Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What would you do?

What would you do if a friend you know...not terribly well but well enough....came to your front door and asked you to "come outside" because "she had something" for you? She says that this will take your friendship to another level....???? And then hands you a baggie with some pot and a little pipe and says...."it's for the days when the nausea hits you bad". Not that this has happened....just being hypothetical.


Team Henderson said...


To presume, hypothetically, that you are ok with that on any level is preposterous. Plenty of people battle the disease without the need for pot.

It is certainly a personal choice, should someone decide to go there, and I do not judge at all. But all of that aside, I am just stumped that she would just show up with some grass like that without a phone call or something first!!

Erik said...

It is presumptuous but the intention is good and it is one of the more accepted uses of marijuana.

I'd thank them and put it aside for a time when it might be useful.

But then, I live in a very, very pot-friendly place and do partake myself on occasion.