Thursday, June 24, 2010


So very done.

I'm tired.
I'm worn.
I'm exhausted.
I'm happy.
I'm busy.
I'm learning.
I'm gone.
I'm making money.
I'm building clientele.
I'm making new friends.
I'm making a name for myself.
I'm having a glass of wine.
I'm still coughing.
I'm still not hitting the gym.
I'm no longer a "blond".
I'm so very much loving "my ride".
I'm still loving my kids.
I'm not happy it's "summer vacation already".
I'm not able to relax.
I'm not able to spend much time in my garden.
I'm getting ready for Krystina's birthday party this weekend.
I'm preparing myself for Aleks' 4 1/2 weeks away.
I'm busy.
I'm too busy.
I'm tired.
I'm very blessed.


Deanna said...

thata girl, when chaox ensues.. just know that you have the wisdom to embrace it.

oh.. and the antibiotics are for my chronic condition that I have had for years.. except that I JUST asked my doctor about a number of weeks ago. BUT now... holy crip-crap .... the dizziness, and exhaustion that comes with them... it's a bit strange... because on one hand I think.. is it me...?.. and then on the other... I think it is just the antibiotics, and I will get used to it... but you know.. holy smackers.. I KEEP forgetting to do things that are important.. like book RV's that are for vacations, and FIND things for PIPPY to do.... you know.. things that are ultimately important. I have done some added reading... and the abx are working if there are signs of dizziness and such, AND this also goes for if the dose is too high... so.. I TOOK ONE yesterday.. and am already feeling so much better.

I know the feeling of being done.. I do not do much... but the constant of everything that I do.. well... it's enough all ready. I live the boring and mundane, and the routine... but I tell ya... I was happy and sad to see summer come. AND.. these antibiotics make me ultra sensitive to the sun... so.. although the weather has been crap.. it's alright... for me, at this time....well.. must go drive the JimmyDean up to the sisters so he can hangout with the eldest child for the day... at least the boy will be working a little ... to pay for his EXPENSIVE keyboard mind you... JimmyDean and his rockschool.... he has certainly found his way in that department.

Chaos is my Life said...

D...what are you taking? Avelox? I decided to refuse those...the Biaxin did enough damage.

And my dear are always "dizzy"!