Monday, January 31, 2011


As is pretty typical with any form of chemotherapy...the more treatments you have...the more your body gets worn down and eaten away. I've only had two (next one on Monday) and while I've kept up to my regular schedule pretty well...I have noticed a slight decrease in my energy level and/or "get up and go" attitude. But still....I had a friend today say to me (in not these exact words) "gee...I keep thinking I'm going to see you all down and trodden and're still going strong!". That's because it takes alot to get me down....I don't say this to "pat myself on the back"...I just have no other choice and is so much slower for me now. As I mentioned though...I have noticed a bit of a change.

I owe my friends the utmost in thanks and gratitude...I've been overwhelmed with the want to help me out with driving the kids after my treatments (three kids...three schools), the flowers, the offers to drive to treatment (I'm not allowed to drive the day and for a couple of days after), for the hats I've received and the wonderful meals that have been prepared for me and my family. Today I went out to my usual "Monday client" and as I expected after a long day there...I was "done" when I got home. Thankfully a friend had come by in the morning and dropped off the yummiest pasta dish....which I just had to pop in the oven and serve with thankful! We've had chili, chicken pot pie, meatloaf, lasagna, soup, cabbage many yummy treats. I just feel amazing gratitude....and guilt...because I honestly think I should feel worse in order to be taken care of so well!

And my work is so caught up that I actually have two...count 'em...two...lunch dates this week....and then there's blood work and the gear up for my next "poison dump"...but hey...we'll be half way there!....always a positive side!

And head is itchy...gotta go and scratch!

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Deanna said...

Yae for lunch dates!

Yae for being you!

Yae for the ideas!

Yae for sharing them!

Yae for the friendship!

Yae for the word of the day ...

Tablers ... which just makes me think of you and all your cookingability.

Yae for being scared of all my coookingabiliies!

See you later .. Yae!

What time do you think ... ?
Where are we going ... other than all I know is that you pointed in a direction down the hill.

Yae for the place down the hill!

Yae for being crazy at 0245 in the morning!

Yae for television!
Yae for recorded television at 0245 in the morning!