Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm just in a pissy mood that okay to admit?

I'm pissed that I feel sorry for myself.
I'm pissed that I feel that I get stuck doing all the crap work here.
I'm pissed that my home is not completely the way I wanted.
I'm pissed that I'm exhausted.
I'm pissed that the boys are so demanding....and yet they have no idea.
I'm pissed that I'm feeling sorry for myself even though I have it so good...right now.
I'm pissed at the husband for sitting in front of the computer while I change sheets on three beds....make a yummy the laundry....clean-up....
I'm pissed that I have a date with "boob squasher".
I'm pissed that 90% of my thoughts involve my left boob.
I'm pissed that my fil raised his voice at me today.
I'm pissed that I have to fork over $300 for the damage the bear did.
I'm sad for my girl who has to live a life of glasses...of course which we have to fork over $$ for....
I'm pissed that it just never ends.....
I'm really pissed that I'm not being very optimistic here......and I'm sounding like a whiner....perhaps it's just "that time" I should just shut up and not be so hard on everyone....because life is the way it is right now.....and the total scheme of things....
Life is good!


Deanna said...

Dear L...
You have every right to be pissed. I am with you, as I am pissed for you as well.
I am glad that you have this place here to vent.
I think about you every moment, I really do.

I have also very much realized that boys (men) are just that dumb.

They really are.

I think as long as the matur(est) man in your house (OK meanining T) thinks that you are doing fine, then he will continue to roll with the flow.

I lived like this last year... not knowing what was busily growing inside me... and continued on, because you do what you do... until you can't.

Keep writing here... and keep on plugging... I hear you, even though your immediates don't know and don't see. (no pun for lady krystina at this moment).

OH.. and this will excite you!!!!

We had a bobcat in our yard this morning!

Chaos is my Life said...

D....what would I do without you?!?!?

I shared the "cat" photos with the "maturest"...he was in awe..........

"This" is the only "place" I have ....too busy to get together with my buds....too humble to express myself fully to anyone else....I have so much to say....and unfortunately some a venom...which I'm trying to avoid.....I keep looking at the positive...always "gotta stay positive"....*sigh*.