Saturday, February 5, 2011

I didn't just eat that whole bowl of buttered popcorn....

....did I?

Well yes I did! And it was tasty...and even though I've gained some weight (which everyone keeps telling me is a good thing during this course of poison)....I don't feel toooo guilty....okay...that's a lie...I do...but it sure was yummy.

I also went out with my husband tonight and had Vietnamese/Thai food...that ended up being too spicy (but incredibly good) for my raw throat. I told him that we should make this a habit of heading out the weekend before each treatment so that I/we can talk and enjoy some good food (that I haven't cooked).

On our way back to the car I noticed a car speeding into a parking spot and some hooligan screaming out "woo hoo"...when I looked with a frown and the thoughts "crazy assed kids"...I noticed it was none other than my crazy buddy would'a thunk it? Don't see her for months and then there she is....twice in one week....always sporting her lime green vest...which is very becoming of her!

So we're all set up for Monday....gotta head to my clients tomorrow and make sure they're in order but otherwise I'm in good shape (work wise). In other eyebrows and lashes are starting to head has sore spots as does the inside of my mouth (hence not finishing my delectable Thai meal)....I generally feel "blah" but am fighting these poisons every inch of the way. Had my blood work on Friday and we'll see how they turn out on Monday....I'm terrified that something should be amiss and they decide to postpone treatment....I have plans folks!...gotta stick to a schedule!

I'll be honest and tell ya that I was terrified heading into the first treatment...had no problems with the second one and am back to being terrified. I think the "bone pain" that I started to have with the last treatment is scaring me a bit. I can't describe the shooting knife pains you can get after having received a "Neulasta" shot...and now that my body is regularly being filled with these nasty poisons....I'm not expecting it to get any easier....but we will "get through this".

My husband is continuing to be honest through all of this and the kids...well Krystina is a little worry wart and Al is almost 14...enough said. Ted....oh Ted...a good kid all around but could definitely get his heart beat up and do a little more than just play "World of War Craft" and flip pancakes...but at least he's doing that.

The bed sheets have all been's a strange "thing" that I have whereby I have to have all the bed sheets clean and changed before each treatment...and the floor's just a necessity....or a sickness.

Anyways....I'm done for the doesn't take much these days.

I'm looking forward to 12:30 Monday when I'm just about done and Tony shows up with the "soup of the day"....oh the things I look forward to nowadays.

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