Monday, May 31, 2010


I'm grumpy.

I'm grumpy with the hubs.
I'm grumpy with my dad.
I'm grumpy with my car.
I'm grumpy at the world.
I'm just plain grumpy.

Apparently I'm not allowed to be....grumpy.

Well *pphht*...I'll be grumpy if I wanna be....don't tell me not to be....cuz that'll just make me "grumpier"....and "you're not always perfect either".


Deanna said...

i'm not perfect??? well.... fricken shit... now i'm grumpy too.

grumpy does being psycho... which i was very much so last evening.

Erik said...

I get grumpy when people are too damned lazy to try and fix their stupid mistake on their own. And then they get pissy with me because I don't drop everything I'm doing to rush over to assist them. Yeah, getting pissy with me is a great way for me to disappear and leave you to fume.

The end of the school year is both exciting and exasperating!