Sunday, October 31, 2010

The shock has worn off....

....I just wish I felt like eating.

Today I went into Safeway to get some groceries and there it was as I walked in....a table all set up for "Breast Cancer Awareness".....somebody....get me a box of Kleenex I can just walk around with! Good about being totally "emotional" today....I'm not used to this.

I'm going to get through's going to be tough....but I have so many good friends and family and I know one of the best cancer specialists' in the country...not to mention my incredibly supportive husband (who truth be told....might be taking this even harder than I). The best part that Tony said "when" this is all said and done....he's taking me to the Wickanninish Inn in Tofino for a weekend of much pampering and relaxation! Hell....I might even consider taking a small Sesna and flying over..... I know!!!!!!!!!!.....don't choke on your coke!

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