Friday, September 3, 2010


So we sat at the dinner table (after dinner), over a glass of wine and tried to figure out why they dog is the way she is....we've no clue. We've done training, we've done the socializing bit....all we can think of is that during our camping escapade she was in hysterics over the squirrels and chipmunks???? Perhaps she thought this dog was one??? excuse! I haven't been able to sleep and my day has consisted of the vision of Kayce thrashing this little mutt in her mouth.

I drove down to the animal hospital and asked if the dog had been discharged......not yet....going to spend another night....but will live......oh hallelujah! Of course now the bill is rising once again. Let's just hope it doesn't die during the night.

We look down at our sleeping dog and shake our heads.....and empty our pocket's all too shitty.

On another note, but on the same note.....I discovered something else yesterday.

When I took Kayce to the vet a couple of weeks ago now....they decided that she was really far too overweight.....and now was a good time to get her on a "diet" of sorts. I decided to go ahead and purchase the recommended brand (a slight fortune in itself)....we didn't want a dead dog at 4 because she was too fat! So upon paying for the food and asking "how much do I feed her?". The assistant/nurse...whatever....said "15 kibble a day"...."really?"...."yes, that's what it says here". So anyways....I'm looking at the pooch yesterday and decided that she's lost way too much weight in way too short of a period.....I could feel ribs! So I decided to check the bag.....sure "15 kibble"....for a 5 lb dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was supposed to be getting about 75 of these "kibble" per day!!! *gahhhhhhh* It's a darn good thing I decided to check the maybe I can sue my vet, so I can pay for "their" vet!

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