Saturday, June 26, 2010


13 kids, 2 1/2 hours....enough said.

I'm tired.

Friday, June 25, 2010

"Air space"

You wanna know how out of it I am?? Well it doesn't matter...I'm going to tell you.

Today...I was doing just a little bit of wrap up work around 5 p.m., when I realized....oh my daughter's birthday party is tomorrow and I forgot to order the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To late for Costco, I had to settle on a Safeway cake...thankfully they said they could have it ready for 11:30 a.m. tomorrow.

No goodie bags...nothing....I'm not usually like this.

I am so very tired though...and am hitting the sack early.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


So very done.

I'm tired.
I'm worn.
I'm exhausted.
I'm happy.
I'm busy.
I'm learning.
I'm gone.
I'm making money.
I'm building clientele.
I'm making new friends.
I'm making a name for myself.
I'm having a glass of wine.
I'm still coughing.
I'm still not hitting the gym.
I'm no longer a "blond".
I'm so very much loving "my ride".
I'm still loving my kids.
I'm not happy it's "summer vacation already".
I'm not able to relax.
I'm not able to spend much time in my garden.
I'm getting ready for Krystina's birthday party this weekend.
I'm preparing myself for Aleks' 4 1/2 weeks away.
I'm busy.
I'm too busy.
I'm tired.
I'm very blessed.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Living life on the edge.....

...of my heels. You'll figure this one out in a moment.

So I've lived through 5 hours of "volunteer" service at the first of two "year-end" dance performances.....what fun. The following night was what I was really looking forward to....sitting in the audience, enjoying the show with my hubs, my dad, my sil and my niece. Of course this is after I did a nose dive in the parking lot. Oh heck yeah!

Dropped Krystina off "back-stage", gave her my kisses, sent my dad to the front after I realized I forgot my camera...went back to the car. Got what I wanted and then....lost my "not really" heels. You know when you feel yourself losing it and yet....whatever you do, you can't stop the inevitable from happening?!?! Well it went flying, cell phone popped out of its case and here I am....kissing pavement with my elbow, knee and yes...ankle...I'm a wreck. I'm bloody, bruised, bumped and well...sore. The jeans...have a tear...the "heels" ego....still okay...thankfully because "I think" no one saw me. My sil nursed me with a wet towel and a bandage in the studio.

My girl....did an amazing performance....well worth the blood and bumps!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


....I know....hard to believe.

So anyways...I started my new job with the Si&mon Fr#aser Uni^versity....I know!!!....very cool! I'm in the "international studies" department...quite a learning curve but hey...very cool. I just have to find a better parking space, $23 per day cuts into my pay!!!...or I gotta start taking transit!

But regardless....I report to a couple of wonderful ladies....unfortunately as I sat there learning the ropes....they kept looking down at my top....I'm thinking...."what the heck is wrong....I attached the missing button this morning". my own privacy...I realize that my blouse was opening in the most inappropriate of fricken embarrassing. Who would've thunk that my boobies would ever amount to anything more than an A+? So I stopped at the mall on my way home...guh...nothing to be had. It's hard being out of the "real work force" for 9 years....I gotta catch up on fashion...and obviously get my arse back to the gym!!

Well tomorrow is a busy day...I get to breathe into straws and things...should be fun?!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Going to lose my voice for sure....hacking all day....feeling like crap....can't even go out and enjoy "the cruiser" (or "pimp-mo-bile" or "hurst" as some people have referred to my "new ride")....whatever..... they don't appreciate things like I do! Anyways....a new client tomorrow....I'm now working for the "Simon Fraser University" is good and the old guy is keeping his teeth in. I, on the other hand...have lost any form of appetite...I'm starting to be a little "pulminory" test, or whatever it scheduled for Thursday....I just hate the thought of going to a new clients' and dying all over their desk. Not to mention the fact that I desperately need to get my hair done....maybe I'll just do a "comb over" and no one will notice the roots.

I'm still in shock....Teddy finishes grade 11 this Friday, Al finishes next week and the girl goes until the 29th. Speaking of which...I've booked an archery party for her 9th birthday party!..her choice. At $5 a head...I think we can handle it.

Now we're just trying to figure out how I'm going to get Al home from camp and off to Europe, the same weekend that a "big Kahuna" of a Mustang meet is on in Seattle....oh the stress we have bestowed upon ourselves.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I decided not to wash my hair today.

What does the title of my post have to do with anything? Probably nothing...maybe everything. Yesterday was a good day, today I felt tired and bummed....kinda like my hair. The weather was good. Teddy worked. Krystina barked shes's "bored" a few times and Al went off on his merry tire inflated. My car has been cleaned out, polished up and "made my own"....although I've lost the bag that I shoved everything from "the beast" into....including my GPS....which is about the one thing this new car didn't come with! And yet....still not feeling "up to par"....and an extremely busy week ahead of me....including Krystina's year-end dance recital....5 hours on Thursday (from start to finish....I'm meaning time at the theatre...not "show time") and 5 hours on two new clients...a pulminory something or other ("breathing test") on Thursday.....I'm just yuck. But's my newest "babe".....

Ain't she purdy?!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My day today

Well the heartburn has settled down somewhat least enough that I can have a cup of tea without feeling as though it were at 200 degrees going down the throat/esophagus. Still got the churning tummy and the throat is sore...probably due to the flames, was a relatively "good" day.

I'm registered to go for a "pulmanary"....something or simple terms (cuz I like "simple")....a "breathing test" next rule out asthma.....I don't think that's it anyways. I think it's a combination of really bad "acid reflux" and high blood pressure meds, not agreeing with me.....and maybe a slight "sinusitis" issue.

The fabulous! Yes Erik....I will be taking photos. If I thought like a real "scrap-booker" I would've already taken a know...."old beast"/"new cruiser", side by side...oh brother....I can get really carried away huh? I'm still getting the feel for her really is a nice car to drive....and I totally lucked out with the deal that I got. To "beeps" when I back-up and get too close to an've used that a few back!?!?!

Other than that....full schedule this weekend, but very little "paper work"...worked my butt off the last couple of days and will be able to enjoy a real "weekend" of sorts!!

That's it for now....I need to bring up my red blood cells....have a good night.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Raging Inferno

My insides are burning. I have not yet started the new antibiotics because I cannot take anti-acids with them and I've been having the most intense heartburn, since I was pregnant with any of the brood. I'm not feeling well at boot....the last batch of antibiotics have killed off all of my "good bacteria" and well....I won't go into details but....that's now combined with another wonderful "gift of life" and much more can I fricken take? So "P"...when you saw me in my galoshes, no make-up and major baggy sweats.....that was what I needed today....and probably will tomorrow too, except we have a denturist appointment tomorrow. One good thing about that....I get to take a ride in "Erica"....who I'm learning more and more about and well.....she's amazing! I can honestly say I got a great deal on this car! I just found out that you can hook up your iPod to her and blast it through the speakers....and that I can adjust my gas/brake pedal with the push of a button! I soooo love "her".

But still....I feel like I swallowed some CLR.....yuck.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well that was the fastest $30,000 I ever spent!

....but that includes taxes.

So.....there's a new "beast" sitting in my driveway....oh she's so nice..... It was time....we haggled, we debated, we changed our mind, we came to an agreement.....I gave them a deposit and while I don't technically "own" the car until I bring it back tomorrow and give them the rest of the money....she's pretty much a done deal.

The van has 152,000 kms on it, it's a 2002....not so old, not reeaallly a tonne of klicks has a major oil leak, needs brakes, needs tires, air conditioning doesn't work, neither do the fans except on "blast me out the back of the car" mode, has a strange creaking sound coming from the front end and either the pulleys or the water pump is/are on the verge of dying. So we bit the bullet.....

I am the proud new owner of a 2009 Ford Flex, charcoal grey with a white roof....loaded (except for the sun roof and the rear view camera thingy)....who cares....she's got leather, heated seats, power everything, seats 7, some binging thing if I back up to close to something (we all know how much I need that!), Sirius radio, Sync system so I can call people through the car (using BlueTooth) rather than picking up my cell, nice rims....she's a beaut...and I managed to get them to drop the price by $6,300....I know....they're car salesmen...they're slimey at times.....but still....$26,700.00 was the final price....down from $33,900.00.

I'm sooo happy, even Tony's happy.....I told him he can come for a ride anytime he likes. ;o)

The loc will take a hit this time, as it's cheaper than going through the bank.....and since my bookkeeping income has come up....we'll be okay.

The kids love it, wanna go for a ride in it....again....and again.

My final decision will be when I take it into the city tomorrow to meet up with a client....if nothing comes up...we'll call her "Erica"....don't ask.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Not sure how to handle this one.

Boys were easy...still basically are...they're even easier when there are no girls involved....and they want it that way....what am I doing right? Boys are just slobs. Boys steal beer. Sometimes they don't change their underwear. They fail their classes. They skip their classes. They burp during dinner....and any other time they want. They stay up far too late and sleep in way too long. They eat too much. They forget to flush. The list is endless but there's one thing I know....every morning and night, they kiss their mama right! I know they're going to turn out just day.

But I have NO IDEA what to do with the girl!! She's a very complex creature, who's starting to show her teenage wings ( almost 9). She's moody and sensitive and a little bit insecure. She needs to be fashionable and the rage of the elementary school groupies. She has her "style" and sometimes it's "not". She's been talking back to her mama and about ready to get a swat. Then she runs to her daddy....who keeps buying her candy. I trying to make a rhyme here? I supposed I kinda was....didn't really work but...the gist is there....she's giving me grey hair!

Ok...lame...I know....can't fault me for trying. I can blame it on all the corticosteroids I'm on.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pity party

So I started using my inhaler today, although I don't think it's working...the "dose counter" doesn't seem to be moving....or maybe I'm just not sucking it in hard enough?!?! Feeling crappy today...almost as though I'm coming down with something...yay me! And that would be all I need at this point...bronchitis or something worse! And all because Krystina decided it would be fun to "cough" all over mom's face a few days ago....she's been hacking since last Wednesday!

Now as far as the new dose of antibiotics go....well I haven't quite started them. The reason....they scare the socks off my feet....I know....stupid....but seriously....I was "told" to read the warnings and precautions and well....I just about went into seizures just reading what could...."in rare" cases....happen. My body went through enough with the last batch....I'll give it a couple of days and see if the inhaler brings any improvement and if I'm not improved...or worse....I'll suck it in and take $82 (per 10 pills)'d think they must be good....or poison.

Oh...the hubs ran out of gas with the Mustang last night....lmao.....I had to drive him to the gas station to get a can of gas.....I wondered why everytime I sat in the car (which isn't often)...the gas guage always read 1/2 full/empty....he was freaking a little leaving it on the side of the road....alone.

And on that note....I'm dealing with some major heartburn today...probably a result of the Biaxin that has eaten at my stomach lining.....time for some milk.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lose, lose

So my hubs ran out of gas (with the "Stang" no doubt) and I'm on another dose of anti' well as an inhaler....and scheduled for a "breathing test". Life is fun.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chemicals and less weight

K....I'm at 9 out 10 days of poisoning my body...yes...I can taste the poisons in my mouth....I swear I can smell them coming out my pores....and yet.....I feel no different than I did 9 days ago...perhaps a little worse.

I did start going to the gym again.....the first day was hard...the second day was harder....I skipped the third day (only cuz I was dying....I won't go into details....thanks "drugs") (the fourth day) was good...tough...but good. I had salad with tomatoes, cucumber and lean sliced steak for dinner. Tony's gone back too...he's laid off the would be sacriligious! (sp?) In any event...I'm so looking forward to getting my body (as much as I can) back....remember...I'm getting close to "retirement"

So the hubs and I have had a bit of tiff as of late...I think it's over....I've been extremely frustrated and it's come out very negative....he doesn't like it....I need to vent.....I think everything's good.....even though I'm still frustrated....I'm trying to look at the "positive". Not always easy when you live my life....but then again....maybe I'm feeling "sorry" for myself....most people don't disagree with fact they have compassion for me...not that I's just a tough life to live....some days. I lived at home for 20 years....I've grown up...I've gotten married....I don't need my parent around 24/ won't last forever...this I day I'll regret everything I've said/felt....but for now....I just want to run around the house in my panties!

When the kids are asleep...of course!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Other "Mr" Grumpy

So tonight the hubs is the one who's grumpy...or so it seems....*sigh*.....when is the fricken rain going to stop pouring and the sun going to make us "happy"?

On these chemo antibiotics for 7 days now and....don't feel any better....another *sigh*.

Started working out again did "Mr. Grumpy".

Something's not quite right....can't figure it out yet.

Saw my friend "D" tonight...too bad the hubs was "grumpy"...had to run...cuz he was "grumpy"....I was just *gurgle, gurgle, gurgle*...we're talking my tummy....thanks to the drugs...that aren't working.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well...if I was "grumpy" yesterday...I'm downright "bitchy" today....I'm still entitled! The hubs said some "not so nice" things...which got me to the "bitchy" stage...I'll get over it.....I hate being like this....I still love him and I know he still loves's just a "moment in time".

But least my teeth are smooth! Yeah...the antibiotics...amazing poison....keeps any bacteria/plaque from forming on my teeth.....makes me feel ill...and me the runs.....makes my lips and tongue taste bitter....and doesn't seem to be working worth....*****.

I'm such a happy camper these days!