Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Still sick....

....which means more "meds"....which means more "throne time". If you have any compassion and/or sympathy for these wretched innerds (sp?).....please send some good vibes out this way. I have a new client meeting tomorrow morning in the middle of major farm-land and....the last thing I want is to get stuck grabbing this guys' shirt collar, demanding to tell me where the washroom is. Apparently I've got some nasty bacteria running through my system....it's been months now.....my appetite is getting flushed in the toilet as well.

It appears the laptop has some nasty virus' as well....she's been sent to the hospital to try and coax her out of the coma he's in....$100 and a few days in, will make her well again...I'm sure...I hope.

Until then....

...summer has finally arrived! Yay me.

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