Sunday, October 31, 2010

And on a totally different note..... gosh Halloween turned out to be great!!!

Seriously...the rain pelted all last night. Today the skies were full of clouds and blue sky.... Decorations were set out and carved pumpkins were lit....we got rid of a whole bowl of candy and the kids got to enjoy trick or treating, harassing the neighborhood and blowing off illegal fireworks before the rain set-in..literally 10 minutes before they all arrived back home.

I loved the fact that I did not work this all.....I even cleaned the toilets....which I'm seriously considering hiring a cleaner during any treatment that I might have to have.

Tomorrow I'm off to work....which will not be rushed and I will my heated bucket seats, my girl has photo retakes in her new outfit.....can you believe that Teddy has his grad photos taken next week?.....shnizen....I just hope he graduates!?!?!

Oh and Tony...spent the entire afternoon (and bless his heart....the guy wants to go everywhere with me now...funny how it takes something like this....xo) cleaning out the shed whereby it was infested by rodents who were eating the rotten potatoes (that I forgot about) and literally....there was shit (rodent/squirrel) everywhere!!! He killed 3 mice.....gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well at least my shed is clean!

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