Friday, December 10, 2010

Cut me a break...would ya?

I'm doing okay...thanks for asking. I had my follow-up with my surgeon today...he said the massive bruising and swelling was "perfectly normal"...considering how much tissue they removed...which, if you look at the actual measurements....doesn't sound like much but....well, I'm prepared for the deflation of my breast....when the swelling comes down...which it I'm told....*shucks*.

Dr. K. managed to "get it all"....I swear he had some fun while he was in there as'd have to see the photos to agree with me on this one. Two sentinel lymph nodes were was "clear" had a two mm cancer spot....which is enough to say that the cancer had spread to my lymph node(s)...which means that either a further operation (not likely) or radiation (almost 100%) will be added to my treatment plan. Per Dr. K. today....over the next 5 years I will be watched over like a hawk and I will undergo many, many more tests, mammograms, scans focus right now...the next 10 months.

In other chemo medication was turned down for coverage by our insurance is also not covered by Pharma*freakin*care....we're talking a small mortgage here.... We don't know why the insurance co. denied the covered...apparently they didn't "completely" deny coverage...whatever the heck that means...and because they wouldn't talk to the hospital handling my chemotherapy care....I need to call them on Monday....but so far it ain't looking so good. The nurse at LGH said they're "going to fight for me"....I mean is it possible that our flippin gov't. will cover "gender change" operations but not medication for someone who has a legitimate disease....I don't even smoke!!

I guess this is where I "get mad" at this whole shitty situation?!

I am mad....I have every right to be pissed.....I, and every person with this stupid disease deserves the best in care without question and without selling an arm and/or a leg....or ovary....or whatever....I'm a tax paying, mother of three, fairly young, wife and I need to be here a lot longer than this.


Team Henderson said...

You deserve to be madder than HELL. Unreal. I am livid for you... ugh.

Erik said...

I don't understand how your treatment isn't covered. This seems like exactly what the insurance should be for. Maybe you have to get a sex change at the same time for them to pay for it?

Its ridiculous though.

All that fear mongering about death panels and crap when there are already death panels, they are called insurance boards and they decide who gets treatment and who they can shine for a while and hope they die.

And I thought Canada's system was supposed to be so much better too. Just goes to show you that there's greed and corruption everywhere.

And don't even get me started on prevention and early detection and alternative therapies. Health coverage is a giant farce.