Monday, July 29, 2013

Never a dull moment in my life!

So here I am to write about my latest goings on...3 years (pretty close) to the day my cancer was growing..,,,my husband is diagnosed with bladder cancer !  Do we need anything else in this family?   Aren't we given only that which we can handle....well, I for one can't handle anything else!

I just told Teddy ( waiting until he wrote his second year final for the second time...he passed...hallelujah!).  The younger ones don't need to know until it's a necessity.

I'm freaking...this man is my everything!!  Like really both parents.....cancer sucks!

Anyways,of course we're praying for the best case scenario ....but's going to be another big obstacle!

Certainly makes you appreciate each other more....and cuddling is always good!