Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All I smell is tar.

Teddy came home from his very first day of real "employment". He's not quite 16 (August 24) but has managed (thanks to dad's help) to get a 4 week stint with a very reputable roofing company. He gets paid $12 per hour....not bad for a kid in school. They specialize in commercial products, so most of their jobs are on flat roofs...thankfully! The thing is....it was a 14 hour day. And it was hot. And there was flame throwing. And hot black tar. And he starts tomorrow at 6:15 a.m. And he stinks. But damn....is it bad for a mother to say her son looks good in a hard hat and steel toed boots?!?!


Erik Orgell said...

That's a man-sized work day. How did he like it? And nope, nothing wrong with thinking he looks as a working man! I'd say there was something wrong if you preferred him lounging on the couch in his undies! Hehe.

WindBlossom said...

Erik...it was definitely a tough day for him, he's not used to working that hard. I think he did enjoy it though, he's always liked being around older people and his group seemed pretty cool. He basically came home, had a shower, ate like a horse and went to bed....by 9:30 (we came home at 8:30). He said today's not going to be as long...but he's been gone since 6:00 a.m. already.