Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not a great way to end a beautiful day.

Well they started off with the routine mamm (2 shots per boob)...then I went to wait...then they called me back for "one more" (of my left...which has the lump)...then they had me wait...then they called me in for four more (of the left)....then they had me go in for the ultrasound....where the technician proceeded to call the Dr. in and have her look....who then responded with "I'm worried about what the mammogram is showing us, but I'm not getting a clear enough picture from the ultra sound"....oh....this is after the technician says to me "I'm going to bring in the doctor. Is there a history of breast cancer in the family?......*silence*....just a routine question?" The doctor wants a something, something biopsy, to be done at BC Women's in the next week or two....something about freezing my boob....shoving it under a mammogram thingy again and sticking it with needles....needless to say I'm a little nervous. I've already decided if I do need any sort of treatment...I know the doctor I'm going to...one of the best in Canada and thankfully...a personal friend of my dad's...from the old country.

I'm thinking positive...but also being realistic...I'm a planner...have to know what's going on...always.

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Erik said...

This is not the good news I was hoping for. But it isn't the bad, bad news it could be. At least not yet. There's still hope that its just a scary looking benign thingy in there.

This is just what you needed, right? Something to distract you from the nine hundred million other priorities! Hang in there!