Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The billboard went like this......

...."Money CAN buy you anything...until you find that lump in your breast". Smack dab in the middle of my little suburbia that's what the billboard said....*sigh*.

You know what guys?....I just want to thank you all for your well wishes, you can't imagine what it does for my mood. I know I have total support from my fact it's a little hard to handle at times...but knowing that I'm thought of and wished well wishes...well it really does lift my spirits.

Today was another long day and I'm glad that for the moment....the pre-op/further investigation tests are all done. I went in today for my sentinel lymph node mapping injection....another injection of radioactive material that showed my lymph nodes during a 30 minute scan. Tomorrow I arrive at the hospital at 7:20 and have a "fine wire" inserted at 8:00 a.m. At 10:30 my surgery starts and I am injected with now a blue dye and will have a "metal detector" of sorts pass over me to find "hot spots" to see if the cancer cells have moved from the initial tumor to the surrounding lymph nodes...which will determine how long my chemo will be, at what intervals and possibly whether or not I will have radiation when the chemo is done.

I'm still scared.

Tomorrow I lose a good portion of what helps make a woman...just that....I nursed my babies with that body part....I finally got it back to "pre baby" appearance....but it is just that...."a part"'s done it's job and it's really not needed any longer....besides...I still have one healthy one....which I'm obsessed with checking constantly. And ladies....learn from me....CHECK THEM!!

My kids are well taken care of tonight and tomorrow...we have more than enough food to feed them....*as I look over at the stove and make sure that the chicken soup is simmering nicely*....

Life is good and I for one....cannot wait until this surgery is done.

Thanks again for everything!

See you soon!

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