Thursday, January 20, 2011

What are nose hairs good for?

....cuz I don't have any. hair started to fall out last Thursday (three weeks to the day of my first chemo) I repeating myself? *sheesh*...I can't even remember when the last time I was on this thing... Anyways...I went to blow my nose yesterday and noticed that I had my daily blood volume seeping I looked...and lo and behold there are no nose hairs!!

Other than that really exciting second chemo treatment probably went better than my first....although I am struggling with some abdominal pain at's no where near as it was the first time around. I had fever, I had tiredness and the only other thing I've noticed different is a bit of "bone pain" in my legs this time round...but no where near any reason to start downing the meds I have for this said "bone pain".

Life is going on...I have my treatment, I lose more hair, I sleep a little more, I take a little Tylenol, I get back to work, I get back to myself and then I get hit again. But far so good. I even washed "my hair" that was wierd because it wasn't on my head...there is no hair on my head (just as there clearly isn't in my nose) yeah...that was wierd...but my wig got a wash and she's setting now...just had to make sure the "part" was on the right side...because it wasn't at first.

Today was also "one of those days"....I'm dealing with this whole situation really well...I think...but then every once in a while a day will come along and someone (or a couple of people) will send me an e-mail and I'll start to sob...or I'll hear a song and I'll start to feel sorry for myself. I really don't want that...but there are times. Today was one of those days...tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow I'm going for sushi!

Hopefully tomorrow my period will stop after 8 days too!

One can hope!

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