Thursday, January 13, 2011

It was inevitable

Today marks three weeks to the day that I first started chemo. It also means that Christmas was only three weeks ago and we have a year, less three weeks till next Christmas. But today also marks the day my hair started to fall out.

This morning I got up just like any other morning....tired....and had my shower. As I pulled the comb through my short short hair, I noticed the teeth on the comb were filled with an unusual amount of hair. I then went to put some mousse in my hair and noticed as I ran my hands through....that my hands came back covered in hair. As it is now....I can grab hold of a bunch of my hair and without so much as a pull end up with a good handful. It`s begun....and it`s kinda sad.

I went out to a wig store and made sure I had `wig tape` to help hold the prosthetic in place (is it correct to call it that?).

On a side note....I love my boy Al (I love them all but...) kid is a computer genius and figured out how to fix my keyboard on this new him!! marks a day to remember and while I've been incredibly good this week...I'm going to have me a glass (or two) of wine....probably not the best thing when you have cancer but's my t.v. night, it's our traditional "wine night" and hell....I'm losing my hair night!

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Erik said...

So can we start calling you Baldy yet? I kid because I care!

When my dad went through chemo a long time ago, his hair didn't fall out, it grew in all curly! It was kind of crazy.

Glad you're keeping your sense of humor, it is amazing what a positive mindset can do (my latest blog post details this a little more from my trip to the dentist the other day).

Stay strong and get well! That's an order!