Sunday, July 31, 2011

We finally got some sun!....

.....and then it disappeared again. 

The last couple of days have been really beautiful here...finally summer has come to us.  Last night we had dinner at my sil's...none of us really wanted to go....not that we don't enjoy it there, but there were issues floating around my little dysfunctional family and none of us was in a good mood.  Anyways...ended up (for me anyways) being one of the nicest evenings I've had in a very very long time.  The weather was great, food was awesome, wine was good as always, the kids behaved and Teddy even got to enjoy a "Heini"....I really enjoyed my chats with my sil and bil....really a very nice evening.

Ended the evening by driving past a Chevron station that had about 12 cop cars surround a car at one of the pumps....all four doors open....that would've been an interesting story!

And then the rain came back during the night.....if it's not sunny when I head down to the states, I'm going to be one seriously semi-baldish, pissed off lady!

Friday, July 29, 2011

A different chemistry

Since I've gone through the whole chemo and radiation thing....I've noticed that what my body can tolerate and not tolerate has greatly changed....I've noticed too, that I need wayyyy more sleep than I was ever used to...which is not a bad's just trying to fit it into my schedule.  (kidding Erik....I really have been taking it easy)!  But what I eat, how much I walk and how much sun I get really tends to affect me.  Including red wine is now my demon...seriously...makes me sicker than anything...and we're not taking a whole lot....even one glass and I'm done.  So I've switched to I'm taking it easy but I'd rather have a glass of white than red now.

*sigh* so much going on right now.  Soooooo glad that July is over!  July is always a crazy month for me..and now...I can relax a bit...and I will.

Tuesday - me and the girl are heading down to Portland to visit with Kacey's breeder (they've had a litter of 7 and will be 2 weeks old when we visit)....plan on spending some time with them, then checking into our hotel, going for a swim, having a nice dinner together, going for another swim and then chillin in our room.

Wednesday - get up and walk through Portland and pick up some cigars for "Mr. Grumpy"! and then head back up to Bellevue....check into our hotel and go for a swim...for dinner....another swim and then *night night*.

Thursday - check out the Seattle aquarium and tootle around Seattle...more swimming...more dinner.

Friday - shopping at the Bellevue shopping mall and than slowly start heading back to "reality"...ugh.

No, life is's good to know that I'll be heading back down at the end of August with Al.


So the husband is in a shitty mood....which makes me in a shitty mood...shouldn't but....he doesn't need to take it out on me....we all have shitty days.  Guess it didn't help though when the middle child took a chip out of  his "baby"....guess what I 'm going to get the big daddy when I head down to the states...yup....something I told him he should have gotten right away...a car cover!!!  Until then....phhht.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A couple of my most favorite words....


and of course steak.

....I know...I'm strange....

Missing this place

I really have been missing my time here at this ole blog.  I think of it often but when I actually get a chance to sit down....I'm just too tired to get my fingers to work.  But don't lose faith in me....I may surprise the heck out of you and write so much you'll be afraid to check on  I just need to get through the next 10 days.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I think I've been afraid to write...afraid to hear what I really had to say.  Sometimes it's better when you have a front up.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Run over by a truck

I feel as though I've been run over by a truck and left to try and stand on my own. 

Chemo was gross and not super easy but radiation took it out of me much worse.  My red blood cells and hemoglobin are struggling to get back to "normal" levels....still well below....which would explain why I could sleep 15 hours a day....and I try to. I over-did it last week and I definitely paid for it.  Next Herceptin treatment is this Monday...with my new doctor.  :o(

On a positive note...I have hair happening...I have eyebrows and I definitely have lashes again....along with leg hair and *ahem*....but I only have one armpit that I have to shave...bonus!  Now if my daughter would be comfortable enough to let me go "hat less" in public....she's not quite ready.....and it's getting warm out!

Last week consisted of a grade 8 leaving boy (after hair-cut) was such a dapper young gentleman and I was proud of him...he did well on his report card.  We also had a grade 12 graduation ceremony for my was a very, very, very long night....400+ graduates....but I was very proud of him too.  And we told him....we gave him a beautiful "Tag" watch and said we'd help him (a bit) when he was ready to purchase a vehicle.  And then he quit his job the very next day.....I'm still shaking my head.  But he does have plans and I'm thankful for that....nothing would upset me more than if I had to see him sitting at home playing video games for the next 5 years....noooo.....we're going to get into the electrical trade....he just wants a couple of weeks off....I can handle that.  Krystina had two, year-end dance recitals which are always too cute....I went to my most favorite doctor's "retirement tea" and ended the whole thing off with a 5 km walk with my good buddy....the morning was gorgeous.  So yeah...time to relax a little.  Well that is "now" I can relax a little....Krystina had her birthday party today which really didn't have me doing too week is Tony's b-day....I'll let him sleep in.

It's hard to believe that we passed our 19th wedding anniversary...that's a very long time...and while the man snores....I still "like" him...

Well I'm off to a clients tomorrow (because of treatment on Monday) and I'm ready to hit the sack.

Take care everyone!