Friday, July 29, 2011

A different chemistry

Since I've gone through the whole chemo and radiation thing....I've noticed that what my body can tolerate and not tolerate has greatly changed....I've noticed too, that I need wayyyy more sleep than I was ever used to...which is not a bad's just trying to fit it into my schedule.  (kidding Erik....I really have been taking it easy)!  But what I eat, how much I walk and how much sun I get really tends to affect me.  Including red wine is now my demon...seriously...makes me sicker than anything...and we're not taking a whole lot....even one glass and I'm done.  So I've switched to I'm taking it easy but I'd rather have a glass of white than red now.

*sigh* so much going on right now.  Soooooo glad that July is over!  July is always a crazy month for me..and now...I can relax a bit...and I will.

Tuesday - me and the girl are heading down to Portland to visit with Kacey's breeder (they've had a litter of 7 and will be 2 weeks old when we visit)....plan on spending some time with them, then checking into our hotel, going for a swim, having a nice dinner together, going for another swim and then chillin in our room.

Wednesday - get up and walk through Portland and pick up some cigars for "Mr. Grumpy"! and then head back up to Bellevue....check into our hotel and go for a swim...for dinner....another swim and then *night night*.

Thursday - check out the Seattle aquarium and tootle around Seattle...more swimming...more dinner.

Friday - shopping at the Bellevue shopping mall and than slowly start heading back to "reality"...ugh.

No, life is's good to know that I'll be heading back down at the end of August with Al.

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Erik said...

That's too bad about the red wine, I don't drink it often but I'll enjoy a glass every now and again.

I've been in a pretty grumpy mood the last week or so, with good reasons but still, being grumpy and angry all the time is tiring and counter-productive (although I tend to shed pounds when I'm angry).

Enjoy your trip with your little but not so little girl! I've been doing quite alot of swimming lately and really like it! Very different from running or cycling, that's for sure!