Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It was a beautiful day for a.....

...funeral. really was.

I've been incredibly busy (no surprise) and am barely keeping my head above water. A good friend of mine...her father passed away suddenly (well not too suddenly...he was ill for a while but...he was coming around again) and she asked that I come by (yesterday) and take photos of the flowers they received. If I may be so bold....I took some amazing shots and have already given her mom what I considered to be "one of the best" (reduced her to did). I won't be posting any of those on flickr out of respect for the family, my friend and her father....just trust that they were good...cuz they were. Today was the funeral...emotional, beautiful, sad, joyful and even humorous...when her daughter decided to lift her dress up over her head just seconds before the casket was lowered into the ground...I was glad to have been a part of this day for her and the family. Tomorrow will be the first day to overcoming their day.

On a different note...Teddy continues to love his job..."psycho".

I continue to fall behind on my work.

My fil continues to throw me for all kinds of loops.

Tomorrow will be a "catch-up" day...whereby I not need to leave the comfort of my pj's.

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