Friday, June 11, 2010

My day today

Well the heartburn has settled down somewhat least enough that I can have a cup of tea without feeling as though it were at 200 degrees going down the throat/esophagus. Still got the churning tummy and the throat is sore...probably due to the flames, was a relatively "good" day.

I'm registered to go for a "pulmanary"....something or simple terms (cuz I like "simple")....a "breathing test" next rule out asthma.....I don't think that's it anyways. I think it's a combination of really bad "acid reflux" and high blood pressure meds, not agreeing with me.....and maybe a slight "sinusitis" issue.

The fabulous! Yes Erik....I will be taking photos. If I thought like a real "scrap-booker" I would've already taken a know...."old beast"/"new cruiser", side by side...oh brother....I can get really carried away huh? I'm still getting the feel for her really is a nice car to drive....and I totally lucked out with the deal that I got. To "beeps" when I back-up and get too close to an've used that a few back!?!?!

Other than that....full schedule this weekend, but very little "paper work"...worked my butt off the last couple of days and will be able to enjoy a real "weekend" of sorts!!

That's it for now....I need to bring up my red blood cells....have a good night.

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