Friday, November 26, 2010

Interesting day to say the least.

So I had booked a "consultation" with this wig place here in the lower mainland...apparently there are really only two "speciality" places...I mean sure, I guess I could've gone to The B*ay but I may have ended up with something that was purple and green. I do realize that there is always the chance that I don't lose my hair but you know what....after trying on and picking this one....I'm almost tempted to wear one for ever!! lol...I have very, very, fine and "feathery soft" ;o) hair and the stress of the last couple of years has thinned it out even much so that I'm very conscious and think people can see my scalp shining through. Anyways....the wig I picked is "real hair" so it'll last 2 1/2 - 3 years as opposed to a synthetic one that would only last 6 - 8 hair will just be starting to pop out at that point. It's very close to my natural (when I say "natural" I mean my dyed color hair) color and when I take the effort in straightening it and looks very, very close....except that there's a lot more of this glorious hair!! And it made me feel fantastic!...not sure how it's going to feel when I'm missing eyebrows and eyelashes but step at a time. So in the even that I don't need it...thankfully we do have some coverage for it because could buy an old car for this amount....I can always sell it or give it to someone who can't afford one and make them feel good about themselves. I'm not ready to show you but I will....eventually.

Tomorrow I will be telling my littlest and I will be getting my hair cut short on the 15th.

Surgery is next week....I can't believe it's almost here already.

On a different note....I just finished munching on some (they sound disgusting) yummy (not the healthy way of eating I'm trying to stick to) Dorito's nacho chips in...."cheese burger" believe it or much as they sound disgusting....they are tasty! Just don't eat too many of them. to work on some Christmas cards.

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