Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To answer your question....E... ;o)

The chemo drug of choice "Abrax**ane" is currently not covered by our benefit plan nor our wonderful BC "Fair" (stupid title) Pha%^rm%^acare plan. Apparently Dr. K (my oncologist) said that he uses a slightly "unconventional" method of treatment for cases such as mine. If he were to use the treatment plan that is recognized by the BC Can^^cer So*&ciety, I would be covered....HOWEVER....I run a great risk of heart damage due to the toxicity of one of the drugs used. He said "if you were my daughter...." and that was enough to settle on our decision. He said that the price in the short run is well worth the long-term outcome. Not to mention the fact that the side effects are much better tolerated with this drug. We'll dig into the line of credit and pay it off after....for's a blessing that at least my white blood cell booster meds are being covered 100%. At $2,100.00 a pop and I need 5 "pops"....we're saving additional $10,000.00....but I'll probably have to learn how to give myself the injection in my rear....hmmmm...something for the hubs?

I'm dropping off prescriptions for anti-nausea meds and the white blood cell booster tomorrow....we're looking at $10,500.00 right off the start....I'll be darn sure to submit that receipt asap.

What pisses me off to no end though is.....a friend of mine told me that she knows someone who works at the local pharmaceutical dispensary warehouse... She said that the "number one prescription being filled" being dispensed to inmates for "breast enhancement" drugs....can you fricken believe it?!?! And they're covering that shit!!! Me....a tax-pay, law abiding, hard working mother of three....and I get the short end of the shit stick....I can't believe it.

This all makes no sense to me....I still can't believe this is happening to me. Tomorrow my hair gets cut off.....

All in all....I still believe with 100% certainty that I'm in the best of care and that my outcome will be good. I wouldn't trust myself to anyone else but Dr. K.....and I believe with all of my heart that I'm going to be here writing about this "blip" for many years to come! There is no other option!

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Erik said...

Its all so bogus! A less harmful course of treatment should be the preferred method, not the one that causes almost as many health issues as it resolves!

I shudder to think where we'd be we got hit with such a massive expense that SHOULD be covered by health insurance.

It is so deeply wrong that people have to deal with insurance company hassles ON TOP OF being sick.