Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well that was the fastest $30,000 I ever spent!

....but that includes taxes.

So.....there's a new "beast" sitting in my driveway....oh she's so nice..... It was time....we haggled, we debated, we changed our mind, we came to an agreement.....I gave them a deposit and while I don't technically "own" the car until I bring it back tomorrow and give them the rest of the money....she's pretty much a done deal.

The van has 152,000 kms on it, it's a 2002....not so old, not reeaallly a tonne of klicks but.....it has a major oil leak, needs brakes, needs tires, air conditioning doesn't work, neither do the fans except on "blast me out the back of the car" mode, has a strange creaking sound coming from the front end and either the pulleys or the water pump is/are on the verge of dying. So we bit the bullet.....

I am the proud new owner of a 2009 Ford Flex, charcoal grey with a white roof....loaded (except for the sun roof and the rear view camera thingy)....who cares....she's got leather, heated seats, power everything, seats 7, some binging thing if I back up to close to something (we all know how much I need that!), Sirius radio, Sync system so I can call people through the car (using BlueTooth) rather than picking up my cell, nice rims....she's a beaut...and I managed to get them to drop the price by $6,300....I know....they're car salesmen...they're slimey at times.....but still....$26,700.00 was the final price....down from $33,900.00.

I'm sooo happy, even Tony's happy.....I told him he can come for a ride anytime he likes. ;o)

The loc will take a hit this time, as it's cheaper than going through the bank.....and since my bookkeeping income has come up....we'll be okay.

The kids love it, wanna go for a ride in it....again....and again.

My final decision will be when I take it into the city tomorrow to meet up with a client....if nothing comes up...we'll call her "Erica"....don't ask.

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Erik said...

Congrats, I'm jealous of your awesome new ride. We are currently thinking about trying to replace our old Jetta with a new-to-us Passat wagon or somesuch. Gotta say that I rather like not having any car (or motorcycle) payments but it is getting to be time, ya know?

Have fun with your new car!