Monday, February 7, 2011

1/2 there!

Well things went swimmingly today! Got to the hospital, down my Kytril, saw the doctor, reviewed my blood work, weighed myself *eeeek*, picked a chair, proceeded to have the nurse NOT be able to start the iv first time....second time....round. She finally called a "senior" nurse and "third time lucky"....yay me! First baggie (Decadron), second baggie (Carboplatin), third baggie (Herceptin), fourth baggie ( cost), fifth baggie (Saline)....all these "baggies" make me pee. I've tolerated the Herceptin well the first two goes and with each treatment they drop 30 minutes (ie they pump the same amount into you...quicker), soo....this made for a quicker treatment day. So quick in fact, that Tony came (on time) too late to share a bowl of soup from the cafeteria with me....I was applying pressure to the iv site and was ready to put my jacket on within minutes of him arriving. So he took me to White Spot and now I'm home.

*waiting patiently for my bandanas*

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Erik said...

Congratulations on getting halfway through this ordeal with your sense of humor intact. Your spirit is one of your greatest weapons in this fight!