Saturday, February 27, 2010

Burned by a hardboiled egg.'s true.

Aleks decided to warm up a "hard-boiled" egg in the microwave and then bite into it. The heat was so intense on the inside and "not" on the outside....that when he bit into literally..."blew up"...all over him and gave him second degree burns on his upper lip. I kidd you not...we're missing skin!....and he's actually "quiet", ie....he's not yammering a hundred miles a minute. I actually feel sorry for the kid.

But egg?


....the Slovaks didn't "medal" would've been a first in history....oh well...still proud of them...prouder of the Canadians....let's see what Sunday brings!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Despite the eyes....

...this was a good day!

I managed to get a little bit more work done and even enjoyed a really nice lunch out with a a local pub. Yeah...Two Honey Lagers and a "Blackened Steak Salad" would go well on any day..the salad was phenomenal and the beers, well...need I say further...not to mention the was good to get a few laughs out.

Tomorrow...I need to help another friend set her husbands' company up in Simply Accounting and then I can finish up my stuff...which will leave me....with only one client....yay!...which also means....there's more time for workouts and of course....taking care of the delusional. Ahh.....but you gotta love my life!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"The Letter"

This is the letter that I finally sat down and wrote......I think it's self explanatory.

Re: Coaches _________ and _________ U13/14 Boys

Dear Sir(s):

While I understand and appreciate that coaches are in short supply for our league, and that they devote personal time and effort into their teams this does not absolve them of maintaining a reasonable level of conduct as adults in a position of leadership over the boys they are coaching. While this complaint should have been made much earlier in the season, it’s better late than never.

I’d like you all to be aware that these two individuals have conducted themselves in a most unacceptable manner. The boys have been subject to the constant use of profanity, put downs and just plain rude and demeaning conduct the entire season. Incidents I have witnessed were:

At a game in New Westminster: one of our boys was injured, down and crying. _____ told the referee to “keep playing”. The boy remained holding his knee, crying. The referee would not re-start the game and said “hey, the boy is hurt”. _______ only then, with a cigarette in his mouth, walked over to the boy.

At a game in Coquitlam: the team was short staffed at 9 boys and were forced to play against a team of 13. One of the boys is on the heavier side and had to run extra hard the entire game to make up for the lack of players and keep up to the pace (as they all did). At half-time he was clearly exhausted and the coaches’ response was….”get your g--damn ass out there and play”.

At another game they were losing both coaches were voicing profanities when the other team scored, as well as at the boys. Loud profane language was consistent throughout a very painful season where every game was lost.

Finally, at the end of last weekend’s game the coach said that he was canceling the final practice with the words “what’s the point?”. Not the sort of supportive attitude one would hope would come from those in leadership, regardless what the team’s record was.

My husband and I have given permission to our son to quit the team, but out of his own commitment to his team-mates he has decided to persevere. We are appalled by the use of language, put downs, rudeness and unprofessional conduct that these two individuals have displayed and have no alternative but to recommend they not be reinstated. These boys, while only a house team, have worked hard and have been playing short-handed (in most cases) against boys a year older than most of them. I feel very sorry for these boys, most of whom tried their best.

Again, I must stress that I sincerely appreciate that coaches are graciously and unselfishly volunteering their own time. But a level of professionalism and civility must be maintained. I wish to remain anonymous but do hope that you’ll take the time to consider what I’ve written and have this matter dealt with accordingly. My son intends on playing again next season, but only on a team without either of these two individuals.


“a concerned parent”

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


...I finally have it...with some revision tomorrow...I will patient!

A reason to be slightly depressed.....

..............this is what I'm reading...*sigh*...and don't even tell me that the girl on the cover is 40...not a chance....26 at the tops!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ever get one of those "twitches" in your eye? You know...the kind that makes your eye "spaz" and you wonder if, when you're talking to someone that they notice it and then they put all their focus on that one "twitching eye"? The kind just won't stop no matter what you do ie. take your finger and rub it until your eye waters?

Well I have one of "those"...for the past 2's really getting "old".

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anybody have a fork?

My allergies are getting the better of me right now....funny thing is though...they seem to be the worst "inside" the house. Hmmm....does that mean that my house is dirty and full of mold spores?! I think not!! Is it the dog? We've had her for three years. Tony seems to think it could be the roses he got me for Valentine' don't think so. Spring has definitely sprung way too early in these parts and as nice as it's obviously got the buds fact the cherry trees are already in bloom...which makes for a good "selling point" for the tourists of Vancouver right now. But regardless....I'd still like to take something very sharp and claw out my eyes and throat. Perhaps a glass of wine might be a "numbing agent"? I'll let you know.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Me bad... it was Slovakia against Russia...not the Czech's....I got too much sun today!

The one time I'll let my kids "skip".

So today is Friday...and a beautiful one at that, with temperatures heading up to around 16 (62). Also, not sure if you realized this but apparently the Olympics are here in town?! The Olympics and about 120,000 more people!! Crazy! There's no way in the world that we could afford to go to any of the competitions, unless we had an interest in "curling"...which I definitely do not...but than again maybe I should go "just to experience it". The hubs was lucky enough to have scored a ticket to the Canada vs. Norway hockey game through a supplier....he went with another manager (and the supplier) from work and had a blast....who wouldn't.... 8 - 0!? Although even he admitted that while that game was great....a wipe out is not as exciting as the game (Slovakia vs. Czech) last night....where Slovakia (thank you very much!) won in overtime or sudden death or however it was played. Yes....truth be known I was watching Grey's Anatomy (or is it "Gray") but I heard it was awesome....I'm such a patriot?!

So anyways.....apparently it's just amazing to be in the thick of the crowds, the buildings and displays and since this really is a "once in a lifetime" kind of thing....we're taking the Now that I think about it....even the hubs is "skipping" from work. And after the day I had yesterday....I'll consider myself "skipped" as well....but really....I think I "skipped" along time ago!

Let's hope for some good photos!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dog ears and lots of flapping

Sorry folk(s)'s been nuts. To boot...the pooch has gotten herself an ear infection in both ears....which has actually made one of her ears bleed...lots. So $110 later and two weeks (twice a day) of ear drops to look forward to...and trust me...this dog is not liking it!!...hopefully she'll heal up, stop shaking her head and stop spraying saliva all over my living room!!!

Go Canada Go!!!.....

...and maybe send us some snow!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Are you as blind as me?

Is this font way too small to see?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I just realized there's no date on this thing...'s been a while, I know....been going through all kinds of stuff...and stress...what else is new?!?

So just to quickly bring you up to date...

My "fil" is still occupying my stress levels.
My dad is as well.
So are my kids.
Teddy managed to get his learner's permit for driving....stay the Hell off the roads!!!....for all that is have been forwarned.
Aleks has turned into a vulgar texting maniac...I'm taking care of that. still my baby...thankfully!
Spring has sprung during our unusually warm winter.
The Olympics are here.
I couldn't be prouder to be Canadian.
I also couldn't be sadder that these Olympics saw the demise of a young, budding athelete...
I will not see any of the Olympics sports...but my husband, this Tuesday.
My stress levels are declining..momentarily.
I spent $500 in groceries this week.
The allergies have kicked in.
I got a beautiful bunch of roses.
I have an "L" hanging from my rear window...Krystina calls it the "loser"'s actually "Learner".
The "beautiful garage" is full of car parts.
I'm disappointed in my son.
I have to remember my own self at that makes "him" not so bad.

That's it for this moment...although I have so much more to say!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little something anyways... okay...I've still not written the letter to the soccer association...I'll get to that.

For now...I'm dealing with red skinny jeans and comments such as "she just keeps asking about what's in my pants"...yeah...teens....great fun!

"P"...sometimes "investigating" is not such a good thing for a mom?! I'm still trying to keep my stomach from coming up.

Ironically...I now worry about the son that I thought I'd never have to worry about....and don't worry about the one I always thought I'd have to!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Letter to the editor to come but....

...who the Hell is this "N*shant"?

My day was long, my day was filled with kms...I will fill you in tomorrow.

"S"...don't be scared!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Formal complaint

I'm too tired tonight but...I'm working on a formal complain letter to the PoCo soccer association....I want one of their coaches ousted....and I don't care if it's volunteer or not!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I stole the idea....

.....sorry "P"...liked yours, sooo..... ;o)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

She did respond.....

I've been fighting a major headache for the last couple of days, including major anxiety...both very probably due to that dreaded pms that rears its wicked head once a month to us lovely females....thankfully I don't get "nasty"....errr, ummm...perhaps that's why I got the gumption up to write the e-mail yesterday to the principal?!?! Anyways....really trying to keep my focus and from going off the deep usually only lasts a couple of days and then I'm okay....and yes...I have been contemplating going back to the doctor and getting something that might help....I'm just not ready to resort to that yet.

Anyways....the principal called today....basically it was, as I knew it would be...."I hear you, I sympathize with you, the city won't help, I'm sorry, I'll go from the cross-walk (where a boy was struck last week) to the parking lot, please tell your dad to use any of the two other "handicapped spots" yeah....nothing's going to change. Oh don't be so sure about that!

To whoever parks there and doesn't clearly display their "disability notification".....well, let's just hope I'm not having a day like yesterday or today!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Here's the e-mail I sent...

Good evening Mrs. P

As noted in my subject line...."something has got to be done" with regards to the no parking/stopping and ESPECIALLY the handicapped parking zones!!! I am absolutely fuming with the disregard and plain idiocity (sp?) when it comes to this traffic law! My father...who suffered a major stroke a few years back, comes once a week (sometimes more) to pick up my daughter from school....he has a "handicap sign" hanging from his rear-view and needs to use the appropriate parking spots as he is partially paralyzed. On Monday of this week, he parked in the appropriate spot (which isn't always open and is very often being used by someone without a valid handicap sign) in the south parking lot....but he could not get out of his car without almost losing his ground because some woman decided to park in the open area (not even a parking spot) to the left of him. He voiced his anger and yet could not get this woman's attention and very closely fell to the ground. I see this day in and day out...children have been hit by cars backing up because they're using the appropriate "cross walks" and yet these idiots are parked where they shouldn't be and cannot see these little ones. I'm plain and simple tired of it and when I heard this story from my father...and apparently it's not the first time....I blew a gasket. This has got to be my biggest pet peeve and I've had father (and my daughter) are at risk here because of the stupidity of people such as this!! If you do not display a valid handicap sign, you are NOT allowed to park in the handicap zone....or in the spot next to it...which isn't even a spot! I realize we have a few disabled children in the school and they NEED these spots to get to and from their classrooms safely. Children (and adults) needs to be able to cross the streets around the school without being injured.....we NEED to do SOMETHING about this!!!

I am not angry with you....I am angry at those individuals that are too stupid to realize what they're doing....and while I usually just step back and let "the powers that are" take matters into their own hands....I'm sick and tired of this ongoing situation. I rely on my dad being able to get out and be a part of society since his stroke and one way is to be able to drive and pick up my kids when I need him to....I can't expect him to do this if he's put into a dangerous situation when he can't even get out of his car!!

I do hope that you are with me on this...and that SOMETHING can be done!! I've been a part of this school for the past 12 years....and it's only getting worse!



Pretty good..wouldn't you say?

Major pet peeve....immediate blood pressure raiser!

So I hear from my dad and a buddy....there was a bit of an "incident" yesterday.

Monday have, as of late...been long ones for I really count on my dad to pick up all the kids....2:40 there's Krystina...2:50 there's Al and his buddy....3:20 there's's a fair bit for a man who suffered a major stroke and because he doesn't move around that very stiff, not to mention partially paralyzed...perhaps that's one and the same....whatever. Anyways....there are designated "handicapped" parking spots at Krystina's school, as well as areas around the school that are designated "no parking/stopping" areas.....and yet....people are so incredibly stuuuuupid that they continue to abuse these laws. Well, I've fucking had it!

The latest situation occurred this past Monday (I didn't get home until add to my long day and you're asking for a bitchy attitude) dad went to pick up Krystina...parked in the handicapped stall (which he has a sign for) when all of a sudden....some women pulls up next to him....(in a "not parking stall"....just a bit of "space") and sits. My dad tries to open his door....which he could barely do without banging into her car door....and tries to get out....nearly falling....being very vocal...he vents his her complete and total disregard....a friend of mine sees what's going on and offers to help...

I'm sooooo sick and fucking tired of people parking in handicapped (or the "space" next to them) and/or designated "no parking/stopping" areas without valid authorization.....really....are we so stupid that we can't abide by the rules...especially for the handicapped? This started long before my dad had his's just common least to me....but now that it's become "personal"'s ten-fold.

And so I wrote an e-mail to the principle....a nasty one....I assured her that I wasn't "pissed" at her...but that "something had to be done"!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Why? Why? Why?

So Teddy started a new semester today. He has a year and a half left before he graduates (I very much hope that he does) but has had a tough go of it as of late. His biggest headache is math. Failed math 10 (passed summer school), failed math 11 and was told that he should take "math essentials" or "trade math" what does he do?...he tells the counselor to put him in "regular math" he nuts?! He needs to pass this course, Socials, a computer course and Biology in order to get through this term. I'll be totally dumbstruck if he gets through everything this time round.

Cell phone update

So it appears that the BB is still "broken". It's stuck in some sort of "send/receive" mode and yet is not "receiving" anything and has actually had the GPS turn on on its own. Quite frankly I'm scared to death that I'm incurring "roaming charges" to some place in Bangladesh and totally unaware of it. So I turned it off. I'm contemplating either upgrading my BB or....looking into moving over to the iPhone. Erik....I sure wish we were closer to you and "P" as well....I'd trade off your "technical support" for perogies for the family! And yes....I think you might be right on the whole "need to slow down" topic.

I'm still working on Al's billing nightmare. It appears that his plan has the following: unlimited "text and call" to his "my 10", 100 anytime minutes, free calling after 7 p.m. to those not on the "my 10", unlimited internet.....15 cents per text to those not on the "my 10". My issue now is....he had 168 outgoing texts on January 26....only 6 of the numbers noted were NOT on his "10" and yet he got charged for the whole lot. He's allowed to change his list once per month. Very strange and definitely requires another call back.