Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time marches on

It's but a few more days before I start my lengthy treatment. I'm scared shitless....not about the outcome...just about the toxicity and volume of chemicals coursing through my veins. It's always the fear of the unknown that gets me...I'm sure I'll be okay after the first treatment...even though they say the second one is the one that "gets ya".

In the meantime...I've taken to a sort of "nesting" the house, washing the floor, cooking up a storm...I like to be prepared....I'm gonna be prepared! The kids are home this week and so it'll make Christmas shopping/wrapping a little more difficult...even though, even that's pretty close to done....

We went to my sister's last night...oh my gosh....the food was phenomenal!!! To die for actually...well, not literally but hey...."bil...where's the recipe?".

Hair gets chopped on Tuesday.

Time to get the little one in the tub.

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