Thursday, August 20, 2009

As boring as they get

I've been away from "this place" for a little while....I'm not excited about coming here right now. I had a really intense post all ready to go, actually it's still in "draft" mode...not sure what I'll do with it at this point...I was really spewing...maybe too much for me to want to "air". Life is just busy...crazy busy....trying to juggle it all and keep the kids happy. Planning on heading down to the Seattle zoo next Friday, maybe throw in a baseball game with them (the hubs is going away for a few days on a fishing trip with his boss and other colleagues). I'm just so busy...and am wanting to attempt tomato sauce this weekend...see...this is why I don't have time (and am too tired too) write anything of any significance here. Teddy gets his first paycheque tomorrow....hmmm....maybe he'll buy dinner?!!?!?


Erik Orgell said...

Sorry things are so crazy for you right now. Hope the pressure eases up soon (as in, right now!). And don't forget to take time just for you.

WindBlossom said...

I hate that I'm always's such a waste and I don't mean to....*sigh*...well gotta get back to some number crunching...hopefully this weekend will be the end of "panic" time.