Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stuff to say

Well hello there once again! I've just been so tired lately that although I have had plenty to say, I just haven't had the energy to sit down and make the brain work. Although I think I have a little bit of "chemo brain" as well...I've been forgetting things and lose my train of thought...who wouldn't with all this crap floating around inside!

Got over my last bout of "spillage" and am hoping that I'll get a little break...please...have mercy.

Chemo #4 was this past Monday, that means two to go...keep your fingers crossed!! Then it's going in every three weeks for my Herceptin treatment (until the end of November) as well as radiation that should start up pretty quick after chemo is over. So far the worst of everything has got to be the bone pain I get a day or two (for 2- 3 days) after my Neulasta injection (white blood cell booster)...but even that I'm tolerating enough that I don't take any pain killers....why put more shit in my body.

The kids are doing well....they all just got over nasty colds which I managed to get by with just a slight episode.

The winds are picking up today...imagine that....we had a good dumping of snow a couple of days ago and today we're waiting for 100 Km hour winds.

I've got some photos...really I do...but my (the kids') laptop (where I download to) was infested with virus'...should have it back today. I hate to download too many programs on my "work" pc.

Aleks accompanied me to the hospital on Monday. He wanted to see what "mom went through" every three was good having him there. I made him my "go fer" but I think he went more "fer" himself than me...I didn't need much....apparently he needed a bag of chips and a Kit Kat bar at 10:30 in the morning...quite enjoyed the cafeteria at LGH.

I've gained far too much weight. Partly because I haven't been doing much but also a great deal because of the meds I'm taking...I can't wait to be done with them. Seriously...10 pounds since I started....6 pounds in three weeks this last time round....that's a total of 10 pounds, not 16 thankfully but at this rate...I better do the 10 k!

Well that's about it for now...I should get some work least a little.

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Erik said...

You are more than 2/3 of the way done, congrats!

There was another gnarly flu going around recently that I avoided entirely which was kind of nice! I think the combo of my OCD hand washing (mostly kidding but I do wash my hands an awful lot when I'm at work) and the Kyani. Yep, still taking it but not pushing it at all.

We've actually been testing out a replacement juice from CostCo that seems to work just as well for about half the price.

Here's hoping the next six weeks pass quickly and you're soon looking at all this chemo in your rear view mirror!

Are you looking forward to stubble? Hahaha!