Sunday, November 30, 2008


I managed to accomplish....everything today. I'm downright beat as a result. Seriously...8 1/2 hours standing in the kitchen is what I did today. I smell like a ball of curry but....I managed 30 cabbage rolls, I can't even count that high both cheese and bacon and sauerkraut. There was also the corn chowder, the Thai rice and the beef stroganoff that the family will get to enjoy while I'm slaving away at work tomorrow....until around 9ish. Sheesh....I hope they save me some!

The Christmas lights were hung which is a really nice thing......I always enjoy seeing them twinkle from the front window.

Next weekend will be a "baking weekend" for me.

My leg is not looking very good at this point and actually....I'm not feeling so great today.....hopefully the antibiotics will start to take affect quick.

For now.....sayonara! or however you spell it!

Let the cooking begin!

It's 9:51....I should be prepped and ready to go in the kitchen by 10:30....the aroma's will be wonderful!

Friday, November 28, 2008

A little peak into my "real world"

This is my son's room. That's Teddy sitting in front of my old, old laptop...playing none other than "World of War Craft". See the collection of juice cans (I rarely, rarely, buy any pop) gathering on his window sill?.....which, if the blinds were open you'd see that we've got him barred in.....of course if there was a fire, he's got the key to open the bar.....don't worry....the window is attached to the alarm system....that sends off a sound if it's opened.....he cannot escape without his "light sleeping mama" finding out! Those are clean socks that were never put away.... Yes, he has a "ghetto blaster" was a gift....not by us. Those medals and and Tae Kwon Do....mostly Tae Kwon Do. A $75 Mustang Mach I model that I bought for my collects dust in his room. His bed....never made....used by himself and the dog. There's a poker card shuffler at the top of his desk. A a stuffed Ford truck, that he's had since he was a year old is at the top of his wall shelf. His original black belt is at the very top of that said shelf...too bad you can't see his black belt diploma display. And finally...cuz I can't make anything else out at this point.....a photo of him getting first place at a tournament in the U.S. when he was still just a red stripe.

It's a small room's his room...and for this single moment....was relatively clean....consider yourselves lucky!

Oh yeah....and that's the dog's tail at the bottom!

So this is the thing....

....I FINALLY had my hair done today. See the problem with getting your hair colored, foiled, streaked whatever...especially at my that you have to do it frequently in order that you don't end up with this solid color of growth crowning the top of your head. So's been a long in fact that even my dad was telling me it was time to go. All fresh, bright, shiny and flat-ironed. Funny how when I was a teen I'd do anything for my hair not to go straight and it!

The drive home took 30 minutes longer than it should. Why? Because some ninkompoop decided it was a good idea to try and drive into oncoming traffic.....on the bridge! Lucky for him, no one was hurt...or killed....unlucky for those trying to get home in the rainy, dark.

After meeting my husband for a "pub snack"....I took the two younger ones to "Rogers' Video"...Krystina rented (well I did) "WallE". 45 minutes into the movie, she came upstairs was too sad for her. It broke her heart that "WallE" finally had a friend and she was taken away by the aliens (or something of that sort). And, who thought you were the last one's on the earth to see the no...that would be us...and apparently we won't be watching the end.

I have to put a hot compress on my leg every night, so as I was trying to comfort Krystina over a bowl of ice cream....I asked if Tony could re-soak my towel in hot water. He thought he'd be the humorous one and soak it in "close to boiling" hot water and watch my face start to distort when the heat started to bubble my skin. Yes dear....what better way to get rid of an infection....burn it off!


Just got back from a visit with my fil. He took a good fall yesterday and skinned up his knee, which wouldn't be so bad in itself except that he's on he bleeds....alot. Continuing to be as independent as the caregivers at the home will let him....he cleaned himself up. Um yeah....a mat covered in blood, a blood soaked bandage, a white t-shirt (that's not so white anymore) that he used to "clean off" his wound, tissues strewn around the bathroom and a blood stained bed sheet....really, you'd think that he'd cut his leg off. Anyways...he's okay....just missed the uneven curb. He was thankful for more boiled eggs and mayo.

On another note....I've taken to using my Sundays as my "cooking days". This way....when I get home at 9, 6 and 6 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday....I don't have to worry about cooking. Teddy and/or Gramps can just pop it in the oven, or warm the dish up or whatever. It's worked quite well for the last couple of weeks. On this weekends menu is....... my yummy corn chowder, Tony's favorite Thai rice, beef stroganoff (a slow cooker day for this is Monday), cheese perogies (I found the yummiest recipe) and cabbage rolls (both the perogies and cabbage rolls will be frozen for future use). Can we say yum?!?

And now....going back to what I should be doing....working.

A change in the weather.

They say we might get some rain mixed with snow today, I'll make sure I'm off the roads. The first flake will surely put traffic into a's also when all the idiots come out on the roads. Whether it snows or is definitely a very gloomy, very wet, very cold day. I think I'll stay in my flannels.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It wasn't as bad.

Today didn't end up being so bad after all, although I have to say that "J" really handles things like a child. One minute he's up and the next can barely hear him say anything. I was definitely nervous getting to the office, not having any clue what's been said, what the outcome was.....I still don't. I decided I should just walk in as though I was oblivious. I sang out my cheery "good morning"....I got a grunt. I sat at my work and began going through things...."J" eventually came out of his office and started to talking to me. "G" made an appearance and they actually shared a calm, collect and polite conversation. So who the heck knows!? As long as they pay my bill...we'll see how long I stick it out.

In other news.....

I'm on antibiotics...well, not yet...I still have to pick them up. "Vibramycin" is my doctor's choice....personally I think it sounds like some "personal toy".

So there you have it....all in all, not a bad day....that is until I got the call from Teddy telling me that he skipped P.E.....again.....apparently he lost his runners. When he came home he ate 3 1/2 cinnamon raisin bagels, one chocolate pudding and two mandarins....yes, I did feed him a lunch. He's now 2 inches taller than I (at a mere 5'4") and consuming more food in a day, than I do in a week. Now you see why I need to keep this job!?!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Case of Forgetfullness.... I had a topic....I had it all planned and now.....down the toilet.

My dog is snoring.....seriously.

I'm having one of those "I don't feel sleepy" nights...could be the infectious fluids boiling up in my leg.

Oh good grief...I seriously can't remember what I wanted to write about....but I will say....I'm so sick of hearing about politics and the economics.....I'm not naive, nor am I professed but...enough already! I just get easily bored, I guess.

Krystina had her "boyfriend" over after school....they immediately navigated to her bedroom.....and ended up on her bed....thankfully only to play Nintendo DS!!

I just found out that a fellow blogger and friend has lost her, so very sad. I know only too well that it doesn't matter whether he/she was 3 weeks, 14 weeks, 25 weeks pre or even 3 weeks post partum. That baby will continue to reside in your heart...for all time. It's all too a familiar scene, but one....that we can have hope on. My little Andrew would have been 13 this coming February.


I have to say that I'm a little anxious about going into work tomorrow....I just don't know what to expect at this point, as I haven't heard anything from "G" today.

On another note though....I'm also anxious about my doctor's appointment tomorrow....yes....I finally made it. I'm really hoping my leg doesn't get stuck with a long needle to...well, help heal the infection....I just may have to hurl.

In the middle of a nasty divorce.

While I wait for my father-in-laws' eggs to boil, I'll write a little post about my day yesterday.

Remember the partnership that just formed between my old client and my new client? The old client "G" is a great guy, has always been courteous and non-demanding and most importantly....kept his bodily fumes to himself (whether they came in the form of a belch, ripper or his horrid feet). The new partner "J" is definitely opposite to "G" and I expressed a couple of times that I found it difficult to work with "J". I hung around for "G". And remember I said that "shit was going to hit the fan"? Well, it finally did....yesterday.....while I was in the office.

So "G" comes in and sits down to discuss things with "J". "G" made reference to a $6k cheque that was deposited, not in the "new company" account but "J's" old's now the end of November. "J" basically ran around the bush on excuses as to why this had happened and by "G" bringing it up again "J" freaked out.....unjustifiably.

There are many other "red flags" that have made "G" very nervous and skeptical as to "J's" honesty and integrity....some that even I pointed out, so that he's aware of what was going on. As an example....."G" was going on holidays for 3 weeks and while away (actually he hadn't even left the country as of yet), one of his employees shmucked up one of the company vans. The employee got all nervous and all about having to tell "G" that this had happened.....a second time. So "J" who (it appears) wants to get all chummy with "G's" employees (and who wouldn't, if you're working with them every day) said to him...."oh it's okay, we'll keep this to ourselves and get it repaired while "G" is away". Well "G" figured out what happened and actually went to the body shop/ICBC to see photos and the write up on the claim. I say....there are a number of things that have happened/been said/not said etc. that would warrant anyone to be suspicious of a person that you've just placed your 2 million dollar company in charge of. But yesterday......woah.....the swearing, the "back up against the wall", the was bad. "G" just sat there calmly and kept his cool but "J" was just....well it was bad. I sat there with my head down, cheeks burning, fingers flying wondering if I should just leave. I don't think I've ever heard anyone speak like that...well I have but we'll leave that alone.

So I didn't have to go into the office today....thankfully! "G" called me last night to apologize for what the language and volume of noise that I had to put up with. He said that he was going in today to let "J" know he was being removed from all signing authority. I think Hell will be upon that office again today. I'm to go in tomorrow and "G" said that he'll be there when I do. It'll be interesting to see what happens but I think it's pretty safe to say that this "partnership" has just been flushed down the commode!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gotta know that I can add my photos!

And this one....was a short lived shot of the "Halloween Queen"...those "lashes" stayed on for probably a total of 30 seconds......they do look awfully heavy!

A New Beginning

So if you've been following me for a while, then you know much about chaotic and screwed up my life is/has been. We're all good though and we're grateful to be able to start again here (even though the template isn't the most ideal...but it's free). I hated the fact that if you googled my name you were taken straight to my blog....there'll be none of that here, that you very much!

So anyways....a lot of work still needs to be done here, but....I'm letting my old "hoster" was senseless to pay every month for a blog that I could realistically get for free otherwise. Yeah, it might not be as "pretty" and fancy're here to read about me and my "chaos", rather than look at the "pretty design"...right?

So give me a chance and I'll get things organized here and we'll do okay.

Until then....a short update.

We had a power outage on Friday night, due to a semi-powerful windstorm...I say "semi" as none will compare to last year's "Satan's howl"....if you read any of our newspapers, you'd see the devastation that it had caused. But still....a little "puff" and power here in my dear city is gone....'s always a most enjoyable time, as the family gets to sit down, with a roaring fire, lit candles, Aleks on the guitar and mom and dad manually winding up the "wind up" radio to hear "how bad it is", while sipping on our second or third glass of wine. This year....the power came bakc on at around 10:30...just in time for me to say..."enough wine, I'm tired, sayonara!" It was good to wake up early the following morning.

I spent 3 1/2 hours cooking today....this family will not starve, regardless of the economic least not this week! There's home-made chicken noodle soup (and it's the utmost best), chicken paprikash (you'll have to google it...yum!), spaghetti sauce and tonight we had Terriyaki and "hot" chicken wings, pasta and wanna live here, don't you? Come on...tell the truth!

The leg continues to "have a spot", I haven't gone to the doctors yet my hasn't really gotten worse...really...I'll give it a couple more days and see how it is. Basically, I want it to "explode" and all the "yuckies" come far.... anyways.....enough.....I don't want to turn you off my "new home"!

See you soon!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting this thing set up

So I haven't yet notified anyone of my "new home" but I think it will be soon. I'm looking forward to spending time in new much as it makes me so sad to lose all that I've posted previously. It'll be a little bit of "fresh air"...especially knowing that my name won't be linked to this don't bother mentioning it...k? home late tonight from Teddy's "camp reunion" feeling sleepy and will work on this baby a little more tomorrow.