Monday, November 22, 2010

Abominal snowman has come....

It seems like just yesterday that the weather was mild enough that we could still walk in our shorts...oh husband is still walking in his shorts....although he has lost a few leg hairs as of just this evening. It has turned bitterly cold in these them parts! So bitter my car is sporting a cardboard sunglass and even more bitter that ole Gramps is sneezing and Aleks is coughing and feverish.....something I DO NOT need....with surgery in just over a week away. Todays' high was -3...tomorrow...-8...and then we're up to +7/8 by Friday....freakish weather.

I'm looking for a decent wig keep my follicles warm during the "coldest weather on record".... ;o) I wonder if my hair will grow back "thicker and stronger" like some people say? I just want "some hair" to grow back...mind you...the hubs did say get a "nice wig"...I'm going for length baby!

So I'm booked for my "sentinel mapping and biopsy" next Wednesday...good grief, week already? With surgery next Thursday...I'm gonna miss that boob. I think though that I'm much more scared of the chemo than I am of the surgery...

I can't help but wonder what people think when they see me..."oh...there's that lady with cancer"......."oh I hope she makes it"....."oh I wonder what she'll look like when her hair falls out"....*blech*....right now I'm more worried about why the heck the dog peed on Teddy's bed...seriously.....she's not in my good books right now.

And with that folks...gotta keep my immune up and stay away from these sickos....I'm gonna lock myself in my bedroom for the next 6 months....send blankets!


Erik said...

My father's hair grew back curly which was kind of a kick. But he also never really lost his hair from the chemo and beamo so your mileage may vary.

It seems almost incomprehensible that you've been given this huge extra burden on top of everything else that you do.

And I'll stop complaining about rain because at least it isn't snow!

Will also send you good thoughts! Stay strong!

Jen said...

My cousin had a pituitary tumor as a kid. She is almost 50 now. She has had to take meds her whole life that essentially keep her systems in check and keep her alive. Her hair was always super thin. As she aged, it started falling out. She wears a wig. No one but us knows that it is a wig. She says it is not uncomfy at all. It looks fabulous.I am sure that you will find one that fits you perfectly.

And? It will just be a temporary thing!

My daddy started losing his hair about 3 weeks into it. He asked me to just shave his head. When it grew back, it was the thickest hair! At first it felt like an industrial type carpet! Haha. I couldnt get over how thick it was. He had to keep it real short because he couldnt get a comb through it! All his other hair came back as it had been before.

Before you know it, this will all be behind you and you will be racing around trying to fit a haircut into your busy schedule!

Chaos is my Life said...'s really almost and I say "almost"...."comical"....when I think of everything that has gone one and what's happening....what can I do but laugh....a little.

I'm going with Jen and hoping that my hair does go and comes back nice and thick...I've always had super fine/thin a little boost would be nice....but I have, sort of, picked a wig for in the meantime....quite nice.