Thursday, September 20, 2012

I almost forgot one of my favorite places....

...actually I did forget my password!!  We're all good now though!

Wow, I can't believe you guys kept checking up on me?!?....I thought you'd long given up on me!  So much time has passed....

My eldest turned 19 and has informed me of the clubs he's been to (previous to turning 19)....really...I should not be surprised....there's so much more to say about my eldest but for now....I'm proud of him...he's holding down a full-time electrician apprenticeship job and has already completed his first year at BCIT...barely....but we'll take it!

My youngest son (middle child....technically my 3rd) is now 15, is the tallest in the family and given the opportunity...will sleep 15 hours a day....which is why is so monstrous in size!...but he still gives me kisses!

My baby has turned 11 and has just begun "middle school" kind of sucked at first because they (teachers) decided to take her away from all of her friends and put her in a class where she knew no-one!

After saying how I'd be so happy to be done with the elementary school of 14 years....I walked by it with the dog and actually felt sad....those days are over....which really translates to me getting old!!!

I am now 10 months cancer free...this does not come without it's complications...which I'll get into more soon...for now...Tamoxifen is nasty and has been constantly putting my muscles into cramped tight balls.

We have bears....twice in 2 weeks a huge mother has come and devoured our garbage...ripped a bungee cord right in 2!  The hubs got clever and the third time....the bear was not able to open the garbage, but got so pissed off he left it in our neighbours front yard and then proceeded to leave a huge pile of shit in ours!!!

Summer remains...for now....and I'm enjoying every last ray!!!

My dad still lives with us.....

The dog (at 6 1/2) has arthritis in her elbows and needs to lose 15 lbs (11 at this point)....she drools constantly.

I have tomatoes!!...lots and lots of tomatoes still growing in my garden!