Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sedation is not always a sedative

I didn't get a chance to go and visit with my fil today....of which of course....I feel guilty....through my piles of paper and miles of work I kept thinking of this thin, bruised, "almost" 89 year old man lying in a hospital bed in the middle of an incredibly busy (and noisy) e.r. My sil had gone out after work and promptly called me at just after 8ish....they sedated him. Understandably they need to keep him safe and because they don't have "one on one" care for him....they needed to give him a little "sleepy time". Well if you'd been with me with one of the initial hospitalizations...."sedations" don't "sedate" this ole timer....and so of course they had to strap him....bleeding because he'd already ripped the thin skin off of his elbows. He's utterly confused, yelling profanities and screaming at his daughter....he's not a sight to behold....just a confused, little, shrinking old man.....my heart breaks for him....he really won't be here much longer...whether it's 10 days or 10 years.....he's tormented and so very unhappy. Until then....he'll take a little part of all of us.

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