Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's update

Today I met with my know....the one that's going to remove part of what makes me a woman.....wonderful doctor....he totally "gets it"....I mean that which helps make a woman tick. He went through the regular shpeel...checked out both my boobs (in front of my hubs...kinda weird) and went through the next few steps....of which I had to stop him and say...."ummm....our very good family friend is the cancer specialist at LG Hospital.....I've already had 3 of the four tests done"..... He responds with...."oh, Dr. K?" "That's right!". So we went from getting into surgery in possibly 5 weeks at ERH (which would've been quicker than RCH) to getting into surgery in exactly 3 weeks (December 2) at the NW Surgical Centre....a private surgical centre (apparently funded by the government but nonethless....a much shorter waiting list). I am going to have a sentinel node mapping done the day prior (to see if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes), a fine wire will be inserted just prior to the surgery to mark the center of the tumor and the lump and surrounding tissue will be removed at 11:30 a.m. Yes I will be left with a disfigured breast (but I get to keep my nipple!!!) but at this point....who cares!

So Monday afternoon I head out for a bone scan and then I should be good until just prior to the surgery.....which will be good to get over with as my boob is growing larger than the other...

I still get overwhelmed with emotion when I have a chance to reflect....this is all too freaky....this is not supposed to be happening to me.

I have to say though.....I have a wonderful/supportive husband and an amazing group of friends....I would really love to know though.....who left the little tile/saying on my step left me with a really big smile!

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Deanna said...

Smiles are a good thing.