine.

On an even "other note"....I went to the best sushi place in town today....oh my gosh...I couldn't believe how tasty and how beautiful this food looked....for cheap!!!...I'll definitely be going back to "Sushi Sh*el$ter 101"....D...you gotta go!


Jen said...

You are amazing. I thought that long before now. Your attitude and outlook are amazing. You DID need the down time. I used to get tired just reading about how busy and crazy your life was!

I am glad to see that regardless, you are going to take in every single second...

You will be FINE. I wanna see the wig!! I bet you will look amazing!

Thinking of you EVERY day! Take Care!!

Deanna said...

Ha ... correction WE gotta GO! ... well unless you were talking to your sister ... and I am answering for her .. and in that case I'll just tag along anyways...

Don't tell me that stuff (about sushi) woman .. cause I am ADDICTED to the stuff ... well less addicted than I used to be, ... given that I live life on the lesser side these days ... yes ... even that stuff I don't LIKE to eat anymore.

AND .. I say that right now as I am busily starving for the day !

Frame of mind is everything .. and you have it all going on .(even when on the outside you have it going on, and on the inside it's turmoil, BUT you have ways of straightening yourself out).. and I know that you don't need me to tell you that. Unfortunately there are some people that just don't do well with information ... I'm sorry that you had to listen to that.

AND ... oh that girl of yours!

Erik said...

I'm glad your attitude is as positive and upbeat as possible. That is key!

Health issues really put the rest of the world into a sharper focus and provides a clearer perspective as to what is really important.

Get well!