Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Going to lose my voice for sure....hacking all day....feeling like crap....can't even go out and enjoy "the cruiser" (or "pimp-mo-bile" or "hurst" as some people have referred to my "new ride")....whatever..... they don't appreciate things like I do! Anyways....a new client tomorrow....I'm now working for the "Simon Fraser University"....life is good and the old guy is keeping his teeth in. I, on the other hand...have lost any form of appetite...I'm starting to be a little concerned....my "pulminory" test, or whatever it is....is scheduled for Thursday....I just hate the thought of going to a new clients' and dying all over their desk. Not to mention the fact that I desperately need to get my hair done....maybe I'll just do a "comb over" and no one will notice the roots.

I'm still in shock....Teddy finishes grade 11 this Friday, Al finishes next week and the girl goes until the 29th. Speaking of which...I've booked an archery party for her 9th birthday party!..her choice. At $5 a head...I think we can handle it.

Now we're just trying to figure out how I'm going to get Al home from camp and off to Europe, the same weekend that a "big Kahuna" of a Mustang meet is on in Seattle....oh the stress we have bestowed upon ourselves.

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